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Counterpicks to Tryndamere in League of Legends

Tryndamere, also known as Trynd, or Berserker, is a melee character dealing physical damage. Despite his low hit points, he possesses high survivability thanks to his arcane abilities. Tryndamere often plays the role of a carry who can break down enemy lines.

Playing against Tryndamere is a challenge, as he often operates with the support of healing units.

To counteract the Berserker, it's wise to opt for counterpicks against Tryndamere – heroes with core abilities that weaken the enemy.

Tryndamere in League of Legends

Tryndamere – the Master of Berserkers, surfaces not just in amateur battles, but on the professional Esports stage as well. Despite complex controls, the character woos amateurs with his exceptional abilities.

Berserk possesses impressive mobility, adept at eluding opponents, taking advantage of teleportation, and confronting multiple adversaries simultaneously.

Tryndamere – a powerful close combatant

Notably, Tryndamere does not rely on mana. Instead of traditional energy, the character accumulates a fury resource for activating abilities.

Tryndamere's skill set consists of 5 magical powers:

  • 'Fury' - every attack and kill generate fury points for Tryndamere, which bolsters his critical strike and serves as a power source for other effects.
  • 'Bloodlust' - Berserk channels some of his furies points into health, healing his wounds.
  • 'Mocking Shout' - reduces the attack speed and power of nearby foes.
  • 'Spinning Slash' - Tryndamere employs this effect against several competitors to deliver significant area damage.
  • 'Undying Rage' - upon activation, Tryndamere becomes invincible for 5 seconds.

'Undying Rage' offers Tryndamere substantial survivability in pitched battles. However, use of this skill calls for high levels – the berserker needs sustained farming.

Tryndamere can attack multiple enemies simultaneously

While selecting artifacts, Tryndamere leans towards items that decrease ability cooldowns, boost health points, and augment attack speed.

"The counter pick for Tryndamere in League of Legends"

Picking a counter to Tryndamere must be done considering the character's weaknesses:

- Low health pool
- No long-range attack ability
- Automatic decrease of fury when the hero is passive The key to a successful game against the Berserker is a correctly chosen counter pick and wisely chosen items to weaken Tryndamere.

General tips for playing against Tryndamere:

- Avoid fighting the hero who just killed an ally
- with accumulated fury points, Tryndamere will unleash a slew of critical hits;
- Ranged heroes back up melee heroes - the long-range hero can finish off the enemy if Trynd interrupts the duel to run away;
- Don't miss the chance to kill the Berserker in the early stages of the game - without his ultimate ability, the character is extremely vulnerable;
- Maintain distance in battles against Trynd and do not let the enemy close;
- Sabotage the Berserker's farming, as this will prevent Tryndamere from activating "Undying Rage" for a long time. The strategy of fighting Tryndamere depends on the map position: on the mid or while lane pushing. In the mid lane:

Tryndamere appears very rarely in the mid lane. The Berserker is busy farming during mid-fights. If he comes to the mid-lane prematurely, a long-ranged mage like Lux, Xerath, or LeBlanc can eliminate him. In the Lane: During confrontations with Tryndamere on enemy lanes, preference should be given to characters with high health points and defence stats: Malphite, Ornn, Maokai, Volibear.

Thanks to their resistance to physical damage, these tank characters can withstand the Berserker's critical hits and survive the 5-second pause during "Undying Rage" activation.

Tryndamere's Passive Ability

Rage is a passive ability that cannot be dispelled using any form of magic or artefacts.

Countering Tryndamere

Who counters Tryndamere in LoL the best:

  • Camille restricts the opponent from using "Undying Rage" and gradually takes him down;
  • Teemo blinds Tryndamere and knocks off the fury buildup, thus inhibiting him from using abilities;
  • Rakan hits the enemy from a considerable distance, not letting Tryndamere get within striking range.
Rakan, Camille, and Teemo have the potential to overpower Tryndamere without artifacts, leveraging their fundamental magical abilities.

Camille - one of the best counter picks against Tryndamere in League of Legends

Countering Tryndamere: Which Characters Are Easiest to Stop Him

If you know who Tryndamere counters, you can confidently attack melee heroes: Elise, Nunu, Nocturne, Udyr, Shen, Zed, Gragas and other units.

Characters can be saved by the teleportation scroll or having stunning abilities.

Useful Items

Item selection plays a vital part when going up against Tryndamere. Rivals need to hinder the hero's health recovery using spells that inflict passive damage like 'Grievous Wounds' or 'Decay':

  • 'Thornmail' - preferable for melee champions;
  • 'Morellonomicon' - ideal for tank characters;
  • 'Executioner’s Calling' - better suited for mages and marksmen.

When choosing equipment, it's preferable to opt for items capable of boosting health points: 'Warmog's Armor,' 'Randuin's Omen,' or 'Frozen Heart.'

'Randuin's Omen' is a stellar choice for armour, packing an added perk of reducing the odds of receiving a critical hit.


Tryndamere is a crafty antagonist in League of Legends, requiring adept gaming skills to conquer. Without due attention to item collection and gearing up, the majority of heroes might risk defeat in a one-on-one scuffle with this Berserker.

With the right counter pick and items in tow, Tryndamere might just turn into easy prey.


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