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How to climb the roof of "Maze Tower" in GTA 5

Scaling the heights of the Maze Tower in GTA 5 isn't an endeavor for the faint-hearted. The zenith of this 96-story behemoth can only be reached through air transport. Gamers are treated to a heart-stopping parachute drop from an elevation of 320 meters.

Why should one scale the "Maze Tower" in GTA 5?

Extra mission assignment for Franklin in GTA 5 - leap from Maze Tower. A strategy must be laid out in advance detailing the means to get to the rooftop of the building and locate the yellow marker - access is only permitted aerially.

Extra mission - parachute jump from the roof of Maze Tower skyscraper

The vehicles that can be used while executing the mission include:

  • Helicopter;
  • Blimp;
  • Aircraft.

A specific platform is situated on the Maze Tower's rooftop where one can land a helicopter. There's no landing space for an aircraft or a blimp on the skyscraper; thus, the player is required to save two parachutes for making it to the rooftop and accomplishing the primary mission.

Helipad on the bank's rooftop



How to purchase or locate a parachute in GTA 5

Common ways to acquire a parachute in GTA 5:

- Purchase it;
- Find it.

Buying a parachute in GTA becomes possible after successfully completing the "Turbulence" mission. To acquire the gear, one must visit the Ammu-Nation chain of stores and check out the top left shelf of the display behind the salesman. Experienced gamers prefer to get the item for free. Places in GTA where you can find a parachute:

- The cable car at the top of Mount Chiliad;
- The top of the crane on the construction site of the Mile High Club in Pillbox Hill.

The first method is considered simpler by users due to the absence of the need to spend time climbing the crane. We recommend playing only in verified legal BCs and have collected a selection of the best bonuses from bookmakers for you so that you can start playing and winning!

"How to Ascend on top of the 'Maze Tower' Using a Helicopter"

A chopper is the go-to choice for accessing the roof of the "Maze Tower," predominantly offering a significant advantage over parachuting.

Here's how you can acquire a helicopter in GTA 5:

  • Swipe one from the "Zancudo" military base;
  • Purchase one from the website,;
  • Swoop in for a quick steal at the airport;
  • Commandeer the hardware from the Central Hospital;
  • Snatch from the helipads scattered throughout the city;
  • Lease one from Lester.

Purchasing presents a safe but pricey option. The price range for helicopters in GTA runs from a modest 780 up to a whopping 5150 thousand dollars. The riskiest play, swiping from the military fort, could potentially attract a storm of military forces.

If Lester provides you with the technology, a service fee of 700 dollars applies, however, you have to return the helicopter unscathed within 12 hours.

Purchasing a helicopter - easy and safe, but expensive

How to ascend to the rooftop of the "Maze Tower" utilizing a dirigible.

The airship is a nimble aerial vehicle, despite its size.

Aerial vehicles are only available to users of the special or collector's edition of GTA 5.

Airship - a nimble and easy to control aerial vehicle

Ways to acquire an airship:

  • Summon it by phone using the "Airship" contact - the delivery location of the vehicle is marked on the game map;
  • Hijack the aircraft - land a helicopter on top of the aerostat dome, walk away from the airship by 3-4 steps and press the "F" key on the keyboard to land, "Shift" - to take off.
Spendthrift players may choose to purchase the airship - which costs around USD 1 million.

"How to scale the heights of 'Maze Tower' using an aircraft"

An alternative strategy to win the mission is a parachute drop onto the "Maze Tower" roof from an airplane.

An extra parachute is needed if using a plane

You can quickly get hold of a vehicle by purchasing it from Warstock-Cache-and-Carry. The most budget-friendly option costs 240,000 dollars.

Budget-conscious players steal a plane from the military base or from the airport runway. For accomplishing the mission, a modest "crop-duster" borrowed from the Zancudo River will do the job.

“Crop-duster” on Zancudo River


The Final Verdict

In the game, there are 3 strategies to scale the Maze Tower for undertaking the extra mission in GTA 5. Gamers deploy air transit: a chopper, an aircraft, or a blimp. It's pivotal to possess a backup parachute, because parking on the rooftop of the "Maze Tower" can only be pulled off with a heli.


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