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How to effectively take out your creeps in Dota 2

Denying – the act of finishing off allied creeps in Dota 2. Denying is an important mechanic that allows players to weaken the enemy in a lane. Understanding how to finish off your Dota 2 creeps is crucial to gain the upper hand in the laning phase against your opponent.

Why is it necessary to last hit (deny) your own creeps?

When last-hitting an enemy creep in Dota 2, your hero acquires gold, and within a 1300-unit range, the creep distributes experience evenly amongst allied heroes.

If an opponent gets the last hit on an allied creep, they receive 50% of the experience but no gold.

No additional gold is awarded to the enemy upon their last-hitting your creep-bearer.

Creep deny in Dota 2 significantly slows down the enemy hero's farming. If things go well, there might be a 2-3 level difference between the heroes by the 10th minute - a substantial advantage.

Victory on the lane often translates into victory in the game.

Last-hitting allied creeps activates the passive abilities of heroes like Necrophos and Bloodseeker. These characters can heal themselves via creep denies.


Securing your creeps with a right mouse click.

In Dota 2, a player utilises the 'attack' button along with the left mouse button to eliminate allied creeps. Since this attack is mapped to the 'A' key by default in the English keyboard layout, it brings with it some complications for players.

The adversary, conversely, only needs the right mouse-button maneuver to land a fatal blow to the creep. To average out your chances against the competition when denying, Dota 2 offers you the ability to tailor your way into last-hitting your creeps through a simple right-mouse click.

Here's a concise guide to setting your creep denial on RMB: 1. Jump into the game settings.  When 'Attack' is selected, your hero won't advance towards your creep if it cannot deliver the last hit. On selecting 'Deny,' however, the hero will move within attack distance, regardless of the possibility of a denial.

How to last-hit creeps effectively in Dota 2.

In Dota 2, last-hitting, also known as 'deny', is possible if the creep has less than 50% health. If your creep has more than half its health, the hero won't be able to strike. Players generally aim to deal only the last hit on a monster to keep the lane levelled and avoid enemy creeps from closing in towards the tower, which hinders farming.

You can only last-hit a friendly creep with a physical attack. Spells don't deal damage, except abilities that can initially wipe out a friendly creep.

In Dota 2, all item attack modifiers are applicable except for Quell during a deny. For instance, if a hero possesses Javelin and Blight Stone, the attack gets a 30% chance to deal an extra 70 magical damage and reduce the allied creep's defence. Quelling Blade and Battle Fury do not deal extra damage.

Life steal does not work when attacking allied creeps or heroes.

During a denial, it's impossible to deal critical damage. Hero attack modifiers do not apply.

Dota 2 offers a practice mode wherein players can improve their last-hitting skills on enemy and ally creeps. The training is available in the 'Knowledge Base' section. During the training, the hero cannot use abilities or purchase items.

To completely ace the training, you must within 3 minutes last-hit all your and enemy creeps.


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