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How does support work in League of Legends

League Support is a technical assistance service for players where users can submit a complaint or question. 

Why is support needed?

Players can submit a request on any subject related to the game to the League of Legends support service. To simplify the support group's work and address issues rapidly, articles with information and instructions for troubleshooting have been published on the Riot official website.

The articles are divided into four categories:

  • payment issues;
  • technical assistance;
  • account recovery;
  • player complaints.

The site contains instructions for solving problems.

The instructions are divided into eight categories:

  • League of Legends basics;
  • account recovery;
  • rating;
  • technical issues;
  • login errors and connection issues;
  • donated currency store;
  • complaints and bans;
  • events.

Each category is divided into core questions. For example, in the "League of Legends Basics" section, information about split release dates and descriptions of available game modes is collected.


How to write to customer support

Request to League of Legends Support Service:

  1. On the official LoL website, go to the "Support" section.

League of Legends support

  1. Select the "Submit a request" option and specify the game "League of Legend".
  2. Select the type of request.
  3. Provide contact information, describe the problem in detail, and, if possible, attach screenshots.
  4. Click the "Submit" button.

The more detailed the player describes the problem, the faster the support service will help.

What are the support working hours?

League of Legends support is available 24/7. Players can submit inquiries at any time of the day.

If the account was hacked

If a player's account is hacked, they should try to regain access via email.

If the user does not have access to the email or the hackers have changed the e-mail, the player sends a request to the support service.

A Riot employee will ask for proof of account ownership, for example, receipts for topping up the LoL account.

How to refund a donation

The player has no ability to refund the donation.

League of Legends includes a mechanism for refunding donational currency for certain items. Players can cancel the purchase of champions and cosmetic items within 14 days. When the purchase is canceled, Riot returns not real money, but donational currency to the player's account.

If more than 14 days have passed since the purchase but less than 90 days, the user can return the donational currency using a refund token. The refund token can be used to cancel the purchase of a champion and cosmetic items without any signs of use.

If the user wants to return the champion due to a balance change in the game, the developers will refuse the refund.

Riot support

If the player has purchased a skin for the champion, you must first return the skin, and only after the skin return, the user can return the champion. The system will deduct 2 refund tokens from the account.

Only champions and skins can be returned through the game app. To return other cosmetic items, the player writes an appeal to technical support.

When registering an account, the user receives 3 refund tokens. At the start of a new season, the player gets 1 more token. The maximum number of tokens in the account is 3.

The player can return the money for the donation using a chargeback at the bank, but Riot will permanently ban the account. If the bank initiated a refund without the participation of the account owner, it is necessary to write an appeal to the League of Legends technical support.

If the user's card data is stolen and a malicious person has topped up the balance of another account, it is necessary to write to support. Riot staff will help initiate a chargeback.

Complaint processing speed

LoL Tech Support responds within 24 hours. Serious and non-standard problems may require more response time from the operator.

During the release of updates and events, players write a lot of complaints and requests to the support service, the waiting time for responses is longer than usual.

In some cases, support may not respond to a user's request. For example, if a player reported a bug in the game. A large number of players notice bugs, many write requests to support - there is no point in responding to each letter. The player will see the information about the bug fix in the list of update changes.

Riot Games releases patches every 2 weeks. When a critical issue is detected, for example, a champion's spell does not work, a patch with a fix is released within a few hours.

Solving technical issues

To resolve technical issues, the player needs to download the Riot Repair Tool from the game's official website. The program will verify the integrity of the application, reinstall updates, and gather information about LoL's operation for submission to Riot Support. 


League of Legends support helps game fans resolve technical, payment, and account-blocking issues.

Before contacting Riot support, they recommend trying to solve the problem independently using detailed instructions on the official website.


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