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Counterpicks for Luna in Dota 2

Luna, known as Lucienta or Lusya in different circles, is indeed a controversial character in Dota 2. While the game's developers categorize her as a ranged character, truth be told, her attack range is significantly inferior compared to archers and battle mages.

Lucienta stands out with her impressive movement speed and powerhouse ultimate. However, her low health pool often leads to her downfall in group fights, compromising her survivability.

Tackling this character head-on is not a tough call - all it takes is a well-planned counter pick for Luna, leveraging units and items designed to take down such a foe. It's about knowing the opponent's weakness and exploiting it - that's the name of the game.

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Who is Luna in Dota 2?

Luna, the servant of the Order of the Sacred Moon and a faithful handmaiden of Selemene is a trailblazing force on the battlefield. Trusted at her side is the dedicated mount, Mirana the Panther, Luna's envoy for tight spots and vicious clashes.

Luna striding across the map mounted on Mirana the Black Panther

Luna comes into the game with minimal health and mana points, generally avoiding confrontations. The hero's inherent advantage from the get-go is her heightened defence against incoming damage. However, her resistance loses traction when faced with magical attacks.

Her substantial base damage allows Luna to farm just about anywhere on the map, while her mobility makes for quick retreats in the face of impending danger.

Key to Luna's strategy is itemization, prioritizing attack speed and health increment. For this, she farms for ample gold, enabling her to venture out onto the lanes after 10–15 minutes of intensive farming.

Luna's arsenal consists of magical abilities that evolve with her experience gains:

  • ‘Lucent Beam’ – Luna unleashes a devastating lunar beam upon her adversaries, inflicting elevated damage and inducing stun effects;
  • ‘Moon Glaive’ – Luna wields deadly glaives against her opponents, each successive attack striking multiple times. As the ability gets upgraded, Luna gains two additional blades and her attack speed increases;
  • ‘Lunar Blessing’ – temporarily boosts attack power for both Luna and her allies by a factor of two;
  • ‘Eclipse’ – Luna strikes an area with magical beams, the number of which increases as the ability upgrades.

A tactical blend of employing the ‘Lucent Beam’ to stun opponents during team fights, followed by the lethal ‘Eclipse,’ ensures low-health characters are whisked back to the rejuvenating waters of the fountain. Tanks or characters with resistance to magical attacks can anticipate losing over 50% of their health caches during fights with Luna.

Luna's mega strike can wipe out up to 100% of life points

Until the ‘Eclipse’ superpower is activated, Luna presents limited threats on the lanes. However, reaching the fourth level transforms Luna into a formidable adversary in team battles.

Key strengths of Luna are:

  • High mobility;
  • Low reliance on artefacts;
  • Accelerated farming;
  • Potent super-strike, Stun and Area of Effect (AoE) capabilities;
  • Impressive base damage and elevated defence points.

Weak points of Luna are:

  • Dependence on mana points;
  • Rapid depletion of energy;
  • Low health levels;
  • Lack of regenerative skills.

The range advantage is not a particularly stellar trait for Luna, as ranged characters can exploit magic from a safe distance against her.

When counter-picking Luna in Dota 2, it's crucial to focus on the hero's weaknesses, particularly her low pool of Health Points (HP).


Counter picks for Luna in Dota 2

Picking counterplays against Luna in Dota 2 is best done during the game's early stages. Luna possesses defence against piercing damage, and seasoned players prefer to attack this hero with magic. Battle mages can apply ranged effects against Luna and prevent the unit from getting close enough for the strike.

It is crucial to take Luna down first or to move them away from group combat. Luna can deal with a super-strike to multiple allies and eliminate vulnerable units in a skirmish.

An alternate method of playing against Luna is constantly interfering with their farming, denying the opportunity to activate the super-strike.

In the Midline

Luna seldom plays the midline, as this hero is not adept at defense. If Luna does take the midline, it's either a newbie at play or a player who doesn't perceive any threats from the opponents.

Players with magical damage, stun defence, or resistance to piercing attacks can press the midline against Luna.

The ones who could counter Luna in the midline include:

  • Huskar, who interrupts farming with powerful ranged attacks, possesses good armour and can take down Luna in 5-7 seconds if need be;
  • Monkey King slows Luna while attacking from a distance, making it impossible for the opponent to get close enough to strike;
  • Templar Assassin deals with piercing strikes, bypassing Luna's armour and thus negating Luna's advantage in the game's early stages.
Domination is key when playing against Luna; don't let Luna farm the monsters.

In the Lane

The playing strategy in the lane depends on the position taken by the opponent.

For the third position, professionals pick Arc Warden, Slardar, Doom, Night Stalker as counter picks. These heroes can control Luna, keeping the opponent at a distance and preventing Luna's involvement in group fights.

On the fourth position, it's critical to eliminate the enemy swiftly. Rubik, Mirana, Lina, Grimstroke, or Venomancer will handle Luna efficiently.

Luna's Passive Ability: How to Counter

Armed with Lunar's two passive effects: 'MOON GLAVIES' for activating additional blades and 'LUNAR BLESSING' for amplifying attack power, things are about to get wild!

Toiling against Lucents abilities? Your game-changer could be Viper’s acidic pool or those crafted artifacts.

Pro players in the circuit often recommend the use of 'Silver Edge'. It's a real deal-breaker, blocking Lucy's effects at crucial moments, and turning the tide of the game.

Who counters Luna in Dota 2 the best

Analyzing the counter statistics for Luna in Dota 2 reveals a fascinating narrative of strategic supremacy, where victory is not merely a stroke of luck but the result of meticulous analysis and execution. Observers with a keen eye for detail will quickly recognize that the heroes boasting the highest win rates against Luna are chosen based on their unparalleled performance in direct confrontations.

Leading the charge with an impressive 56% win rate is Arc Warden, a hero known for his elusive tactics and the ability to control the battlefield with his unique abilities. Sharing the spotlight is Batrider, another hero with a 56% win rate against Luna, whose unconventional approach and strategic prowess disrupt Luna's gameplay significantly.

Not far behind in this roster of Luna's nemeses is Shadow Demon, with a commendable 55% win rate. His tactical utility and disruption skills make him a formidable opponent against Luna. Doom follows closely, searing his way through the ranks with a 54% win rate. His ability to neutralize key targets makes him a feared adversary in any match.

Completing this list of top contenders are Lina and Mirana, each brandishing a win rate of 53%. Lina's explosive magic damage and Mirana's agility and precision strikes make them adept counters to Luna's lunar might.

These statistics provide a clear insight into the dynamics of hero matchups in Dota 2, emphasizing the importance of strategic hero selection. When facing Luna, remembering the prowess of these dominant heroes could be the key to securing victory. So, to all the strategists and enthusiasts of Dota 2, bear in mind these critical matchups. With the right choice, the next triumph on the battlefield could very well be yours.

Counter Strategy for Luna: Identifying the Easiest Heroes to Takedown with this Character

Thanks to a powerful combination of Lucents' mighty super strike, they're showing great results in bouts against heroes with low health points, particularly if the enemy lacks stun protection and piercing damage. Here's who Luna counters magnificently:
  • Riki;
  • Naga Siren;
  • Undying;
  • Visage;
  • Shadow Fiend.
Reviewing her performance, Luna has maintained an average win rate of 50.5% for the year 2023. The mechanics of Dota 2 are dynamically altered by its developers, thus continually influencing Luna's power balance and her hero stats. A word of warning about gaming responsibly: We strongly advise not to participate in illegal betting companies. It's in your best interest to register for free with a legitimate bookie, such as Fonbet.

What items effectively counter Luna?

Against Luna, competitors gather artefacts designed to provide defence and reflect incoming damage:

  • "Crimson Guard" is a barrier that mitigates up to 50% of physical damage.
  • "Butterfly" - boosting evasion probability by a robust 35%, but remember, folks, it's powerless against Luna's signature super-strike!
  • "Black King Bar" is the ultimate shield against stun, with 100% protection.

Our tank heroes opt for "Blade Mail," serving up a full counter of 100% reflect damage. Should Luna roll out her super-strike in the heat of battle, she just might find herself KOed by her own reflected assault.


Luna is a mid-tier character, dangerous to opponents due to her combination of stun and super strike abilities. Playing against Lucent is relatively easy if you smartly counterpick and prevent the adversary from farming in the initial minutes of the match.

Correctly chosen artifacts will additionally elevate your odds of triumph in duel battles.


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