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FPS dropped in WoT

The popular tank online shooter World of Tanks was released in 2010. Since the game's release, the system requirements for Tanks have been constantly increasing, and users on old computers often face the problem of low FPS.

FPS is the number of frames per second, which affects the visual perception of the map and events in WoT. The higher the value, the more realistic the World of Tanks arena looks.

World of Tanks game

Players are wondering why FPS is dropping in WoT, how to increase the number of frames per second.

System requirements for WoT

If you experience FPS drops in World of Tanks (WoT), it's crucial to first ensure your PC aligns with the game's system requirements. This initial step helps determine if the hardware might be the root cause of performance issues.

Minimum System Requirements:

For basic gameplay on low settings with an FPS range of 30–50, your PC should meet these minimum specifications:

  • Operating System (OS): 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU): Intel Pentium E2180 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): 3 GB
  • Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or Radeon HD 4550
  • Free Disk Space: 70 GB
  • Internet Speed: 256 kbps

Achieving the minimum software requirements is the first step toward troubleshooting FPS issues, as insufficient hardware can significantly hamper game performance.

Recommended System Requirements:

For a more comfortable and smoother gaming experience, it's advisable to meet or exceed the developer's recommended system requirements, which support FPS levels of 60–80:

  • Operating System (OS): 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU): Intel Core i5 (a newer generation is preferable for optimal performance)
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): 6 GB
  • Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7850
  • Free Disk Memory: 70 GB
  • Internet Speed: 1+ Mbps

Adhering to these recommended specifications not only resolves FPS drop issues but also enhances your overall gaming experience in WoT, allowing for higher graphics settings and smoother gameplay.

Why does the FPS drop in WoT?

Reasons why FPS drops in Tanks: outdated PC equipment, exaggerated graphics settings, inadequate internet connection speed, large number of installed mods.

Outdated Hardware

Outdated computer components are a common cause of FPS drooping in World of Tanks.

If a user plays WoT on a PC with outdated components, the number of frames per second drops to the minimum acceptable level for comfortable play.

The solution to the problem will be to launch Tanks at minimum settings or to replace components.

The user should buy a device that meets the recommended software requirements to play Tanks professionally with comfortable FPS.

Exaggerated Graphics Settings

The higher the graphics quality in World of Tanks, the more resources a PC needs to run the application with comfortable FPS.

With medium or high graphics settings on underperforming devices, FPS drops in WoT.

To solve the problem, users lower the graphics parameters to medium or minimum values:

  • vertical synchronization and triple buffering;
  • smoothing;
  • medium texture quality;
  • medium or minimum lighting quality;
  • medium or minimum shadow quality;
  • disabled grass in sniper mode;
  • averaged or minimum quality of additional effects;
  • turning off grass or medium amount of vegetation;
  • minimum or averaged post-processing quality;
  • disabling effects under caterpillars;
  • low or medium water and decal quality;
  • medium object detail quality;
  • disabling foliar transparency;
  • low or medium tree detail;
  • medium drawing range;
  • dynamic change of effects quality.

With minimum and medium graphics settings, WoT looks less colorful, but runs more stable.

Low Internet speed

Inadequate internet speed affects ping, at a high level of which FPS sags.

The solution to the problem of low internet connection speed is to close unused processes running in the background using the Task Manager.

If after closing unnecessary applications the internet speed remains insufficient, the player needs to consult with the provider for clarification of the situation - to change the tariff plan or service provider if necessary.

Outdated drivers

Outdated video card drivers are the cause of insufficient device performance and image hanging in Tanks.

Updating the video card driver:

  1. Go to "Device Manager".
  2. Select the video adapter.
  3. Open the "Driver" section and press the "Update Driver" button.
  4. Choose the "Automatic Driver Search" option.
  5. Download and install the current version of the driver.

Experienced users do not recommend installing the latest version of the video card driver. It is more reliable to choose the previous version with guaranteed error fixes and refinements.

An alternative way to update drivers is to download software independently on the official website of the video card manufacturer.

Too many mods

Using modifications slows down the operation of World of Tanks.

Removing mods or launching in modification-free mode will eliminate the cause of low FPS. To disable add-ons, the player selects the option "Run game without modifications" in the Wargaming or Lesta Games game launcher.

How to increase FPS in World of Tanks

Experienced players use several methods to increase FPS in World of Tanks to achieve maximum FPS increment in WoT.

Cache Clearing

Clearing the game's cache will solve the insufficient FPS problem in World of Tanks:

  1. Close the game application.
  2. Download the archive from the official Wargaming or Lesta Games website's page "Game client cache: clearing and resetting settings".
  3. Unzip and place the .bat file anywhere on your computer.
  4. Open the .bat file.
The game program cache is automatically cleared after running the .bat file.

Checking for Viruses

If a user's computer is infected with viruses, the device runs slower and causes games to freeze.

The player needs to check the PC for viruses and, if necessary, remove the malware if the FPS in Tanks is dropping.

You can use a paid or free antivirus to clean your computer, for example, Total 360 Security, Avast, or Nod32.

Reducing CPU and GPU Load

High load on the central processing unit and video card causes World of Tanks to freeze.

To increase FPS, the player reduces the load on the key PC components:

  1. Close unnecessary applications and stop processes through "Task Manager".
  2. Turn off the visual effects of the operating system during the game launch.
Additionally, you can set the maximum performance of the video card in the system settings.

Moving the Game to SSD

If World of Tanks is loaded on local disk C, moving the game to hard disks D or E may increase FPS.

To transfer, the user needs to uninstall WoT and install the game program on D or E.

The minimum amount of free space for installing Tanks is 70 GB.

Optimizing the OS with Software

Software that optimizes computers and boosts performance:

  • CCleaner – free software for computer optimization, removes unnecessary applications, cleans Windows from junk and fixes registry errors, the Health Check option analyzes Windows, suggests fixes, and automatically applies treatment to infected files;
  • Advanced SystemCare - a set of utilities for system optimization, reduces the consumption of processor and memory resources, removes unnecessary files and incorrect entries from the registry, provides for the recovery of data and improvement of storage operation;
  • Glary Utilities - a package for comprehensive optimization of Windows, rids the operating system of errors, crashes, and freezes.

It is possible to use the software to speed up computer operation for free. The paid service provides additional features, not necessary for Tanks optimization.

Checking the Stability of the Internet Connection

The minimum internet connection speed for comfortable playing of Tanks is 256 kbps, recommended is 1+ Mbps.

To check the connection speed to the Network, you can use free services, for example, Speedtest, Fast or Cloudflare.

If the network speed is lower than the minimum permissible, you should close unnecessary programs and processes. If the Internet speed is insufficient after reducing the network load, it is necessary to contact the provider, change the service delivery tariff or Internet service provider.

Increase the priority of the process

By default, the computer runs Tanks under standard conditions of resource use.

In the "Task Manager", a user can prioritize World of Tanks so that the computer allocates more resources to WoT:

  1. Open "Task Manager".
  2. Find "World of Tanks" in the list of processes.
  3. Right-click the process to set the "High" priority.
You can launch the Windows "Task Manager" using the keys "Alt + Ctrl + Del".

Setting up the Video Card

Correct video card settings allow to free up additional PC resources to launch game programs with higher performance.

You can configure the video card in the control panel of Intel, AMD, or NVIDIA – enable game mode or give higher priority to the World of Tanks application.

Defragmenting Hard Disk

Over time, the computer's hard disk becomes clogged with residual entries of deleted applications, files, and processes, slowing down the device's operation. World of Tanks files may be located in different clusters of the hard drive.

Defragmentation brings files closer together and increases the computer's power:

  1. Open "My Computer".
  2. Right-click on the disk with WoT, select the "Service" tab - "Optimization and defragmentation" - "Optimize".
  3. Select the storage and press the "Analyze" button.
  4. After the analysis is complete, press the "Optimize" button to complete the defragmentation.
Defragmentation does not require prior removal of the game from the disk.


Situations where FPS drops in Tanks occur quite often. Solving the problem with low FPS in WoT: lowering graphics settings, updating video adapter drivers, reinstalling the game, defragmenting the hard drive, closing background programs. On the Vprognoze website, you can find useful articles on the topic of World of Tanks, such as how to adjust the sound, how to lower the ping, how to remove a mod, how to play in a platoon, how to farm silver for tanks.


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