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How to earn refund tokens in LoL

League of Legends Refund Tokens are an in-game currency, used by players to reverse their purchases.

On any enthusiast's account, no more than 3 Refund Tokens can exist concurrently.

LoL users can only gain Refund Tokens once annually.

The Significance of Refund Tokens in League of Legends (LoL)

In 2020, Riot Games introduced a new feature known as 'Refund Tokens', a type of in-game currency for reversing purchases within the games League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. Players can now reclaim various bought items, including champions, emotes, color schemes, champion skins, ward skins, summoner icons, rune pages, and even a previously retired account name.

However, there are limits to what can be refunded; for example, account transfers to different regions are irreversible. In exceptional cases, items marked 'non-refundable' may be refunded within two weeks, provided there's proof they remained unused in-game, a challenging requirement for those immediately using the items post-purchase.

Refund Tokens cannot be used for gifts, even if they contain refundable items. It's important to note that currency is account-bound, meaning refunding an item in Teamfight Tactics also reduces the number of available Refund Tokens in League of Legends. Players are advised to use Refund Tokens judiciously.

The Rules and Restrictions for the Utilization of Refund Tokens in League of Legends

The gaming item is up for return within 90 days of the transaction. Players can't indulge in frequent utilization of the item. The acquisition is non-refundable if the user has purchased a champion and is actively involved in gameplay.

In-game balance adjustments do not furnish grounds for claiming refunds for a champion.

At the point of return, the item should not bear any signs of usage. If the skin has been altered or recoloured, the prospect of getting a refund diminishes into impossibility.

If an enthusiast wishes to return a purchased champion paired with skin, the process demands returning the skin and then the champion. This operation would cost the player two in-game coins. If the player opts for a champion return first, invoking the Refund Token to cancel the skin purchase is rendered unfeasible.

Upon successful refund, the system reimburses the amount of the currency involved in the transaction. The standard price for a hero stands at 800 RP. However, if the user purchased the hero at a discounted price of 600 RP, the account will be credited with 600 RP upon cancellation.

Only a previously vacant account name can be reclaimed. If another player usurped the name after the change, the option for a refund becomes unavailable.

How to utilize the refund token.

Utilizing the Refund Token in League of Legends:

  1. Power up LoL.
  2. Head over to the "Purchase History" section.
  3. Locate the item you've invested in.
  4. Click the "Refund" button.

League of Legends refund tokens

Through the LoL gaming app, it's possible to execute refunds of champions and skins. To reverse any other acquisitions, you'll need to pen your concerns to the tech support. Their squad will manually reinstate RP to your account and deduct a coin.

If you lodge an appeal to support without having tokens in your account, the staff member will deny the request.

Only items procured using RP are eligible for a refund. It's impossible to refund a character that was bought, for instance, using essence or real money.

Methods for acquiring refund tokens in League of Legends

Upon creating an account, the system will automatically credit the rookie with 3 tokens.

A player receives 1 token at the start of a new season. The season in League of Legends, springs to life in the early days of January.

The 2023 season kicked off on January 11th, with the start of the 2024 season slated for January 9th.

The system will not allot a token if the player, at the start of the season, has 3 unspent Refund Tokens on their account. It's impossible to ramp up the maximum number of tokens for an account.

Weekly Missions and Achievements

For the completion of missions and achievements, users do not receive Refund Tokens in League of Legends.

Events and Special Promotions

The system does not grant Refund Tokens to players for their involvement in League of Legends' events and special promotions.

Achievements in Ranked Matches

League of Legends' players do not gain tokens for their achievements in ranked matches.

Purchasing tokens at the store

Riot Games does not sell Refund Tokens.

How to use in-game currency for purchasing tokens

In-game currency can be used to procure new characters, skins, and other cosmetic items. Separate purchase of a Refund Token is not possible.

Available options and packages

Riot Games does not include refund coins as part of in-game currency packages.

How frequently can one acquire refund tokens?

Refund tokens in League of Legends are awarded once annually at the start of the season. To check your current number of tokens, you can look in the "Purchase History" section. Each new season brings the opportunity to acquire a new refund token, making it essential to regularly check your "Purchase History" for updates on your token balance.

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What should I do if I've run out of tokens?

The game developer, Riot, enforces a strict policy when it comes to the return of cosmetic items. Players are granted a two-week grace period following any transaction to secure a refund. Once that window closes, return tokens are your only recourse.

If all tokens have been exhausted, players will have to bide their time until the dawn of the new season to replenish their token bank.


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