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Counterpicks for Poppy in League of Legends

Who is Poppy in League Of Legends?

The Keeper of the Hammer, Poppy is a champion tailored for both one-on-one showdowns and team play, versatile through chosen developmental paths.

Players level up Poppy in one of two directions:

  • "Offensive" - an increase in damage dealt with the assistance of the "Dead Man's Plate" item;
  • "Standard" - enhancing her health pool (HP) and triggering passive abilities that enable her to debilitate enemies, recover health and heal teammates.
With increased output in damage, the character loses up to 20% of her health pool.

Champion Poppy

Poppy's Abilities:

  • "Iron Ambassador" - a skill that allows her to fling her buckler to inflict heightened magic damage onto her adversary;
  • "Hammer Shock" - a wide-ranging strike that can deliver severe damage twofold to opponents within range;
  • "Steadfast Presence" - a champion skill that, when Poppy's health drops to the 40% mark, activates a doubled defense against penetrating damage;
  • "Heroic Charge" - the ability to inflict damage from a long range and temporarily stun the opponent;
  • "Keeper's Verdict" - with a mighty hammer strike, Poppy forces enemies to be knocked back a considerable distance.
After updates in December 2022, playing with Poppy became more challenging - the developers cut down the champion's capabilities to restore balance to the game. In 2024, Poppy is primarily the choice of seasoned players.

Counter picks to Poppy in League of Legends

A counter-pick is the most effective action against a game character.

Amateurs and professional players refer to the targeted destruction and counteracting of the selected champion as "countering the enemy".

You can counter Poppy at different stages: in mid, on the lane, and on top.

Experienced players point out an optimal strategy of fighting against a champion – creating maximum hindrances during the initial farm (creeping), destroying gold bases, and killing at lower levels.

Countering a hero becomes harder when Poppy gets the essential items and activates her abilities.

In Mid

Poppy rarely enters mid-lane – for the champion it's a vulnerable position at the early stages of development.

You can counter Poppy in the middle with any character having stronger damage than the hero. It is essential to damage the enemy and kill the monsters that Poppy is hunting.

Disturbances in farming will significantly slow down Poppy's development, making her harmless.

On the Lane

On the lane, Poppy does not inflict significant damage to opponents and is only dangerous in pairs with the Jungler and strong partner-damagers.

The player should maintain a distance with artificial impedance to counter Poppy on the lane. Otherwise, they may get stunned and lose.

The optimal strategy is to wait for a low health level in Poppy during farming and kill – so-called "rat play".

On Top

Poppy poses the maximum danger on top – she imposes her style of play due to her pulling ability, actively stuns, and regains health during stuns.

Experienced players recommend rookies not to wait for a powerful Poppy's top emergence and use aggressive runes that can drain the champion's HP.

It is essential to keep a distance from Poppy and avoid obstructions in the form of trees and walls to avoid being stunned.

Who counters Poppy in LOL the best?

The top counter-pick against Poppy is Soraka.

Soraka has a healing ability, which essentially neutralizes Poppy's life-draining potential. Infinity's passive abilities reflect back onto Poppy herself.

Using her Salve, Soraka can block the enemy's Stun ability. As soon as Poppy initiates her stunning maneuver, Soraka instantly deflects all the active champion's strikes.

Soraka – the best counter-pick against Poppy

Who Poppy counters: which heroes are easiest to halt with this character

Easy matchups for Poppy: Shen, Singed, Nasus, Ornn, and Kassadin.

Poppy has a knack for rapid leveling and mastering her abilities, thereby holding dominion over champions with low damage points. Opponents who fail to disrupt Poppy's farming stage often find themselves defenceless against this champion in the lanes.

What items are effective in countering Poppy?

While facing off against Poppy, LOL enthusiasts assemble artifact sets to boost passive abilities and health reserves, all in a bid to ramp up armor better than Poppy and to secure runes that drain HP from the opponent.

An essential tool in the arsenal is the Black Cleaver. This artifact offers the capability to diminish Poppy's armor level and deliver significant blows to the tank.

A strategic item to counter Poppy is the Divine Sunderer. This artifact inflicts a one-time damage based on the enemy's health level. Considering Poppy's high HP level, the champion takes substantial damage.

Often, players utilize the Blade of the Ruined King to inflict additional magic damage on Poppy.


Poppy is a League of Legends character who becomes a formidable threat to opponents if she has been able to skillfully level up her abilities in the early stages of the game.

To stand a chance against Poppy on the lane or effectively pin her back to her tower with decreased gold rewards for monster kills, fighters must strategically interrupt their adversary's farming and gold-earning practices.


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