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Counterpicks to Tinker in Dota 2

Tinker, also known as Boush, is a ranged intelligence hero. This character takes finesse to control and yields an array of magical effects. Boush deals primary damage through magic, possessing the ability to debilitate foes in group fights.

During the early stages of gameplay, Tinker is vulnerable due to his low health pool and reliance on artefacts. However, once this technical wiz hits mid-game, he can become a significant hindrance to adversaries.

As a duelist, facing off against Boush in the mid-lane is no easy feat. For successful bouts, seasoned players recommend selecting counter picks to Tinker, which weaken the unit and allow for maximum damage infliction on the opponent.

Tinker is a formidable and fiercely intellectual hero in Dota 2.

Tinker – the dwarf mechanic who developed weapons to combat magic users. His detest for magic spurred him to research magical phenomena - his scientific endeavors led to the creation of a portal to a netherworld. The looming dark energy consumed Tinker's sanity, compelling him to transform into a relentless killer.

Tinker – a ranged hero with high magic damage

Tinker is a highly mobile character, rapidly shifting location, and has the knack for springing unexpected assaults on adversaries. On the first level, Tinker is weak, struggling even against minions. This hero typically retreats into the forest for prolonged farming.

Tinker has a minimal XP reserve and gathers artifacts to bolster health and regeneration.

Tinker's natural role is a mid-lane dueler. His technical prowess can hold up even against his counterpicks, tilting the skirmish in his favor.

Tinker touts 7 magical abilities that progressively amplify as he accumulates experience points:

  • "Laser" shoots a high-energy beam at foes, inflicting damage and simultaneously disorienting targets;
  • "Heat-Seeking Missile" - Tinker launches two missiles at his enemy. If multiple enemies are present, the missile targets the two closest adversaries;
  • "Defense Matrix" - The mechanic deploys a protective field that blocks incoming damage for a brief period;
  • "Keen Conveyance" - Tinker teleports an ally to a structure, and, once upgraded, to any ally or monster;
  • "Rearm" speeds up ability cooldowns and artifact recharges;
  • "Warp Flare" releases a fighting projectile against enemies, pushing adversaries away and reducing their attacking range;
  • "Laser II" - Tinker fires a potent version of Laser, causing enemies to shrink and reducing their health reserve by 10%. This ability can be infinitely cast - the effects stack.

These abilities allow Tinker to attack foes from a long range and evade confrontations using Warp Flare. Triggering the upgraded "Laser" weakens multiple opponents simultaneously.

Teleportation – one of the magical abilities of Tinker

The mechanic is reliant on his mana pool, without which he is incapacitated against enemies. Tinker's physical damage output is minimal.

Counter-picking Tinker in Dota 2

Knowing how to counter Tinker in Dota 2 correctly can allow you to rapidly dominate mid-lane. Experienced players suggest deploying specific battle strategies against Tinker and avoiding confrontations as much as possible. You can take down Boush with physical damage and magic. The key is to take advantage of the hero's weaknesses:

  • slow farming, which can be easily disrupted;
  • a lack of effects for increasing movement speed despite the base mobility level;
  • absence of crowd control magic, such as stun, silence;
  • the need for a significant amount of mana to activate abilities.

It's critical to understand who counters Tinker in mid-lane and side-lanes, how to correctly select artifacts, and when to attack the hero.

In Mid-Lane

If the enemy team has a Tinker, expect him to show up at mid. You can employ different strategies against this techno magician: pressure and control.

Control involves a short duelling exchange to destroy Tinker and establish dominion over the middle lane. Characters equipped to debilitate Boush with magical impacts will manage this task:

  • Skywrath Mage possesses silence magic, under which Tinker cannot activate abilities;
  • Nyx Assassin blocks rocket barrages and burns Tinker's mana, rendering him harmless;
  • Pudge withstands Tinker's powerful attacks thanks to his elevated armour and health pool, effortlessly shortens the distance, and eliminates the foe.

The pressure tactic anticipates a fast rush on mid-lane to destroy the enemy without line maintenance.

For swift, duelling combat against Tinker, these heroes are adept:

  • Outworld Devourer rapidly closes in on the enemy and devours the opponent's mana;
  • Viper poisons Tinker, stripping him of his mobility;
  • Medusa exterminates Tinker from a considerable distance and syphons mana with each hit;
  • Anti-Mage strips Tinker of his defence by denying him the use of magic.

In the opinion of seasoned players, it's often enough to drive Tinker off mid 2–3 times, and the hero will ultimately abandon the position.

In Side-Lanes

Tinker is seldom used for breaking through the lanes, but if a novice controls the hero, you can encounter the mechanic anywhere on the map.

Almost any hero that can stun, cast "Silence," and drain magical energy can destroy this unit.

Tinker's Passive Ability

Tinker doesn't harbour any passive abilities; all effects demand active engagement.

When it comes to countering Tinker in Dota 2

In the midst of competing, Zeus, Storm Spirit, Queen of Pain, Spectre, and Night Stalker are demonstrating formidable victories against Boush, exhibiting striking win rates that can't be ignored.

Night Stalker frequently outmatches Tinker in one-on-one skirmishes

When it comes to countering Tinker's strategic mid-lane play, Nyx Assassin emerges as the best draft, proven by a compelling win rate.

Tinker is particularly effective at countering certain heroes: which ones are easiest to shut down with this character?

With effortless superiority, Tinker decimates the sluggish Meepo and Terrorblade. This tactician has the prowess to counter close-combat warriors - Monkey King, Troll Warlord, and Phantom Assassin. Tinker, with precision and intent, deploys his laser beam, compelling adversaries into a state of futile assault.

To effectively counter Tinker

To effectively play against Tinker, you should assemble the necessary artefacts:
- Hex disables the activation of magical effects;
- Monkey King Bar negates Tinker's laser, which is crucial for any carry;
- Black King Bar blocks Tinker's magical damage.

These items can be acquired at the home shop at any stage of the game. Notably, they are universally effective against most mages in Dota 2. Remember, folks in the pro esports gaming circuit, it's not just about raw skills or luck—it's equally about the right strategy and tactical use of resources. Keep your game tight, and remember: every artefact counts toward a decisive victory in the cybersport world!

Allied Techies

Allied Techies - characters capable of replenishing hit points or mana stock: Beastmaster, Bounty Hunter, and Night Stalker.

Tinker seldom assumes the carry role, support units scarcely pay attention to him


Tinker is a formidable adversary when controlled by an experienced player. In the hands of a rookie, the Technomancer may not pose a threat, but can cause disruptions in mid-lane. Even when faced with coordinated enemy-team efforts, counter picking Tinker is not strenuous - it's all about selecting the right hero and acquiring appropriate artefacts.


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