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How to add a house in SIMS 4

An essential part of the Sims 4 gameplay is the construction or purchase of a house. The Sims enthusiasts have two options at their disposal: download and place a ready-made build on the selected plot, or construct a house from scratch.

How to download a house for SIMS 4

Additions to Sims 4 in the form of residential and community objects users download from the Origin network gallery or through links in web communities:,,, and on other sites.

The Origin Gallery is a network community on the official Sims site where players upload additional content: created homes, villas, castles, and other objects. Access to the resource is provided directly from the game menu of the licensed version of Sims 4 and via the external link

In Sims every player can build the house of their dreams

The user selects a lot to buy on the site and downloads the necessary files using the "Download" or "Upload" buttons:

  1. Download the structure files package to the computer where the game is installed.
  2. Extract using programs such as WinRAR, WinZIP, 7ZIP, depending on the format of the downloaded archive.
  3. Transfer files with .bpi, .blueprint, .trayitem extensions to the "Tray" folder - the full placement path is C: Users User Documents Electronic Arts The Sims 4 Tray.
  4. Start the game.

To purchase objects and add comments in the gallery, you need to be logged into your gaming account.


Where can I find the downloaded houses in SIMS 4?

If a downloaded house is not visible after restarting the game, it is necessary to navigate to the "Gallery" or "My Library" tab, depending on the installed version of SIMS 4.

In the "Gallery", for the convenience of searching for objects, there are filters such as "Lots" and "Others", sorting by size, price, type of plot, and load time.

How to import a downloaded house into SIMS 4

To set up a home in the city, the player locates the item in the "Gallery", opens the description window of the lot and clicks on the "Place Lot" button.

Licensed version Sims' users have access to content from Origin Gallery

A house built in the updated version of Sims cannot be installed on an "outdated" map.

How to set up homes in SIMS 4

Upon clicking the "Place Lot" button, the player selects a location on the map and marks it with a mouse click. The software will request a confirmation of the action and clarify the type of object's assignment. The user sets the necessary parameters and confirms the choice. To cancel the action, it is necessary to close the window.

After loading, the new lot is visible on the city map.

The potentials of home construction in SIMS 4.

In preparing to tackle the construction of a home in The Sims 4, proper strategizing of your resources will prove invaluable, particularly in the early stages of the game. The size of your initial capital will hinge on the number of family members in your Sim household. The first thing on your agenda should be lot selection. Your potential residential locations are dispersed throughout various sections of the city.

While choosing, there are a few key aspects to consider, such as the lot size, its location, surrounding infrastructure, and its cost. The ideal plot size is contingent on your family size and the overall scale of your envisaged architectural project. Pro gamers often take the lay of the land into account as intricate topography could pose more of a complex construction challenge.

Picking the location is about personal preference; you might pick a quiet park-side setting, a spot right in the heart of the city, a locale near transport routes, a place close to the shopping center or somewhere near social amenities. Cloud your judgment not only by considering the land cost alone but factor in the extra expenses that are part and parcel of house construction and landscaping.

When constructing buildings in the game, gaming aficionados use the buttons on the house editing panel accessed by pressing F3. Your panel menu boasts a whole range of fundamental structural components such as walls, roofs, stairs, and floors. You can manipulate the geometry of walls, install partitions, alter element sizes, adjust color schemes, and sell off items you no longer need.

Experienced players may advise giving more weight to practicality and functionality rather than aesthetic appeal. Investing in a quality bathroom and bed will save time and money. Positioning key rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom near the entrance is often beneficial. When mapping out their designs, gamers usually leave open areas for features such as gardens, children's playing grounds, workshops, and swimming pools.

Making your house unique and stylish goes way beyond just the construction phase. With an eye for design, you can select wall and floor coatings, buy furniture and household appliances, among other things. Sims offers a range of material choices depending on the function of the room and your budget. The furniture shopping menu is accessed by simply clicking F2. With convenient filters, you can effortlessly search items according to the type of room or the purpose of the object.

You have the option of picking anything from kid's room items to an array of lighting fixtures. Every piece purchased has a purpose; a fitness corner will make your Sim stronger, and a computer enhances literacy levels. Gamers can view a description and features of each item. More expensive items are more durable, superior quality and impact greatly on the development of your Sim or the comfort of their living environment.

A quality bed will provide faster rest leaving them ample time for other activities. Coziness can be enhanced with decorative items like mirrors, paintings, rugs, fireplaces, floral arrangements, and much more. As long as the budget allows, fans of the game can expand their Sim's living space by enlarging the rooms, adding new ones or even building additional floors.

Extending the building space is plausible only if there is an extra room on the lot. If not, players can dismantle the roof and add a new floor. The construction menu gives the liberty to place a terrace on any floor, modify wall and window heights. Irrespective of the residential expansion, without a proper plan, the larger space could result in unnecessary time wastage in moving within the house and considerable financial expenditure. Extra floors are best utilized as storage spaces for unwanted items.

Ready-made home for SIMS and concluding tips

The game developers have curated a provision for the players to purchase ready-to-move-in houses for those who don't desire to spend time on building or not being intrigued by the design aspect.

The object's worth relies on the area, finish, furniture, and presence of household electronics. The economical alternative, an empty house with no accompaniments, requires furnishing. Budget buildings include a minimal assortment of items; however, investing in a fully equipped and comfortable house requires a more significant expenditure.

Seasoned players often consider the acquisition of ready-made premises as a compromise. The game developers provide a catalog of rooms equipped with furniture. After adding a room to the house, the decor can be adjusted according to desire.


In Sims 4, players build homes from scratch for the avatar, or purchase ready-made objects from the gallery. The space can be optimally designed according to one's taste. An extensive range of structural elements, finishing materials, and interior items allow players to translate their dream of the perfect home into reality.


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