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Counterpicks to Dragon Knight in Dota 2

Dragon Knight, often abbreviated to DK, is one of the most resilient characters in the game Dota 2. This character is frequently chosen as the team's carry - the main unit of the team.

DK is known for his mobility, impressive hit-point pool, and stunning abilities. Part of what makes this hero a standout choice is his unique gameplay - the unit transforms into various dragon forms, incinerating enemies in his path. Dragon Knight excels at holding off enemy assaults and guiding his team to victory.

Counterpicking Dragon Knight involves selecting characters and artifacts to triumph over the dragon. When facing off against DK, it is crucial to choose a counter pick to prevent the enemy unit from dominating the game map.

Meet Dragon Knight

Meet Dragon Knight - Davion, a stalwart warrior who ventured to the Caverns of Dark Dreams to slay an evil dragon. Succeeding in this epic quest, Davion was bestowed with remarkable powers, gaining the ability to transform into a dragon, take flight, and wield the potent magic of Fire. He honed these abilities over time and became one of the most formidable fighters in the Kingdom.

Fierce in close combat and adept in ranged attacks, Dragon Knight is versatile, often taking the front line and going toe-to-toe with multiple opponents. His strengths include robust physical damage output, effective health regeneration, and a significant pool of hit points. This stalwart hero is often seen leading from the front in team skirmishes, dishing out area damage, and debilitating his foes.

Despite his intimidating prowess, Dragon Knight has needs for farming and item progression. He spends considerable time in the jungle in the game's early minutes, and even taking down the weaker creeps can be a challenge during the early stages.

Nevertheless, once he reaches level three and has his arsenal of items, Dragon Knight turns into a formidable force, a near-impervious bulwark against his enemies.

On the battlefield, the hero brandishes eight mystical abilities:

  • "Breathe Fire"- Unleashes a fiery torrent against the enemies, incinerating and reducing their attack damage,
  • "Dragon Tail"– Strikes an enemy with his shield causing stunning effect, in dragon form, the spell can be activated from long range,
  • "Dragon Blood" – a passive ability enhancing regeneration and mana recovery,
  • "Dragon Form I" - Transforms into a green dragon, dealing venom damage,
  • "Dragon Form II" - Morphs into a red dragon, delivering potent area damage and incinerating foes,
  • "Dragon Form III" - Davion takes on the avatar of a blue dragon, capable of freezing foes and unleashing ice magic,
  • "Dragon Form IV" – The ultimate form, transforming into the strongest black dragon incarnation, wielding poison, ice magic, fire, increased magic resistance, and enhanced stun effects,
  • "Fireball" An AOE spell torching nearby foes. The burning effect persists even after enemies leave the afflicted area.

The Dragon avatar can be accessed at level three, enhancing his mobility and allowing him to bypass land traps and mines.

The Dragon Knight is a formidable pusher, capable of razing down enemy structures with significant base damage and even applying toxic effects on inanimate objects.

Despite his robust abilities and intimidating presence, Dragon Knight is user-friendly and, as such, is often the hero of choice for budding esports gamers.

Counter picks for Dragon Knight in Dota 2

In the early stages of the Dota 2 match, any mobile heroes can counter-pick the Dragon Knight. Disruptions in farming hinder the hero's development.

Without his dragon form, Davion poses a threat with his stun, but he cannot deal substantial damage.

If the hero is significantly hampered, DK might not fare well in the lane.

The selection of a counter pick for Dragon Knight in Dota 2 should be based on the stage of the game.

In Mid

In the mid, playing against a levelled-up DK is a challenge - it's almost impossible to kill the hero because of the regeneration that Davion enhances with artefacts. If the goal is to break through mid, it's best to play against the dragon in tandem with allies, ideally with support heroes.

Slark — a good choice for countering DK

Solo contenders who can take on DK are only counter picks:

  • Huskar counters Dragon Knight due to his consequential penetrating damage, which breaks through the enemy's armour. His main job is to survive the attacks following the stun;
  • Slark possesses copying magic and can turn DK's own talents against him. Thanks to his substantial physical damage, the hero attacks more efficiently than the Dragon Knight, and his magical abilities allow Slark to ignore the stun;
  • Bristleback has a high level of life and is constantly reducing the opponent's armour points, making the hero vulnerable to physical attacks;
  • Necrophos drains percentages of life; Davion's life supply doesn't matter.
When playing against Dragon in mid, it's best to choose Ancient Apparition as a support. The hero disables the passive ability and deprives the character of the opportunity to regenerate.

In the Lane

Playing against the dragon in the lane is easier - Davion is constantly forced to change his position out of fear of being hit with "Silence" or other forms of magic use prohibition.

Without transformation, DK is an easy prey for a character with magical damage.

Win rate metrics can determine the best counter picks for Dragon Knight:

  • Ursa - the pick for playing the carry role, the hero uses the "Fury Swipes" effect and easily pierces the armour;
  • Timbersaw cuts all performance metrics and turns Davion into a harmless creature;
  • Vengeful Spirit cuts off the armour parameters, making the opponent susceptible to penetrating damage.
Dragon Knight often takes part in team fights, so win rate doesn't always accurately reflect performance.

Passive Ability of the Dragon Knight

The passive effect of DK, or Dragon Knight, ladies and gentlemen, is regeneration ability. Now, this power can be curbed using the magical prowess of Viper and Ancient Apparition, or of course, by utilizing an artifact known as Silver Edge. Ancient Apparition negates Dragon Knight's passive ability This is a fast-paced game folks, where strategy, timing, and skill all come into play! Be careful where you place your bets. We strongly recommend against gambling with unauthorized bookmakers. 


In the realm of pro esports, heroes like Viper and Ancient Apparition are considered as the go-to counter picks for Dragon Knight, DK for short. These characters are highly effective in winning team skirmishes primarily due their ability to dispel the passive effects of the dragon.


Going up against DK, it is advised to not choose characters with low health pool. These heroes won't be able to survive the prolonged stun. The Dragon can easily obliterate Templar Assassin, Naga Siren, Drow Ranger, Phoenix, Tusk, Void Spirit, Broodmother, Luna, Lycan, and Shadow Fiend.


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