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Counterpicks for Trundle in League of Legends

Trundle, the Troll King – an exceptional troll with elevated basic armor stats, resistant to both puncturing and magical damage. Trundle plays the role of a tank – a champion with high health points who can withstand attacks from stronger adversaries and holds the line effectively against multiple heroes. His enhanced regenerative power makes this troll a formidable and challenging opponent.

To effectively counterplay against Trundle, one needs a strategic selection of counter picks – Champions who can take down the troll leveraging their magical talents.

Trundle Unit

Trundle can be referred to as a "thick-skinned tank". By mid-game, this warrior racks up over 15,000 hit points. He can further boost this HP pool with the help of artifacts. His enhanced resistance to penetrating damage allows this troll to solidly hold the mid and push the lines, attracting the carries and effectively farming monsters for more gold.

Trundle – a powerful warrior and king of the trolls

Playing against Trundle is challenging due to the troll's ability to regenerate his strength via magical effects. With the right artifacts, the troll can regenerate HP more rapidly than he loses hit-points during duels.

Trundle has five skills at his disposal:

  • "King's Tribute" – every enemy dying near the troll will regenerate extra HP for the warrior;
  • "Chomp" – the troll bites the enemy, reduces the opponent’s attack speed and inflicts a slowing spell;
  • "Frozen Domain" – Trundle rams the ground and temporarily increases his regeneration, attack, and movement speed;
  • "Pillar of Ice" allows him to slow down a selected enemy;
  • "Subjugate" – Trundle drains life points from a chosen enemy and reduces their magical defense.
The troll is limited to close-range combat. In face-offs, Trundle gets as close to his opponents as possible.

Activated troll effect «Frozen Domain»

The main weakness of the hero is his lesser mobility and attack speed. When choosing countering picks against Trundle, it's crucial to keep these factors in mind.

Counter picks for Trundle in League of Legends

Counter-picks against Trundle in the early phases of the game are pointless. The troll hardly ever enters the mid-lane unprepared, dedicating the first 15–20 minutes to farming — killing monsters to level up. Leshrac needs ability points to activate the "Enslave" talent; the troll is vulnerable without vampirism.

In the initial stages of the match, the ones that can stand against Trundle are archers, mages, enchanters, and demolitionists—heroes with enhanced attack range.

The average win rate (the ratio of victories to defeats) for the troll exceeds 64%.

In the Mid lane

The troll is a popular mid-laner, and it's essential to know who counters Trundle in the mid-lane and what strategy to use against Leshrac.

For mid-lane deployment, skilled players prepare high-mobility characters and develop key abilities on lower levels like Nunu, Lee Sin, and Rengar.

Nunu is one of the best counter picks against the jungle troll

Range attacks won't allow the character to approach a dangerous distance.

An advantage would be the heroes' stun abilities that can be obtained with artifacts.

In the Lane

On the line, professionals take aggressive heroes with impressive penetrating damage. Killing Trundle is tough, but the chances of Trundle fleeing from the line are high.

When playing against Trundle, opponents would disrupt the enemy's passive ability. Spring-loaded traps to reduce speed will grant an extra advantage in killing the tank and aiding in controlling Leshrac.

If Trundle teams up with a supportive ally, it becomes harder to overcome Trundle due to the enhanced healing effect.

Who counters Trundle in LoL the most effectively?

When facing off against Trundle, preference should be given to champions with a significant health pool: Darius, Sett or Illaoi. Mobile heroes – Vayne, Lucian and Vladimir have also shown admirable win-loss ratios in dueling matches.

Counter-pick slows down the troll and prevents the enemy from getting close.

The ability "Ignite" can deny Trundle from regenerating his strength during a fight.

Counter-Play against Trundle

Trundle is a balanced and multifaceted unit capable of countering virtually all heroes of League of Legends.

The warrior performs best in clashes against support characters and unicums.

What items effectively counter Trundle?

Often, gamers are uncertain about how to counter Trundle. The best gear against this Troll includes:

  • "Morellonomicon";
  • "Executioner's Calling";
  • "Thornmail".
Those with less mobile characters should consider footwear that can boost their character's speed.

Optimal teammates for the character

Prime teammates for Trundle are characters with health regeneration abilities: Taam Kench, Thresh, Alistar, Taric, Rakan, Pyke, Blitzcrank, Galio. Dual regeneration will make the Troll one of the best duelists in the game.


Trundle is a formidable tank in League of Legends. This champion has the ability to single-handedly hold a significant area of the map and autonomously conduct raiding operations into enemy territory. The chances of successfully dominating the lane noticeably increase if you select a counter-pick against the troll.

Seasoned players advise against engaging in solo confrontations with this character. If escape is a manageable option, it is better to retreat from a direct conflict and set up a counterstrike with the aid of your allies.


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