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How to deposit money in GTA 5 bank

In GTA 5, money is a crucial in-game resource for buying, selling and upgrading items. Players employ 2 methods of storing money: cash in hand and in a bank account.

A unique feature of the game is that when a character is killed or arrested, they lose a portion of their cash. A readily available and secure way to protect accumulated wealth is to deposit money into the bank.

The initial steps for opening a bank account in GTA 5

The player is setting up an account in any of the bank branches to store money and execute financial transactions.

There exist 20 bank offices scattered across the map in GTA 5. Players have the privilege to select a bank of their choice to open an account based on their personal preferences and the terms for storing money.

For storing money, making transfers, and taking out loans, users of the online version of GTA open accounts in the Bank of Liberty. Maze-Bank – the game’s official race partner is offering bonuses to active competition participants. Lombank suggests beneficial interest rates on deposits and discounts on property purchases.

Account opening:

  1. Identify the available bank on the map by seeking the dollar sign.
  2. Proceed to the branch of the prospective credit institution.
  3. Approach the office staff.
  4. When interacting with a bank employee, opt for "Open Account".
  5. Provide the teller with the necessary identification documents.
  6. Wait for the bank employee to set up an account in the character's name and issue a bank card.

After opening the account, the character gains access to the list of banking services: cash deposits and withdrawals, bank transfers, investments, loans.


Steps to depositing money into a bank account in GTA 5

In the branch of the bank, you can deposit cash into your account:

  1. Approach the manager and press the "E" key on your keyboard to initiate interaction.
  2. Select the "Deposit" feature.
  3. Specify the amount you need to deposit into your bank account.
  4. Confirm the operation.
The deposited money is not available for payment of purchases or services. Funds can be spent after processing the withdrawal operation from the account.

Remote topping up of a bank account in GTA 5

In the game, two avenues are offered to players to replenish their account without making a trip to a brick-and-mortar bank:

  • Internet service
  • ATM

When topping up via the Internet, the character utilizes a mobile phone, laptop or compute:

  1. The player's avatar must open an Internet browser on their device.
  2. They then proceed to the section of the menu called "Money and Services" or enter "Bank" into the search bar.
  3. The player selects the site of the appropriate bank from the array of options provided, for instance,
  4. Once on the site, the player visits the "Main menu" section.
  5. The player then hits the "Top Up" button and stipulates the amount.
  6. The deposit is confirmed via the "OK" button.
The menu includes a "Transaction List" section. Players have access to the transaction history of their bank account.

An alternative for the online version of GTA – installing the Maze Bank mobile app on the avatar's virtual phone.

At the early stages, the character may not always have a mobile phone on hand. In such instances, players can deposit money into their bank account via an ATM:

  1. Locate an ATM on the game map.
  2. Approach and wait for the notification about the ATM’s readiness to operate.
  3. Press the "E" button and input the menu password.
  4. Choose the "Top Up" function.
  5. Confirm the operation.

The GTA 5 map outlines 50 ATM locations. Popular terminal spots are near banks, petrol stations, round-the-clock stores, and shopping centres. A drawback of using ATMs is the risk of being robbed by other players.

To reduce the chances of an assault, opt to top up during the daytime and choose well-lit, crowded, and secure locations.

If internet access is unavailable, one can deposit money into their account via an ATM

Caps and limitations when depositing money in GTA 5

The architects of GTA 5 have incorporated restrictions for bank account replenishment. Players should take these limits into account for their financial maneuvers.

For instance, when depositing funds through the ATM, the device offers a choice of 5 amounts: 50, 500, 2500, 10,000 and 100,000 dollars. Smaller than 50 dollars, the ATM will refuse. When players want to deposit a significant sum, multiple transactions become necessary.

With various transfer methods, users should heed system messages and information concerning applied fees and constraints.

In the game's early stages, the online GTA player is constrained by the resources the bank is willing to store. The remaining balance in the bank cannot exceed 2,000,000 dollars. As players level up in GTA, the limit gradually expands.

The maximum sum of money a player can possess in GTA 5 is 2,147,483,647 dollars. The limit is determined by the maximum possible positive value for a 32-bit system.

Maximum balance limit - 2,147,483,647 dollars

How to steer clear of financial loss due to scams in GTA 5

The popularity surge of GTA 5 has driven a wave of fraudulent activities - account hacks, deceptive virus-laden links crop-up, and imposter websites replicating the official resource of the game's developer.

Avoidance of losing both real-world and in-game capital is feasible if safety measures are adhered to:

  • Employ a complex password for account access, and alter this alphanumeric string periodically;
  • Engage 2-factor authentication for game login;
  • Inspect your account's activity history;
  • Steer clear of suspicious web links;
  • Never disclose banking specifics or engage in dubious transactions with fellow gamers.

Some of the player bases capitalize on cheaters’ services to boost their in-game cash pool. Cheating refers to capitalizing on extraneous software and methodologies to gain an edge in the game. In violation of game rules, cheaters alter the monetary count on a user's account for a determined fee.

The game's developer company intermittently conducts checks to ensure a level playing field for all participants. If questionable manipulations with an account are detected during scrutiny, the value of the balance in the virtual account is restored without notifying or seeking consent from the player.

Opening a bank account within GTA 5 provides a haven for money, simplifying financial calculations. Stashing resources in the bank reduces the jeopardy of loss upon death or arrest.


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