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Counterpicking Techies in Dota 2

Techies, a divisive player in the Dota 2 Universe, is truly a compelling force to envision on the cyber battlefield.

This character hosts a unique structure: three heroes functioning as one. The dynamic trio of Squee, Spleen, and Spoon, also known as demolition experts, make use of mines, bombs, and shockers to keep their enemies at bay.

Due to the complex nature of their operations and their fluctuating effectiveness, they are seldom chosen in professional play. Not optimized for group battles, Techies' unpredictable style keeps them on the sideline in professional eSport matches.

However, these characters are still a formidable force in amateur matches where their surprise explosive tactics can wreak havoc on the opposition. With an experienced user, these three chipmunks become especially dangerous.

To counteract Techies, choosing highly durable, mine-resistant heroes who can speedily eliminate these rogue demolition experts has proven to be effective.

Techies in Deta2

Techies, the miners – these mobile heroes move about on a homemade cart and lay mines. Their aggressive playstyle doesn’t require extensive farming or item aggregation. They can infiltrate enemy territory, bypassing defenders. Techies deal penetrating damage with their regular attacks, but where they shine is their ability to explosive tanks using their mines.

Techies – Masters of Sabotage

Techies are a preferable choice for players who don't want the responsibility of dictating the flow of a game. Their presence often relegates your team to group fights at a numbers disadvantage, but they can prove invaluable with tactical, strategic gameplay.

The effectiveness of playing Techies hinges solely on your chosen strategy and player skill. Skilled players can use the Techies to shut down the enemy’s carry – the opponent's strongest hero.

Techies bring to the battlefield five magical abilities, each with upgrade potential:

  • STICKY BOMB – The Techies hurl bombs towards the enemies. If a bomb hits an opponent, it creates a stunning effect and substantial physical damage. Techies can use this self-destruct effect for game-changing plays;
  • REACTIVE TAZER – The heroes activate an electric field that inhibits enemy spells and removes positive magical effects. Upgraded versions can charge allies with electricity on demand;
  • BLAST OFF! – Techies charge into the heat of the battle and detonate a bomb that deals area damage. This manoeuvre injures the Techies as well but doesn't result in their downfall;
  • MINEFIELD SIGN – The heroes set up minefields, identifiable only by a small sign. Upgrades increase the potential area for mine placement;
  • PROXIMITY MINES – Techies deploy a mine that is only noticeable within the trigger zone. Enemies failing to retreat in time receive critical damage.

The Techies’ strategy is not simple. They often attack, strike, and then retreat into the forest. Chasing Techies, enemies hope for a quick duel, but instead, they find themselves on a minefield or triggered by proximity mines.

The Techies' minefields can cause significant issues when breaching their defences.

Playing against Techies is relatively simple if you ignore them. In close combat, most Dota 2 characters can easily overcome the Techies.

Techies often have a strategic role limited to mining approaches to towers - they deter enemies at their own structures until allies arrive.


Counter-picking Techies in Dota 2

Characters with a long attack radius have an advantage against miners - they can destroy mines without any damage to themselves.

An important rule to play against Techies - abandon the chase. There's no need to chase demolishers, pursue heroes, and especially not to follow Techies into the forest.

Often miners use the technique of suicide – when the heroes need to return to base, Techies attack any enemy and explode. The chipmunks head to the base, the foe sustains more than 300 health damage.

Choosing a player against chipmunks strategically at the start of the game isn't necessary – Techies can be countered by almost all Dota 2 heroes.

Natural counter picks to Techies - are heroes that fly and don't interact with laid mines.

On the Mid

Mid play against Techies is minimal. Techies have nothing to counter the classic mid-laners, the fight for the mid-lane is inevitably lost by chipmunks. If miners come to mid - it means, the user is inexperienced.

Demolisher quickly destroys at mid:

  • Anti-mage drains mana points and doesn't allow the use of mines; without magical effects, heroes die very quickly;
  • Templar Assassin is immune to mine damage due to the ability "REFRACTION";
  • Broodmother knows how to create ghost spiders, which breach mined fields;
  • Rubick steals deployed mines and can rearrange traps to direct attacks on opponents;
  • Arc Warden briefly activates invulnerability to penetrating damage, allowing to pass mine barriers without loss.

You can play against Techies with any long-range mage or archer with proper skill.

If a support hero accompanies the character, miners should be killed first; it's pointless to heal Techies.

On the Lane

When going to the lane against Techies, it is better to use characters that are immune to mine damage or with abilities that allow you to bypass mines:

  • Juggernaut;
  • Lifestealer;
  • Wraith King;
  • Sniper;
  • Zeus.
Sniper - one of the best counter picks to Techies, has a large attack radius and can deal damage to chipmunks without the risk of exploding on a mine.

Techies' Passive Ability

 When oppressing the Techies, their passive ability can pose quite a challenge. Aptly named 'Minefield Sign', it necessitates caution and a heads-up play to reckon with it. The Minefield Sign is a trump card that, when played well, can transform the battle terrain into a lethal minefield.

Moving across it, scouting it out, or launching an assault becomes a risky gamble. Counteracting this ability requires swift manoeuvring and a keen understanding of Dota 2. Deploy Sentry Wards to detect and destroy the mines, if available. Utilize high-ranged or summoned units to probe the possible mine-infested areas carefully and set off any lurking danger before moving.

Furthermore, always remember that Techies can reposition their sign, creating the potential for mind games and strategic deception. Don't get complacent by just successfully crossing a Minefield Sign without incident. To neutralize Techies' passive ability, stay alert, stay agile, and stay one step ahead.

The Techies are solely equipped with active magical effects.

Techies Win Rate

The scoop on the win-rate (ratio of victories to losses) against Techies. Our scoreboard shows the most formidable contenders:

  • Bristleback;
  • Templar Assassin;
  • Medusa;
  • Mars;
  • Juggernaut;
  • Lifestealer;
  • Keeper of the Light;
  • Gyrocopter;
  • Tidehunter;
  • Leshrac;
  • Timbersaw;
  • Bane.
It's important to realize that basing a counterpick for the miners on win-rates alone may not be entirely objective - these heroes tend to avoid head-to-head duels. Despite showing a minimal kill count per match, they can still pack a punch and deal a significant amount of damage to their adversaries.

Bane – a natural counterpick against miners

And here's the low on the Techies, with a below-average win rate of merely 43%. They are often outplayed in most skirmishes.

Who does Techies counter: which heroes can the character stop easily?

Now, let's work our way into a more fluent and professional gaming commentator's rendition.

If we dive into the hardcore esports realm of 'Dota 2', a game of strategy and skill, the question we're eviscerating today is, "Which heroes find themselves at the mercy of the cunning and explosive mastermind, Techies?"

There's undoubtedly no sugarcoating the fact that when it comes to a face-off against Techies, some heroes just can't seem to hold their own. The game is afoot, and we're ready to break down those feeble victims of the hazardous specialist - Techies.

Let's delve into this excruciating journey and brace ourselves as we unravel the unfortunate heroes who often fall prey to Techies' devious traps. Despite several drawbacks, Techies counter heroes regardless of the opponents' class and role. Units vulnerable to minefields with a small pool of health - characters die before they can catch these elusive bombers:

  • Meepo;
  • Slark;
  • Lone Druid;
  • Naga Siren;
  • Lycan.
With skilled management and a correctly chosen strategy, Techies counter the enemy team's carry, weaken their support, and shield their structures from enemy attacks.


When playing against Techies, you don't necessarily have to pick artefacts specifically to counter them: these pesky miners can be defeated "bare-handed". However, choosing the right gear can give you additional protection against mines scattered throughout the game field:

  • The Black King Bar is an ideal shield, blocking a vast amount of damage from mine explosions and allowing you to navigate through minefields safely;
  • Pipe of Insight provides an invaluable defence, blocking magic damage for your entire team;
  • Gem of True Sight gives you the strategic upper hand, enabling you to spot enemy mines and other hidden magical effects;
  • Sentry Ward is a cost-effective replacement for Gem of True Sight, designed particularly to spot mines.
However, if Techies have assembled an Aghanim, battling them becomes more challenging - spotting mines with artefacts or magic becomes an impossible task.


Techies, in Dota 2, are quite a contentious character. They're easy to counter, especially in close combat situations. To an unwary brawler, these miners pose no danger but they can set off traps that could prove to be a real nuisance when crossing lanes.

When squaring off against the Techies, your team almost always has the upper hand - it puts you in an advantageous position during crucial face-offs with opponents, bolstering your odds in any potential skirmish.


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