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Heroes for beginners in League of Legends

As of early 2024, there are 163 unique champions in League of Legends. Each hero has characteristics, pros and cons, unique effects, and passive abilities.

In League of Legends, characters offer different game complexities - an intuitive control system is combined with heroes who require certain skills.

Every champion in League of Legends plays an individual role: destroys enemies, breaks through lines, defends, or supports allies.

Champion classes in League of Legends

League of Legends heroes for beginners can be divided into 5 categories, depending on their basic characteristics and available effects:

  • tanks – heroes with heavy armor and increased health points, designed to hold the top lane;
  • junglers – lone warriors, focused on productive farming and destroying enemy structures;
  • midlaners – versatile heroes, holding the line of battle or breaking through the enemy's defense;
  • supports – support heroes, possessing healing abilities, or activating boosters for allies;
  • ADC – the main character in the team, focused on dueling with enemy heroes.

LoL champions have a basic advantage over some heroes, but they will be easy prey for others.

After registration, a beginner has access to 10 various units.

When choosing a hero from League of Legends, beginners should prefer characters with an easy control system.

Top (Tank)

Top is the main line in the game, a unique front line. The first major confrontations between rivals occur on the top lane. Tank champions play an important role on top. Tanks in League of Legends can break through the line and act in defense, protecting the positions occupied by the team.


Garen is a physical class hero, has impressive damage in close combat. This champion for beginners is capable of destroying weak mages and enemy ADCs with a single skill.

Garen quickly farms, destroys enemy turrets and towers, has a good ultimate ability for area attack and is easy to control.

Garen - popular hero among beginners

The disadvantages of the character are lack of mobility, control skills, and the ability to avoid dueling confrontations if necessary.

Garen's abilities:

  • "Perseverance" - health point restoration;
  • "Decisive Strike" cancels negative magic, inflicts a silence curse, preventing magic use;
  • "Courage" increases defense;
  • "Judgment" - area strikes;
  • "Justice" - critical damage.
Despite the ease of control, Garen is one of the strongest tanks in League of Legends.


Malphite is a common choice for beginners in League of Legends. The champion does not require user aiming for using super hits, has the strongest ultimate ability for a surprise attack among the League of Legends champions.

In addition to good armor and HP reserve, Malphite deals the most damage in battles.

Malphite - offspring of the abyss with a high life reserve

The unit is vulnerable to long-range attacks, depends on support. The main disadvantage of Malphite is the long cooldown of the super hit.

Malphite's abilities:

  • "Granite Shield" - absorbs 10% damage of any type;
  • "Seismic Shard" - slows down the enemy;
  • "Thunderclap" - a series of enhanced attacks;
  • "Ground Slam" - slows down the enemy;
  • "Unstoppable Force" - a surprise attack that temporarily immobilizes the opponent.

Malphite is particularly dangerous when paired with strong support characters.


Mid — is a center lane. In League of Legends, the midline is a road through the Summoner's Rift that runs from the southwest to the northeast edge of the map. Champions who predominantly play in the mid lane are called miders.

The midder's task is to breach the opponent's defense and push the frontline from the south.


Malzahar has high physical damage, farms fast, and levels up. This champion for LoL beginners develops magical abilities sooner than other characters do, gaining an advantage in the early stages of the game.

The Champion can cast a silence curse on several enemy champions at once, has control, is good at dueling and team battles.

Malzahar's control shortcomings include the need for aiming. Effective play requires spending time on training and practicing the skill of striking a moving target.

The beginner unit's abilities include:

  • "Void Shift" - immunity to magic control;
  • "Call of the Void" - activate silence curse against 1 or several enemies;
  • "Void Swarm" - summon demonic insects that attack nearby enemies.
  • "Malefic Visions" - reduces resistance, recovers energy;
  • "Nether Grasp" - a deadly attack that cannot be deflected or blocked.
According to Riot Games statistics, Malzahar was among the TOP-10 units in popularity in 2022.


Ahri is a mobile champion for League of Legends beginners with a good attack and high adaptability. The Elf can subtly approach the target and attack or leave the battle site.

In the first minutes of the game, it's hard for Ahri to survive due to the lack of super-strike, the character pays increased attention to the farm. After activating the basic effects, the mobile Elf can quickly wipe out the opponent's team.

Ahri - mobile champion with good midline play

Despite the defence and mobility, the character is vulnerable to control and has a small health pool.

Ahri's abilities:

  • "Essence theft" - health restoration after killing monsters or enemies;
  • "Orb of deception" - pure and magical damage dealing;
  • "Fox-fire" - increasing attack speed and making 3 accelerated attacks;
  • "Charm" - attraction of the enemy using silence magic;
  • "Spirit Rush" - dealing critical damage.
Ahri has many counterpicks with basic abilities to weaken the Elf.

Forest (Jungler)

Junglers are foresters who clear neutral territories and participate in group fights at the call of their team. Junglers are passive at the start of the match, but by the time of the fight for the midline, they often surpass their opponents in level and the number of activated skills.

For most of the game, foresters devote to farming and destroying enemy towers.


Trundle is a melee hero for beginners with high attack speed. The champion is capable of destroying tanks, suddenly attacking enemy ADCs and killing adversary's supports, blocking approaches to the forest, and creating obstructions for enemies on the midline. The character is mobile, has a high level of health and armor. Trundle shows effectiveness in group fights from the moment of ultimate ability activation – after the sixth level.

Trundle - one of the most popular junglers in the League of Legends

In the first minutes of the match without a super-strike, the hero is vulnerable to enemy attacks, does not engage in duels and devotes time to farming.

Trundle's drawback is the lack of protection against penetrating damage.

Trundle's magical effects:

  • "King's Tribute" – life regeneration after each kill;
  • "Chomp" – dealing damage and slowing down;
  • "Frozen Domain" – increased mobility and attack speed;
  • "Pillar of Ice" – blocking passes and slowing down;
  • "Subjugate" – reducing life level and resistance.


Warwick is an easy-to-handle forester for beginners in League of Legends, he farms and levels up faster than most opponents.

Thanks to the passive ability, the werewolf receives reduced damage and monitors the movement of enemy characters. Warwick is mobile, has the ability to quickly get closer to the enemy.

Warwick - popular among beginners unit

When playing Warwick, it's important not to lose the advantage at the start, otherwise, the hero will become easy prey for enemies.

The werewolf cannot influence the outcome of the fight, but he can support the team in group battles.

Warwick's abilities:

  • "Eternal Thirst" – enhanced strikes and health recovery;
  • "Jaws of the Beast" – critical damage;
  • "Blood Hunt" – finishing off wounded enemies, the lower the enemy's HP, the stronger the werewolf;
  • "Primal Howl" – causing enemies to flee uncontrollably;
  • "Infinite Duress" – paralysis for 1.5 seconds and a ban on using spells.

The werewolf needs to collect artifacts, through farming Warwick can collect the necessary items in 10–15 minutes.


Supports help allied ADCs and junglers. Supports restore lost health points, increase energy reserves, attack speed, reinforce strikes, and help avoid duels. Often, supports bring the team to victory, despite the minimal damage done.


Sona - the team healer, heals wounded allies, and temporarily endows resistance to penetrating damage. The hero isn't able to inflict significant harm but can stun several enemies at once in an area. Playing Sona is not difficult, but the hero has many counterpicks. In the early stages of the game, the character experiences a lack of mana and is demanding on the farm.

Sona - a support hero who can heal allies

Sona, a champion in League of Legends, wields a unique set of abilities that make her a versatile support capable of turning the tide of battle. Here's a corrected overview of her abilities:

  • Power Chord (Passive): After casting three abilities, Sona's next basic attack deals bonus magic damage and applies an additional effect based on the last ability cast. This can range from reducing the target's damage output, slowing them, or dealing extra damage.
  • Hymn of Valor (Q): Sona sends out bolts of sound that deal magic damage to the nearest two enemies, prioritizing champions. Additionally, casting this ability grants Sona and nearby allied champions a temporary bonus to their damage output.
  • Aria of Perseverance (W): This ability heals Sona and the most wounded nearby ally, while also providing a temporary shield to Sona and nearby allied champions.
  • Song of Celerity (E): Sona gains a burst of movement speed, which is extended to nearby allies, increasing their mobility on the battlefield.
  • Crescendo (R, Ultimate): Sona plays her ultimate chord, stunning all enemy champions hit by the wave and forcing them to dance, unable to take actions for a brief period.

Sona's synergy with a strong Attack Damage Carry (ADC) can be a deciding factor in lane dominance and overall battle outcomes. Her ability to heal and shield allies, boost their damage, and control enemy movements with her ultimate makes her a formidable support.

Additionally, with strategic use of her abilities, Sona can effectively collaborate with the jungle to control objectives and secure areas of the map, including the enemy jungle. Her ultimate, Crescendo, can be pivotal in team fights, offering a powerful crowd control option to enable her team to capitalize on stunned enemies.


Seraphine - an universal hero for beginners, can play in defense and attack. The unit does not require special equipment, can hold out in duel battles against individual heroes, and can enhance allied champions. The hero shows particular effectiveness in the game's final stage and is useless in the first minutes of the match. Without coordinated actions in the team, Seraphine will not affect the battle's outcome.

Seraphine - a controversial but favorite character of many players in League of Legends

Seraphine, a champion in League of Legends, is known for her supportive and crowd control abilities, making her a great asset in team fights and in lane alongside an Attack Damage Carry (ADC). Here's a more accurate description of her abilities and how she contributes to the team:

Stage Presence (Passive): Every third ability cast by Seraphine will echo, automatically casting a second time. Additionally, casting abilities near allies grants her Notes, which enhance her basic attacks to deal additional magic damage and have increased attack range.

High Note (Q): Seraphine projects a pure note, dealing magic damage that's increased by the target's missing health percentage. This ability is useful for poking at enemies from a distance.

Surround Sound (W): Seraphine surrounds her allies in song, granting herself and nearby allied champions movement speed and a shield. If she is already shielded, she heals herself and nearby allied champions, with the amount increased based on the number of allies around her.

Beat Drop (E): Seraphine unleashes a heavy soundwave, dealing magic damage to enemies in a line and slowing them. If the enemies are already slowed, they are rooted instead; if they are immobilized, they are stunned. This ability is key for controlling enemy movements and setting up team fights.

Encore (R, Ultimate): Seraphine takes the stage, sending out a captivating force that charms enemies and deals magic damage. Any champions struck (allies included) become part of the performance, extending the range of the ability and granting allies maximum Notes.

ADK (Kerri)

ADK is the main force of the team. AD Carries are focused on dealing damage to opponents, pushing through the enemy team's defensive line, and participating in group and duel fights.

It's harder for beginners to play as ADC - you need to take responsibility for the team.

Miss Fortune

Mobile Miss Fortune deals strong area damage, can stand on the line against several opponents, hunt and avoid fights. Fortune is not demanding on artifacts, farms quickly and confidently fights from the first minutes of the battle.

Fortune - a strong character with high penetrating damage

Cons: small combat distance, low health point reserves, and poor survivability.

Fortune's abilities:

  • "Opening Salvo" – enhanced attack;
  • "Two for One" – double strike;
  • "Mincing" – speed increase;
  • "Lead Rain" – AOE attack;
  • "Time to Die" – multi-target strike.

With the assistance of the support, Fortune deals record damage and holds the line against the full enemy team.


The mobile Jinx bothers opponents from the very first minutes of the game. Jinx excels most League of Legends characters in terms of power indicators. This hero is beginner-friendly and can lay traps and run away from enemies, catch up with any wounded enemy and send them to the fountain.

Jinx - a cunning ADC with the possibility of a sudden attack

Players attribute the character's disadvantages to a short combat range and mana requirement.

Jinx's Arsenal Effects:

  • "Cheerful" – increased movement and attack speed;
  • "Dizzy" – usage of a machine gun and a grenade launcher;
  • "Pew-pew" – slowdown;
  • "Flaming Bits" – trap placement;
  • "Super Mega Death Rocket" – super strike.

Jinx is less demanding on support than Fortune, but when increasing the rate of fire through the effects of allies, she is more effective at the top.


In League of Legends, there are more than 30 characters with easy and intuitive controls, which beginners will be able to master. Heroes play different roles and assume varying degrees of responsibility to the team.

Experienced League of Legends players recommend beginners to start the game as junglers or tanks, and as they gain experience - switch to support or mid.


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