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How to boost FPS in Dota 2

A high FPS offers comfortable gameplay in Dota 2. An acceptable level is at 30, with a comfortable level set at 60 frames per second. Gamers would benefit from knowing what to do if there's a sudden drop in FPS in Dota 2, as well as how to raise the game's frame rate without having to upgrade any computer components.

Reasons for FPS Drops in Dota 2

In November 2021, Valve ceased support for 32-bit operating systems, preventing graphical enhancements of the game. Valve launched updates to improve the visual elements, leading to a drop in FPS on older computers.

Briefing of Key Factors Affecting FPS Drops in Dota 2

The causes that can reduce your frames per second in Dota2 are:

  • the operation of third-party software;
  • in-game graphic settings;
  • launch parameters.

Uninstalling superfluous programs

Background tasks consume a substantial amount of your PC's resources. DOTA 2 is starved of RAM, resulting in a drop in frames per second (FPS) due to resource limitations.

A common cause for FPS drops - an open browser. Many players listen to music while playing DOTA, simultaneously running their game and a browser. Google Chrome, for example, can consume up to 4-6 GB of RAM.

It is essential to uninstall programs that promise to boost your computer's performance. These so-called performance-enhancement software doesn't benefit your PC and instead decelerates its functioning.

Experienced users suggest scanning your computer for potential viruses after deleting such software. For this purpose, you can use the free utility Dr.Web CureIt.

A complete Windows reinstallation might solve the problem of falling FPS in Dota 2. A fresh system tends to operate quicker.

Pro gamers have observed that the effects of reinstalling Windows are temporary - the system accumulates errors over time.

Steps to identify and remove unnecessary programs that slow down your computer

Removing programs from startup:

  1. Launch 'Task Manager' by pressing the 'alt + ctrl + del' keys.
  2. Switch to the 'Startup' tab.
  3. Disable all applications, except for system programs.
Applications like Discord and Skype significantly load the system, causing game FPS to drop.

Dota 2 Graphics Settings

When setting up graphics in Dota 2, the principle that operates is –  the lower the settings, the higher the FPS in the game. Users might decide to turn off animations and set parameters to a minimal value, boosting FPS.

E-Sports enthusiasts note that playing with minimum settings can be uncomfortable. Players constantly seek a balance between in-game performance and visual quality.

Suggestions for Lowering Parameters to Boost FPS

In Dota 2, users can turn off a total of 17 parameters in the advanced graphics settings to increase performance. Activating each one causes FPS to drop.

The "Screen Processing Quality" parameter can be reduced to 70–75%. Any lower value would cause an undesirable "graininess" in the image.

If users don't want to drastically compromise the graphic quality, five parameters should be deactivated first and foremost:

  • Animated portraits
  • Water quality
  • Glare
  • Tree animations
  • Cloth quality

The maximum number of frames per second is the upper limit of FPS. Setting the parameter to a lower value than what the computer can offer will result in severe lag in Dota. You should adjust the parameter to a 240 FPS rate.

Several online suggestions advise gaming settings modifications through altering game files. However, these worked only until 2023. As of January 2023, an update banning players from modifying the game files was released.

A player can still use these suggestions to improve the graphics, but the system will detect any changes in the game files and lock the match search menu until the files are restored to their original state.

Optimizing Windows Performance

Optimizing Windows graphics settings can increase the FPS in Dota.

Performance settings in Windows:

  1. Launch System Properties.
  2. In the sidebar menu, navigate to "Advanced system settings".
  3. In the Performance settings, select "Ensure the best performance".
  4. Click the "Apply" button.

Boosting FPS in Dota 2 through the Console

The animated splash screen in the main menu consumes considerable resources that can cause Frame Rate Drops (FRD). Disabling such animations can enhance the performance in Dota 2. According to player feedback, the frame rate significantly increases by 15-20 frames per second.

To summon the console, the player must switch the keyboard layout to English:

  1. Press the "`" key.
  2. Type "map_enable_background_maps 0" in the console.
  3. Restart the game.
With every new patch roll-out in Dota 2, the animation in the main menu gets enabled. So, the player needs to re-enter the command in the console to maintain the game's performance.

Launching parameters of Dota 2

The FPS dips due to the startup screen in Dota 2. In the launch parameters, users disable the Dota 2 startup splash to boost the frame-rate modestly.

Disabling the start-up showcase via launch parameters:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Select "Dota 2" in the "Library".
  3. Right-click to open the game properties.
  4. In the "General" section under "Launch Options", write the command "-novid".

Your system saves configurations automatically when game properties are closed. Remain confident, it's a simple yet effective trick that many professional eSports athletes employ to optimize their gaming setup and ensure they're equipped for high-stakes competition. After all, in the world of professional eSports, even seemingly minor facets such as this can make the difference between victory and defeat.


The FPS in Dota takes a nosedive due to graphics settings, the animated splash screen in the menu, and a lack of Windows performance optimization. If common solutions to amp up the frame rate aren't cutting it, the ultimate game-changer will have to be upgrading your computer hardware. This could be a pivotal move, a hail mary that could escalate your gaming performance to a whole new league. Bearing in mind, in the pro eSports circuit, every frame per second can be the difference between a triumphant victory or a crushing defeat.


What are the minimum system requirements to run Dota?
To kick-start Dota 2 on your PC, you'd need at least 4GB of RAM and a graphics card no less potent than an nVidia 9600GT. A quick tip for all you hardcore gamers out there - these are the minimum specs, but for a blazingly fast, silky smooth gaming experience, I'd recommend beefing up those specs. Remember, in eSports like Dota 2, every millisecond counts and you can't afford for your machine to miss a beat. Now, get your gears ready and let's dive into this adrenaline-pumping gameplay!
How to disable animation in the main menu?
"To disable the animation in the main menu, the player inputs the command 'map_enable_background_maps 0' into the console." This straightforward, strategic move serves a pivotal purpose. It allows players to maximize their gaming performance by minimizing distracting visual elements, sharpening their focus on the competition at hand. Yes, folks, even minute details can indeed make a monumental difference in the electrifying world of professional esports.
How to disable the intro video in Dota 2?
"To disable the introductory splash screen, it is vital to input the command "-novid" into the launch parameters. This command should be considered as a pro tip, it's one of those features that professional eSports players use to streamline their gaming experience, enhancing their performance and overall efficiency by instantly launching into the heart of the action. Remember, in the eSports world, every second matters – so make sure to utilize this trick to your advantage!"
Which settings have the most significant impact on FPS reduction in Dota?
The most significant impact on FPS (Frames per Second) is rendered by the settings for water display quality, portrait animations, and tree movements. Let's break it down for our eSports enthusiasts: 1. Water Display Quality: Just like in traditional sports where the condition of the field plays a role in the game, in eSports, especially in pro gaming, the quality of water display can play a key part. Higher settings can put an increased load on your system, potentially leading to a slower frame rate which may affect your split-second decision-making. 2. Portrait Animations: In the eSports arena, just as the crowd watches every move of the players in a physical stadium, the minute details like portrait animations can make or break the gaming performance. These animations might seem aesthetically pleasing, but they can hamper the frame rate. 3. Tree Movements: Think of them like the wind in a physical ball game; their movement could potentially create distractions. Besides, they also consume system resources. By reducing the quality of such animations, you can boost the game's performance and make things much smoother to improve your competitive edge. Remember, in the world of pro eSports gaming, achieving the perfect balance between a visually stunning game and maintaining a high frame rate is key. After all, even an extra fraction of a second can mean the difference between ultimate victory and heartbreaking defeat.
What's the optimal FPS for gaming?
"For an optimal Dota gameplay experience, 60 FPS is a must-have. This serves as the golden standard in the pro eSports realm. Achieving this frame rate helps ensure the smoothest possible gameplay, allowing players to operate at their peak performance level. As with any professional athlete, the finest champions in eSports understand that every advantage - big or small - might mean the difference between victory and defeat. Hence, ensuring a seamless 60 FPS gameplay is paramount."


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