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Counterpicks for Urgot in League of Legends

Urgot, the Butcher – a slow-paced champion, compensates for his mobility deficit by deploying ranged attacks and AOE damage. The character boasts an enhanced health pool, making him a daunting competitor.

Selecting an effective counter to Urgot – a unit capable of blocking the champion's abilities and dealing massive damage – is crucial. Possessing artifacts offers an additional edge against the Butcher.

Urgot in Dota2

Urgot is an exceptional duelist, excelling at 1v1 bouts. This champion gets his shotguns into play within the early minutes of the game and often causes discomfort for his opponents.

Superior to most unperturbed characters, Urgot can disrupt monster killing, advance levels, and enhance abilities.

Countering Urgot before the middle of the game is next to impossible; it is better to evade a confrontation or to fall to resurrect later strategically.

Urgot – A ranged duelist champion, armed with heavy artillery.

Urgot possesses abilities that make him a formidable dueling champion:

  • "Shotgun" - elevated damage for a short duration, increasing the attack range;
  • "AutoAttack" - area damage and slowing down opponents within the effect radius;
  • "MachineGun" is a machine gun activation that deals additional penetrating damage. At higher levels, this ability becomes passive and permanent, needing no activation;
  • "Shield" - momentary protection from penetrating damage, reflecting up to 60% of attack;
  • "Execution" - the killer super punch takes out champions with less than 20% life reserve.

Abilities like "MachineGun", "Execution", and "AutoAttack" allow the champion to perform exceptionally in group battles as a supporting character. Urgot swiftly executes weakened foes and orchestrates mass attacks in an area.

Without the activation of "Shotgun”, Urgot's attack range is sub-par, and many archers and magicians can attack the butcher safely from a distance.

Better chances of countering this champion arise after crossing the midline.


Counterpicks for Urgot in League of Legends

When up against Urgot, if there's not a direct counterpick character, pros employ a strategy involving teleport - a handy escape option to evade the foe and survive the execution-style "Fear Beyond Death". As for lane pressuring against Urgot, experienced players opt to advance with a support duo. Ideally, the support hero should be capable of stunning the adversary and healing - eliminating the Butcher just got significantly easier with a proficient healer.

Without a counter-pick to Urgot, facing off against the Butcher alone is not proposed. The champion swiftly whittles down a considerable portion of your health bar with ‘Purge’ and can execute opponents efficaciously. On Mid Lane Urgot is considered a rare gem in the mid lane, typically utilizing his abilities for team fights and individual skirmishes post lane bullying.

If the Butcher ends up in the centre of the map, newcomers need to identify who counters Urgot in mid to reclaim the mid-lane swiftly and advance onto the enemy's turrets. Counterpick options to Urgot are those characters with high mobility and attack speed. It's wise to favour those who deal physical damage - the Butcher boasts baseline resistance against mages. Fizz, Ekko, and Zed manifested a heightened win rate ratio in clashes against Urgot in the mid lane.

On the Lane, Urgot often roles with a carry or duel fighting heroes on the lane. By pairing with healer mages, the Butcher can sustain the opponent carry’s attacks and divert the enemy's attention towards him. Urgot on the lane should be eliminated first and foremost. Ignore this; you might find the Butcher giving you a hard time with his “Fear Beyond Death”.

For a counter pick, go for agile heroes proficient in a ranged attack or quickly closing the gap for a melee confrontation. High win rate candidates include Riven, Kled, Camille, and Dr. Mundo. We highly recommend playing only in tested legitimate bookmakers, and we've collated a selection of the best bookmaker promo codes so you can commence your gameplay to win.

Who counters Urgot in LOL the best?

We can discern who counters Urgot the best by examining win rate statistics.

Champion Win to Loss Ratio, %
Rengar 68
Nasus 59
Poppy 57
Tryndamere 56
Riven 55
Kled 52



Dr. Mundo 52
Kennen 52

Rengar stands as a formidable contender against Urgot in 1v1 encounters.

The stats consider only 1v1 confrontations, in team fights, Urgot may exhibit enhanced effectiveness.

Who Urgot Counters: which champions are the easiest to halt with this character

Urgot is putting up quite a show in battles against mages. Easy prey for this butcher includes champs like Veigar, Yorick, Malzahar, Nunu, Seraphine, and Shen.

Yorick – a piece of cake for Urgot at all game stages

In the early minutes of the game, Urgot can counter almost any hero on the opposing team. The Butcher is often sent to vex the enemy's carry, blocking their ability development and level grinding.

What are the effective items to counter Urgot?

If a player knows how to counter Urgot and which artefacts to pick, they can take down their opponent faster.

When facing Urgot, it's crucial to use gear that increases your health level to avoid dropping down to 25% or less of your life force, avoiding an easy "Q execute". Items like "Warmog's Armor", "Dead Man's Plate", and "Randuin's Omen" are solid choices.

To stand up against Urgot in the endgames, your health pool should not be less than 5000 HP.


Often tethered to the lane that he initially defends, the Butcher can rapidly farm and topple enemy towers using his "Gatling Gun."

The opposing team's task is to ignore Urgot until mid-game and use counter picks to suppress him, thereby cutting him off from team support.

It is crucial to prevent the Butcher from breaking out into 5v5 group combat, as he can inflict considerable damage on all team members at once.


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