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How do the chests work in LOL?

Chests in LoL are part of the Hextech crafting system, introduced in 2016. Players can open a chest and receive useful items for free or with significant discounts as rewards for in-game achievements.

What types of chests are there?

In League of Legends, players have access to two primary types of chests for acquiring various in-game items: Hextech and Masterwork chests. Both types of chests offer a chance to obtain one or multiple items through random drops, with the possibility of receiving duplicate items, regardless of their presence in the player's inventory.

Hextech Chests

The distribution of items and their respective drop probabilities from a Hextech Chest are as follows:

  • Champion Skin Shard: 50%
  • Champion Shard: 25%
  • LoL Emote: 10%
  • Ward Skin Shard: 11.5%
  • Summoner Icon: 3.5%
  • Complete Key or Chest: 10%
  • Gemstones: 4%
  • Mythic Champion Skin: 0.04%

Hextech Chests guarantee champion shards worth at least 4800 Blue Essence. Opening a chest also offers a 4% chance of receiving Mythic Essence. The game features "bad luck protection," ensuring that after opening three chests, a player is guaranteed to obtain at least one champion skin shard, increasing the item's drop chance to 57%.

Masterwork Chests

Masterwork Chests provide similar rewards to those found in Hextech chests but with increased drop chances for particular items. For instance, the probability of obtaining a skin shard from a Masterwork Chest is 70%, and this rate increases to 72% under the "bad luck protection" rule. Masterwork Chests are rarer than Hextech Chests, making them a less frequent but potentially more rewarding option for players.


For players seeking to enhance their collection of cosmetic items in League of Legends, understanding the drop rates and probabilities associated with both Hextech and Masterwork chests can guide their strategies for acquiring new skins, emotes, and other in-game content. Engaging in events, completing missions, and participating in the game's various modes can increase opportunities to earn these chests. It offers a pathway to obtain valuable and desirable items to customize their gameplay experience.


How to get a chest

In League of Legends (LoL), players can obtain Hextech Chests through gameplay achievements or purchases, offering a way to earn cosmetic items and other rewards. Here's how you can acquire these chests:

Obtaining Hextech Chests through Gameplay

  • Weekly Chest Slots: Each week, the game adds an empty chest slot to your inventory, up to a maximum of four slots.
  • Earning Chests: To earn a Hextech Chest, play a champion and achieve a grade of "S-", "S", or "S+" in your match performance.
  • Champion Limit: Each champion can earn you only one chest per season, encouraging players to excel with multiple characters.

Purchasing Hextech Chests

  • Direct Purchase: Hextech Chests can be bought in the in-game store for 125 Riot Points (RP).
  • Chest and Key Sets: A set including a chest and a key is available for 195 RP, while a bundle of 11 sets can be purchased for 1950 RP.
  • Daily Purchase Limit: Players are limited to buying 25 chests per day.

Masterwork Chests

Earning through Gameplay: Masterwork Chests are awarded for completing significant game tasks, such as participating in 50 matches during the season.

Purchasing Options: You can buy a single Masterwork Chest for 165 RP, a chest with a key for 225 RP, or a bundle of 11 sets for 2250 RP.

Cost of Riot Points (RP)

Price Range: As of early 2024, the cost of 1 RP is approximately 20-50 Russian rubles, varying by the transaction volume and purchase location, whether directly from the developer's website or through a third-party gaming exchange.

This system of earning and purchasing chests in LoL offers players various ways to enhance their game experience with new skins, emotes, and other items, promoting both skilled gameplay and the option for direct acquisition through the game's store.

How to open a chest

The essential tool for unlocking chests is a hextech key. In most cases, the player does not get a whole item, but a fragment of the key.

3 parts are needed to create a whole key.

The number of keys that drop in LoL in 4 weeks is no more than 12, after the period the counter is reset.

Hextech key

Where to get the keys

Game actions, upon completion of which chest keys drop:

  • receiving post-match praise from members of your own or another team;
  • playing on a grade of "S-" or higher;
  • opening previously received chests with a set of bonuses;
  • participation in special game events;
  • performing actions in the developer's promotion;
  • receiving quest tokens;
  • purchase in the Riot game store.

Rewards are received by players with a rating of S-, S or S+

Players with a second and higher level of honor regularly receive key fragments as a reward for reaching progression checkpoints.

Why didn't the chest drop?

Common reasons for the absence of a chest:

  • previous reward received by the chosen champion;
  • exceeding the weekly limit;
  • the player leaving the match before the fight is over;
  • specific regional requirements for the sale of game content.

The chance of a chest drop decreases if you are not active in the game, demonstrate negative behaviour or violate the rules.

If the user regularly and effectively participates in LoL matches, uses different heroes, completes tasks, and receives high scores but no chest drop, it is necessary to request LoL support.


Chests in LoL are a gaming tool that helps users earn content as a reward for their skills. Chests drop when certain actions are performed and are available for purchase in the LoL store.


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