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How to change your password in WoT

For combat in the popular tank-based online shooter, World of Tanks, players utilize accounts from Wargaming or Lesta Games, contingent upon the WoT edition they are using.

World of Tanks - one of the most populous online tank shooters

The World of Tanks player's dashboard is safeguarded by a password. A common query among players is how to change their password in World of Tanks.

Why should one change their profile password in WoT?

Reasons why players decide to change their passwords in WoT:

  • They've forgotten their previous password and need to reset the old one to create a new code;
  • Unauthorized access by a third party to your account;
  • The need to employ a more robust and secure password.
The developers of WoT recommend that users change their security codes prophylactically every 2–3 months.


Crafting the Proper Password in the World of Tanks

In the Pro eSports scene of World of Tanks, account security is critically important. Achieving this necessitates the use of robust passwords that give hackers a run for their money.

Protective code selection tips:

  • Steer clear of basic alphanumeric combinations. They're just short of placing out a welcome mat for hacker intrusions.
  • Using personal information such as names and birth years in your password is as good as posting your password online. It's a no-go.
  • Don't be tempted to echo any fragment of your ign (in-game name) within your password. The more unique, the better.
  • It's wise to throw in the wild cards- symbols like @, #, &. They are excellent at bulking up your first line of defense.
World of Tanks has rightly taken account security up a notch, doling out options for mobile number linkage and two-factor authentication. There's truly nothing like a little extra armor to shield your user account.

We're logging into the personal profile of World of Tanks.

In the dynamic arena of World of Tanks, fortifying your account starts with a strategic move: updating your password through your command centre, also known as the user dashboard. Here’s your play-by-play on executing this manoeuvre:

  • Initiate the Operation: Navigate to the frontline of digital engagement, the Wargaming or Lesta Games website. Locate and deploy the 'Sign In' function to begin your mission.
  • Secure Entry: Penetrate the defence by logging into your dashboard. This can be achieved through the traditional email and password combination or by flanking with your social network account for a swift entry.
  • Command Center Access: Once inside, your user dashboard becomes your tactical overview. This is where you can recalibrate your security protocols.

For the tank commanders rolling out on the Wargaming terrain, your security adjustments are managed directly within the Wargaming site's secure confines. Meanwhile, Lesta Games' strategists will find their controls tailored to the Lesta Games platform, ensuring that all manoeuvres are perfectly adapted to your gaming environment.

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Changing the password on your WoT account

Instructions on how to change your password in World of Tanks:

  1. In your personal dashboard, navigate to the "Account Security Settings" section.
  2. Click the "Change" button next to "Password Added".
  3. Enter and re-enter your new password.
  4. Press the "Change" button to confirm the action.

Upon confirmation, the system will update your World of Tanks password, you'll be able to use your new secure combination to authenticate into your account.

If a tank enthusiast has forgotten their account password, to regain access, they should use the "Recover Account" option and enter the email address connected to their account. The instructions to reset the code and create a new password will be sent to the linked email or mobile number.


A user can change their password in World of Tanks in the personal account area.

It's recommended to alter this security combination every 2–3 months to ramp up the account's safety and mitigate the risk of account breach in Tanks.


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