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Counterpicks for Garen in League of Legends

Garen, the Might of Demacia or 'Demacia' for short, is a famous champion in League of Legends. Beginners often pick this champion due to its user-friendly mechanics.

Garen boasts a high pool of hit points and can withstand several opponents simultaneously. Garen's passive ability replenishes health points to himself and his allies.

Playing against this character isn't a challenge – the unit is sluggish and not very agile. For adequate counterplay, seasoned players carefully select Garen counterpicks – characters and artifacts that can inflict maximum damage on the champion.

Garen Unit

Garen is a close-range combat unit. The hero doesn't possess abilities for distant attacks. The lack of ranged combat capabilities is balanced by powerful strikes and the ability to speed up these assaults.

Garen's superpower deals substantial damage that is impossible to block or deflect.

Garen – the master of duel fights

The character boasts elevated essential strength and resilience parameters. Sometimes, Garen is erroneously termed a tank – a hero with a large health pool resistant to the adversaries' attacks, but Garen is a classic "melee" and "buster" - a unit with potent damage output.

Garen's Abilities include the following:

  • "Ultimate" - instantly finishing off an enemy who has less than 20% health left;
  • "Spin" - circular strikes that increase attack speed and deal damage to multiple foes at once;
  • "Silence" prevents opponents from using spells, effective only near the opponent;
  • "Conqueror" - a temporary boost to strength and attack speed.
The hero's damage is fixed and does not depend on the equipment or collected artefacts.

The character is indifferent to who lines up against him as an adversary. The only exceptions are Garen's counterpicks in League of Legends.

Garen's Passive Ability: How to Disrupt

Garen's passive skill is regeneration. The 'Silence' talent and, artefacts like Manamune or Zhonya's Hourglass, may knock it off.

If this effect is knocked off, the hero won't be able to re-activate the talent within 30 secs.

Who counters Garen in League of Legends most effectively?

Heroes are countered by characters with powerful damage, able to attack from a distance and interrupt abilities: Yone, Anivia, Ahri, Aphelios, Veigar, Vel'Koz, Jhin, Jinx, Karthus and Le Blanc.

Vel’Koz – a great character choice for playing against Garen

In the early stages of the game, when Garen's "Silence" is not levelled up and his regeneration is not activated, any sorcerer can defeat the hero as the "Demacian" cannot deflect magical damage.

Who Garen counters: which heroes are easiest to stop by this character

One should avoid pitting heroes against Garen whom he counters effectively. The Demacian shows strong results when dealing with Burst mages such as Lissandra, Lux, and Neeko, Vanguards like Nunu, Ornn, and Rammus, as well as Divers such as Skarner, Elise, and Camille.

Garen showcases a positive win rate in clashes against marksmen and support champions.

The lowest win rate against Garen is with Morgana - below 34%.

What items should you use effectively to counter Garen in the game?

To effectively combat Garen, League of Legends enthusiasts gather artefacts that mitigate the abilities of their opponent:

  • "Sterak's Gage" allows you to block the "Silence" ability;
  • "Thornmail" inflicts retaliatory damage in case of an attack;
  • "Dead Man's Plate" slows down the attacks of the enemy;
  • "Frozen Heart" impedes the enemy's attacks and gives the stunning ability.

Seasoned players suggest deploying a mage against Garen in mid and pressuring the lane with counter picks.

Pros advise focusing on gathering artefacts adverse to the enemy team's carry. The Demacian can be conquered without specific items.


In the game against Garen, for duel fights, it's preferable to utilize counter-picks to control the mid-lane - mages or archers. The Demacian quickly demolishes towers - it's advisable not to let the character near your structures.

It's better to counter the character before getting on the lanes.


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