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Counterpicks for Sniper in Dota 2

The Sniper is a character in Dota 2 with the most formidable long-range combat ability. This hero can deliver damage from any distance and takes down adversaries who can't retaliate due to the range gap.

Sniper is mainly played in the mid-lane, considering his enhanced shooting range and high attack speed, the hero demonstrates the best performance in the central line.

Melee characters find it difficult to play against Sniper – the marksman will eliminate them before they can even get close.

For a successful game against this character, Dota 2 enthusiasts select counter picks against Sniper – heroes and artefacts that increase the chances of a victory.

Sniper in Dota2

Sniper is one of the playable characters in Dota 2, which is a famous multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Sniper is categorized as a carry and excels in dealing high amounts of damage from a long range. He has pretty low health, making him vulnerable at close range, but his skills allow him to keep enemies at a distance.

His primary attribute is Agility, which provides additional attack speed and armour. Sniper's abilities include "Shrapnel," which damages and slows enemies in a targeted area; "Headshot," which gives a chance to deal extra damage and momentarily slow an enemy with each attack; "Take Aim," which increases his attack range; and his ultimate ability, "Assassinate," which deals hefty damage to a single enemy at extreme ranges.

Sniper is often played in the mid lane, as his abilities allow him to control and farm the lane effectively. However, he is heavily dependent on his positioning, as his low health makes him an easy target if caught out. In professional eSports, communication and strategic planning around Sniper are critical. Snipers can substantially impact the late-game stages through successful farming and acquiring powerful items.

Kardel Sharp-eye was born deep in the Knollen mountains, where local inhabitants hunted mountain goats. Hunters took down these animals at the foot of the hills, collecting carcasses of the slain beasts. The sniper – the best shot among his people – never missed a mark.

In Dota2, this hero delivers precise lethal shots without revealing his whereabouts. Setting traps in the forests, keeping enemies at bay, and stunning superior foes are all part of the Sniper's repertoire.

Sniper – a ranged fighting hero

The marksman’s downsides: a diminished health pool and the necessity for farming and artifacts. In the early moments of a match, the Sniper finds himself vulnerable and unable to go toe-to-toe with opponents. The hero retreats into the forest to farm, leaving his team to compete outnumbered until he has collected the required pricey artifacts and gear.

The Sniper has five magical effects which can be enhanced:

  • “Shrapnel” – Launching a volley into the air, the Sniper makes it rain fiery debris onto the enemy.
  • “Headshot” – A passive ability, strengthening each consecutive shot, which allows him to slow down his foes.
  • “Take Aim” – Drastically increases the hero's attack range and raises the 'Headshot' triggering chance.
  • “Assassinate” – The Sniper fires from a great distance, dealing guaranteed damage and stunning his victim, with the stun effect increasing upon this ability's improvement.
  • “Concussive Grenade” – Against his foes, the hero uses a grenade which knocks back, stuns, and inflicts the "Cripple" spell debuff.

With the proper development, the Sniper can control the mid lane with a high attack speed and increased physical damage, thanks to the power of artifacts. His major focus lies on rapid fire and unseen attacks.

«Shrapnel» — an ability that enables the Sniper to deal area damage

The Sniper proves to be a competent duelist and doesn't require much support.

Kardel's effects don't consume much energy; he tops off his slots with health-restoring elixirs.

Countering Sniper Picks

Countering Sniper Picks in Dota 2Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another insightful discussion on the pulsating world of Dota 2. Today, we are delving into the tactical art of countering Sniper picks. Sniper, a hero with devastating long-range abilities, is a threat not to be underestimated.

When up against a Sniper pick, it's crucial to utilize the power of gap-closing heroes, adept at bypassing the defensive perimeter and causing severe headaches for Sniper. Heroes with great mobility, such as Anti-Mage with his Blink or Phantom Assassin with her Phantom Strike, can jump right to Sniper, nullifying his range advantage.

Spellcasters can also pose a severe threat to Sniper’s dominance on the battlefield. Pudge, with his terrifying hook, and Tusk, with his snowball, can drag Sniper from his safe perch into the chaos of a team fight. High-burst damage dealers, like Zeus or Lina, can bring the hurt right to his doorstep before they can whittle down your team's health.

Defensive armor items can be a true game-changer when up against armor-shredding Sniper. Crimson Guard, Shiva's Guard, or even the classic Blade Mail can turn the tide of battle, rendering Sniper's attacks futile.

Taking advantage of the map is another essential strategy not to be overlooked. Using smoke of deceit or clever ward placements can allow your team to initiate surprise attacks, catching Sniper off-guard.

Remember, folks, Dota 2 is a game of strategy, precision, and teamwork. Countering a Sniper pick requires a well-coordinated team effort, intelligent hero choices, and the right item builds. So, the next time you're staring down the crosshairs of a Sniper, stay sharp, stay focused, and above all, maintain a relentless assault. That'll be your ticket to victory!

Playing against the Sniper requires an understanding of the hero’s weaknesses - a low health pool and lack of solid melee abilities.

When picking counters to Sniper, experienced players favour heroes that can rapidly close the distance and deliver lethal blows in close combat.

The game against Sniper should ideally start from the first minutes. If you don't let the sniper farm, any team member can take him down throughout the game.

If you miss that window of opportunity and he's managed to gather artifacts, activate his abilities, and head to the mid, then Sniper counters should be picked depending on the position on the map.


The midlane is Sniper's preferred stomping ground. Here, the hero can farm and hold the line simultaneously, picking off enemies from a distance. The best midlane counters to Sniper are heroes who are resilient against ranged attacks and can interfere with Sniper's farming.

The top midlane counters to Sniper include:

  • Storm Spirit: Good base damage and the ability to instantly close the distance neutralizes the Sniper's ranged advantage.
  • Lina: She's resistant to ranged attacks and can dish out her damage from a distance.
  • Arc Warden: He can quickly close in on enemies and guarantee a stun on Sniper.
  • Pudge: His high health pool, elevated armour, and resistance to penetrating damage, along with the ability to pull Sniper into melee range with his hook, are very advantageous.

Against Sniper, professionals recommend not involving support heroes, instead focusing on taking down the enemy carry. Even if killing Sniper isn't possible, you can still control him and prevent Sniper from leaving the midline.

On the Lane

Sniper takes to the lane if he aims to play defensively. As a solo act, he lacks the ability to break through lines but can make it challenging for enemies to capture the defended lane.

Against Sniper, players utilize agile heroes with high skill:

  • Spectre: She can close distances with a single button press, instantly stun enemies, and drain their health.
  • Phantom Assassin: She possesses slowing abilities, has evasion against Sniper's attacks, and can quickly close the distance.
  • Spirit Breaker: He can block shots and use the "Silence" spell against foes.

Heroes such as Earth Spirit, Kunkka, Earthshaker, Pangolier, Anti-Mage, Night Stalker, Weaver, Morphling, Tinker, Slark, and Nature’s Prophet have consistently demonstrated strong win rates in one-on-one fights against Sniper.

The Sniper's Passive Ability: How to Take it Down

With a hands-on visceral approach to imparting knowledge, let's deep dive into this fascinating subject: understanding the Sniper's passive ability in esports and, more importantly, the strategies employed to neutralize it. Weaving through the high-stakes universe of professional esports requires skill, sound judgment, and consistency. So, let's break it down!

The Sniper, renowned for its impeccable accuracy and devastation from a distance, possesses a nerve-racking passive ability in many gaming scenarios. This skill, often called 'Take Aim' or 'Marksmanship', can elevate the Sniper's power levels to harrowing heights. Counteracting this ability is not for the faint-hearted; it necessitates excellent strategic execution.

First off, the trick lies in exploiting the Sniper's inherent weakness - close combat. In the fierce and fast-paced gaming arenas, venerable opponents close in on the Sniper, dodging the crosshairs and triggering confusion. Stay unpredictable in your movements, folks! Steer clear of linear paths and remember, verticality is your ally.

Furthermore, a well-timed ambush can also prove to be a game-changer. Utilizing the game environment to shield your approach, coordinate synchronously with your team to launch a multi-directional attack. The aim is to catch the Sniper off-guard and defuse the situation before the Sniper can retaliate.

Then, we have the excellent old decoy strategy, a play from the oldest trick book in the games. Deploy decoys to distract the Sniper, split their focus, and strike with brutal efficiency in that momentary lapse. It's all about outsmarting your opponent, ladies and gentlemen!

Understanding your opponent's strengths and weaknesses, devising an ironclad strategy, and impeccable execution are the lifeblood of professional esports. And remember, what really matters is how well you can adapt your strategy right in the thick of the battlefield chaos. All's fair in love and war, and professional esports certainly is war at its finest!

The passive abilities of the hero 'HEADSHOT' and 'TAKE AIM' are fundamental. It's immovable, ladies and gentlemen! Such abilities cannot be nullified or suppressed by artifacts or magic. It's a player's permanent ammo in the arsenal, undeterred by any in-game spell or equipment. Absolute game-changer.

Against Sniper

Outstanding win-rate performances against Sniper are showcased by three heroes in the pro eSports gaming lineup:

  • Spectre, who surges ahead with a robust 59% score;
  • Phantom Assassin, who strikes with an impressive 58% victory rate;
  • Storm Spirit, who brings up the rear as a force to be reckoned with, boasting a 58% win-rate.

In the cutthroat world of professional gaming, the rating system is with Sniper is an objective measure of prowess. Snipers hardly partake in group fights, making these win rates a true testament to each character's unique abilities. These numbers are more than just bragging rights for these heroes; they are statements of their dominance on the virtual battlefield.

Sniper's Counter Picks

Sniper occupies a prominent spot among the diverse roster, renowned for his far-reaching assaults and tactical positioning abilities. If you're angling to use Sniper's prowess to stop particular adversaries in their tracks, here are the heroes he counters most effectively.

Characterized by his exceptional range and precision, Sniper often counters heroes reliant on close combat. The inability of these heroes to bridge the distance against Sniper in time is a defining factor. Sniper's aim remains steadfast, piercing the oncoming threats before they can close in. So, heroes with limited mobility or reliance on melee attacks often face a huge disadvantage against Sniper.

In the fast-paced and intense sphere of esports gaming, understanding how each character interacts, and counters another is crucial for stealing the leg up on your competition. Sniper's exceptional range and precision undoubtedly provide the platform for any esports player to flip the odds in their favour. Use Sniper to counter the right heroes and execute those game-changing moves on the digital battlefield.

The Sniper proves highly effective against slow-moving characters with low physical damage, or mages lacking stun resistance. Stellar performances from the Sniper have been observed against foes like Necrophos, Sand King, Night Stalker, Venomancer, Lone Druid, Undying, Silence, Witch Doctor, Jakiro, and Grimstroke.


In professional eSports gaming, effective counteracting tactics against Sniper are crucial to achieve a team win. Here, we shed some light on useful items to combat Sniper.

1. "Blink Dagger": This item is a phenomenal choice against Sniper. By providing instant teleportation to a targeted location within 1200 units, it aids in quickly closing distances, allowing you to rush Sniper before he can retreat effectively.

2. "Blade Mail": Sniper is well known for his formidable long-ranged attacks. Using Blade Mail can throw him off balance, redirecting his high damage back onto him.

3. "Smoke of Deceit": The Sniper relies heavily on keeping a safe distance while remaining camouflaged from enemies. Smoke of Deceit, offering invisibility not revealed by True Sight, wards or enemy heroes until you're within attack range, is a clever way to outsmart his stealth tactics.

4. "Black King Bar" (BKB): Sniper's "Headshot" and "Assassinate" abilities can be a destructive force. With the immunity granted by BKB, you can diminish his skill effects and significantly reduce his damage output.

Remember that item selection is only part of the strategy, and practical application should be synced with team coordination and timings. Keep your game tight, and outmaneuver the Sniper!

Countering Sniper can be achieved by using items that debilitate the hero:

  • Blade Mail significantly reduces the penetrative damage from ranged attacks;
  • Scythe of Vyse stuns for 3 seconds, sufficient to close the gap;
  • Blink Dagger instantaneously cuts the distance to the enemy.
Support heroes favour multi-functional items, such as Eul’s Scepter of Divinity, Ghost Scepter or Ethereal Blade.


How to play against a hero Welcoming all the avid eSports patrons, we've got what you've been craving for — the definitive playbook on how to tackle a hero head-on in the Pro eSports gaming arena. Let's delve right in!

First off, a rule of thumb — know your enemy! Leave no stone unturned when analysing the hero you are up against. It's all about dissecting their strengths, weaknesses, and potential game-destroying moves. The crux here is preparation — are you the player who shapes the game or gets shaped by the game? It's akin to chess; calculate their moves, anticipate them, and plan yours accordingly. However, caution is advised; don't get too caught up in the strategies that you forget to be flexible because, remember, folks, eSports is all about dynamism. Nailing the execution is paramount!

Master your reflexes and reactions. Never hesitate to modify your strategies mid-game. Keep your gameplay fluid and adaptive. Dust yourself off this one crucial fact — a reactive player might survive, but a proactive player conquers.

Moreover, draw on teamwork. 'Lone Wolf' strategies seldom work in Pro eSports. A cohesive team can turn the tides of the game even when the chips are down. Coordinate, communicate, and conquer! Lastly, don't be that player frozen by the fear of losing. Pro eSports is a high stakes game where your nerves could either be your secret weapon or your downfall. Hold your head high, stay composed, and turn every setback into a comeback!

So, that's the playbook, folks. Remember, every hero you're pitted against is an opportunity for you to bring out your A-game. Make every move count, strategize, adapt, and conquer! Action is where the fun is, so get out there and give it your best shot. Game on!

The Sniper – a foe of moderate difficulty.

For conflicts, players opt for the Sniper as their enemy Counter Pick and gather artifacts to counteract the sharpshooter.


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