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How to change the language in CS GO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a team-based first-person shooter. CS GO is played by millions of enthusiasts and professionals, the game is geared towards users from all over the world and supports over 25 language versions - English, Ukrainian, German, French, Italian, Polish and others.

Players are interested in how to change the language in CS GO. Pros know that you can change the language in the shooter in 2 ways - through the game settings and the launch command.

Switch the language through the game settings.

A swift way to switch language in CS GO - through the game settings in Steam:

  1. Log into your Steam profile.
  2. Select Counter Strike from your game library.
  3. Right click to select "Properties".
  4. Open the "Language" tab on the "General" page.
  5. Select CS GO language.
After changing the settings, upon launching Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the user will enter the game with a new interface language.


Switch language with the launch command.

An alternative option for changing the language in CS: GO is through the game's startup parameters in your Steam account:

1. Log into Steam.
2. Locate CS: GO in your game library.
3. Right-click on the game and select "Properties".
4. In the "Startup Parameters" field, enter the command "-language (language)", for example, "-language spanish" 

Example: The command "-language english" will set the CS: GO launch parameter to English.

Switch the language of voice communication.

During a CSGO match, the 'K' key can be activated to utilize voice chat.

There's no need to change the language of vocal communication - a player can speak in any language. The main factor is, that other participants in the server's battle should be able to understand the user.

It's crucial to adhere to the rules of mutual respect when using voice chat in CSGO, avoiding obscenities.

Switch the language of the text chat.

In CS GO, both enthusiasts and professionals utilize text chat for communication with teammates and opponents.

The text chat can be used in any language. For example, if a player wishes to type in English, the keyboard layout should be switched to "en".

The Final Showdown

The new language in CS GO is accessible upon the subsequent launch of the computer shooter.


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