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How to earn gold for WoT for free

"Gold" is a form of in-game currency in World of Tanks. Gold in WoT serves a multitude of purposes - gamers utilize it for exclusive vehicle purchases, comprehensive crew training, customizing tank aesthetics, and trading for silver. An efficient method of acquiring gold coins in World of Tanks is to procure currency from the premium store using real money.

Numerous players are intrigued about finding ways of achieving free gold in WoT. While it's tempting to go after such opportunities, it's critical to remember to only engage in vetted and legal betting companies, especially for those of you in the Pro Esports Gaming scene. We've compiled a selection of the finest bonus offerings from reputable betting firms to enable you to kickstart your gaming journey and notch up impressive wins – compete confidently and take the gaming world by storm!

Secure your gold through CoinsUP

CoinsUP, an ad-game service, gives users the golden opportunity to earn free in-game currency in Tanks or consumables in other games.

Before obtaining the much-coveted gold in Tanks, users simply need to register on the CoinsUP platform:

  1. Sign in to their account.
  2. Link their phone number to the service.
  3. Complete the tasks offered and rack up CoinsUP credits.

Examples of tasks for generating service credits include the following:

  • Downloading a mobile application.
  • Watching an advertising clip.
  • Clicking on a banner.

The accumulated CoinsUP credits can then be exchanged into in-game gold for World of Tanks or into other game currencies by doing as follows:

  1. Accessing the personal cabinet on the service.
  2. Indicating the email address linked to the Tank profile.
  3. Entering the transaction amount.

In just a few minutes, the player will receive a notification about the gold credited to their World of Tanks account, a true win in the virtual battlefield.


Join the ranks of the World of Tanks as a volunteer

The World of Tanks volunteers are dedicated enthusiasts of the game who selflessly contribute to the project on various platforms such as the game forum, online chat, Telegram, Discord, and other resources.

In recognition of their contributions, these volunteers are rewarded with a generous 12500 units of gold per month. Moreover, as an additional token of commendation for their dedicated service, volunteers are often presented with battle vehicles, exclusive tank customisation elements, and other in-game assets.

It's to be noted that an individual can officially gain their stripes as a WoT volunteer after completing a trial period of one month.

You can find more details about joining the ranks of these tireless tankers in the volunteers' section of the Wargaming or Lesta Games forums, depending on the version of the game you're hooked on.

Upon being welcomed into the volunteer group, a player is rewarded with a whopping 10000 gold. But don't fret if your application is rejected - you're still eligible for 5000 units of the currency, granted you had carried out your duties responsibly during the trial period.

Engaging in regular World of Tanks contests

Engaging in regular World of Tanks contests and tournaments is a strategy players employ to earn gold in the game free of charge.

Contests and tournaments recur frequently across several platforms such as the WoT forums, YouTube, Telegram channels, VKontakte group, and other official resources. Periodically, in-game tournaments with gold prizes are also conducted in World of Tanks.

The terms and conditions for participation and victory vary for each World of Tanks giveaway. For instance, participants often answer questions about the game.

Snag the gold with deals and promotional codes in WoT.

Every month, the developers of World of Tanks hold promotional campaigns offering gold codes and other in-game items. These could be tank premiums for a certain number of days, customization items for the war machines, bonus experience points, and battle missions.

In a noteworthy turn of events, in November 2023, active gamers will use the World of Tanks promo code, "KATP1HA", to kit out their arsenal with an additional 50 units of gold.

Remember, battle-hardened tankers, you can punch in these gold codes either on the official game website or right in the game launcher itself. Stay vigilant and let these promotional codes be your secret weapon to battlefield supremacy.

Engage in Global Map Clan Wars like a Pro in eSports Gaming!

The Global Map is a special mode in World of Tanks, designed for participation in Clan Wars. Capturing provinces on the Global Map grants members the opportunity to earn free gold.

Global Map in World of Tanks

The stronger a player's clan, the higher the chances of victory in large-scale wars and acquisition of rewards. To play on the Global Map, a player must join a clan or establish their own union.

The cost to form a clan is 1 million silver units.

Execute combat tasks for gold in Tanks.

Personal Battle Missions in World of Tanks represent an immersive system of game challenges where participants demonstrate their dexterity in handling machinery and tactical combat skills. Finishing these strenuous tests, players are rewarded with tanks, female crews, equipment aesthetics, gears, gold, and various gaming artifacts.

You can locate the Personal Battle Assignments under the 'Campaigns' tab nestled just beneath the 'Into Battle!' button.

Some notable examples of combat tasks in World of Tanks include:

  • ranking in the top 10 among team members and emerging victorious in the battle;
  • detecting two adversaries;
  • damaging an enemy vehicle's tracks.

There are two campaign categories available within the game known as 'Long-Awaited Backup' and 'Second Front'. Each encompasses 14 primary and one final rigorous task.

Register your account using the invitation codes and referral links.

Signing up for World of Tanks with an invite code or referral link - a popular way to claim free gold in WoT.

Registration via an invitation code or referral link allows one to acquire in-game currency, tank premiums, special equipment, and other items without any investment.

Current invite codes for the World of Tanks game in November 2023:

  • "RUTANKS".
You can find a list of active World of Tanks invite codes on the game's official site.

Premium Status

"In the highly competitive realm of World of Tanks gaming in 2024, players are set to receive a rewarding 250 gold units and one full day of tank premium status, just for the simple action of linking their phone numbers in their accounts. Note that this enticing reward is only available for the first-time linkage of contact information. Integrating a mobile number renders an extra layer of fortification against potential scammers.

Should a rogue entity dare to infiltrate your account and attempt to change the password, an SMS code will be swiftly sent to the linked phone number for action confirmation, serving as a stalwart fortress in protecting your gaming endeavours.

By default, the linked mobile number provides an exclusive gateway for players to receive crucial code confirmations for actions within their profile. You can even enable alerts for special bonuses and WOT promotions by delving into your account settings. This is a significant step into immersing yourself into the professional esports gaming world, armed with knowledge, rewards, and crucial security."

Upgrading to a more complex password for the gold medal in esports gaming security

Wargaming Corporation conducted a campaign offering gamers 300 gold units for modifying their passwords to a new combination of no less than 8 alphanumeric characters - both uppercase and lowercase letters.

You can change your World of Tanks account password in the user's personal dashboard.

In 2024, the bonus offer of gold for a password change in WoT is no longer available.

Earning gold for installing apps and completing tasks

Within the realms of Google Play and the App Store, applications exist enabling users to earn World of Tanks gold by accomplishing straightforward tasks. These tasks encompass:

  • Verification of one's phone number or email address;
  • Watching advertisements;
  • Downloading the game.

Players can explore these mobile applications to accrue gold in World of Tanks, albeit at their own risk. Alas, there are deceiving programs floating around or unscrupulous developers that can rob user's in-game items in World of Tanks and possibly trigger an account suspension.

"Free Gold" on Streaming Services

Over on YouTube and Twitch, players are streaming nail-biting battles in World of Tanks, where dedicated fans tuning in can earn free in-game gold in World of Tanks.

Viewers accumulate no more than 60-80 units of gold for their consistent viewership. Quite the incentive for loyal eSports enthusiasts!

The Conclusion

Seasoned players have mastered the art of earning free gold in Tanks. Users thrive by partaking in company promotions and competitions, fulfilling in-game combat tasks and side-service assignments. They edge out the competition by registering an account with an invite code or referral link and solidifying their game account with a mobile phone number.

The golden ticket for newbies into the World of Tanks (“WoT”) is to register with a promo code.

Vprognoze's website endorses only legitimate strategies to mine gold in WoT. Beware, an underhanded gold rush in World of Tanks results in an account lockout. This isn’t a scare tactic; it's a reality check from the gaming world.


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