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Counterpicking Lux in the League of Legends

Lux is a high-damage, long-range spellcaster hero on the battleground. With her distinct perk of rapid ability refreshes, Lux delivers super strikes every 7 seconds, stunning and wiping out foes from a distance. Brilliantly used for controlling the mid-lane or providing support, Lux adds a game-changing spin to any session.

Being easy to master, Lux has increasingly become the hero of choice for new League of Legends players, offering an outstanding balance of power and efficiency to max out their gameplay performance.

Yet, countering Lux requires a strategic mindset and sharpened skills. To play effectively against her, picking counterpicks - both characters and artifacts, that can help weaken her strength is not simply an option; it's a necessity. The gameplan here is not about outmatching Lux at her strengths, but smartly exploiting her weaknesses.

Lux in LoL

Lux is a character in the highly competitive eSport game League of Legends. With her versatile mage skill set, she is an essential mid-lane hero in the Rift, able to deal impressive burst damage to opponents while also providing crucial crowd control capabilities for her team. Brimming with enormous magic power, Lux channels multiple energy beams to confound and decimate her enemies.

Her unique ability, 'Light Binding,' is a powerful tool that entraps opponents in a burst of light, giving her team the upper hand in clashes. Her other abilities, 'Prismatic Barrier' and 'Lucent Singularity' provide shielding and create a zone of slow respectively, contributing to her exceptional control over the battlefield. The icing on the cake is her ultimate ability, 'Final Spark'.

This long-range energy beam allows Lux to annihilate her enemies from a safe distance, forming the crescendo of her skill set, sure to get the crowd on their feet.

Lux is truly a beacon on the battlefield, illuminating her path to victory with her radiant abilities. Whether it's controlling the game's tempo or decimating targets with her high-octane magic damage, Lux continue to impress audiences and competitors alike in the pro eSports arena of League of Legends.

Lux, or Luxanna Crownguard, is a young lady from the Kingdom of Demacia who developed an affinity for magical knowledge from an early age. Born as a spellcaster, she possesses the magic of Light, but she fears her father and conceals her abilities. As Luxanna grew up, she revealed her abilities to the world and became the defender of the Kingdom against the forces of darkness.

Lux - one of the strongest characters in League of Legends game

In the game, Lux is dangerous due to her increased magical damage but is susceptible to penetrating physical damage. The downside of having a low health pool is compensated by her high mobility, allowing her to avoid combat against stronger fighters when necessary.

Lux wields five magical effects:

  • "Illumination" - The champion uses Fire magic against opponents and ignites enemies, temporarily boosting her attacks;
  • "Light Binding" - Lux binds 1 or 2 enemies for 5 seconds and prevents opponents from casting spells;
  • "Prismatic Barrier" - Temporarily grants allied units 100% resistance to penetrating damage;
  • "Lucent Singularity" - Lux creates and detonates a light anomaly at a designated area, slows down enemies, and deals damage to the enemies in the affected area;
  • "Final Spark" - The champion uses a beam of Light against multiple enemies and deals critical damage.

Final Spark - Lux's powerful super strike

The "Final Spark" effect uses up to 90% of Lux's energy reserve; the spellcaster is sensitive to mana points. In final clashes, Lux pairs with a support character who has the ability to restore mana points.

Lux uses artifacts to restore mana. One of her advantages is the modest equipment cost requirement, which means farming with Lux doesn't take much time. Within 10–15 minutes of the game, the champion confidently approaches the mid-game.

Countering Lux in the League of Legends

Playing against Lux can be challenging. Her ability "Final Spark" causes numerous disturbances, as the sorceress can strike unpredictably and use fog of war to her advantage. Lux's passive ability significantly enhances auto attacks, and when combined with stunning, it creates a dangerous mix.

At level six, the character takes down enemies with a single blow from her Light beam.

Even a correctly selected counter pick for Lux isn't a guaranteed successful game against this hero. It's crucial to use strategy - setting out guard posts in the bushes, downing of magic effects' cooldown, and causing damage.

In the mid-lane

In the mid-lane, a counter pick for Lux would be an assassin hero with increased attack speed and baseline damage, equipped with stun magic. It's vital to strike Lux first and prevent the opponent from activating their magical shield.

Fizz, Yasuo, Yone, Talon, and Katarina have shown good results against Lux in mid-lane.

The strongest mid-lane counter pick for Lux is Zed. His close-combat magic ensures successful assault on the sorceress, leaving the enemy unable to flee from the battle.

In the lane

Lux is a common sight in lanes. The hero is frequently used in group fights to push the enemy's lines. The ability "Prismatic Barrier" strengthens allied units against enemy carry, and the special attack can take out any of the enemy’s support heroes.

In the lane, it's essential to kill Lux immediately, otherwise, the sorceress will make her team invincible.

Assassins or heroes with great damage, like Irelia, Ziggs, Neeko, Tristana, and Heimerdinger, are optimal choices for the takedown.

To take down a hero's passive ability

Lux's passive ability allows an enhanced follow-up strike, meting out additional magic damage through the Illumination effect. There's no blocking this sorceress's passive might.

Countering Lux

In the exhilarating world of League of Legends, countering Lux demands a keen understanding of character matchups. Expert analysis and gameplay suggest that, Kassadin emerges as a powerful counter to Lux.

This high-mobility assassin Champion, with his ability to negate magic damage and rapidly close distances, exploits the vulnerabilities of the light mage. Definitively, the smart strategy, not simple brute strength, is the key to conquering the battlefield!

The heroes who counter Lux at peak efficiency can be evaluated based on their in-duel-win rate:

Rank Hero Win Rate, %
1 Yasuo 58
2 Irelia 56
3 Tristana 56
4 Akshan 54
5 Ziggs 53
6 Twisted Fate 53
7 Naafiri 53
8 Zerat 53
9 Heimerdinger 52
10 Fizz 52

Representing characters that lead to a strategic advantage during one-on-one engagements, these heroes are the key pillars in countering Lux. When the bell rings and the dust settles, these champions hold their ground most firmly against Lux. This is an exclusive view into the strategic mastery behind the balanced prowess in the arena.

Lux: Countering Champions Simplified

When it comes to eSport gaming, particularly in the realm of strategic multiplayer online battle arena games like League of Legends, knowing your characters’ strengths and weaknesses is key to your team's success. Today we're focusing on Lux, the Lady of Luminosity, an exceptional control mage known for her extensive range, potent support abilities, and impressive crowd control that can turn the tide of any skirmish.

One of Lux's defining qualities is her remarkable ability to shut down a selection of champions with ease. Her unique blend of crowd control spells and high range abilities make her a particularly fierce adversary for those that lack mobility or the capacity to evade her ferocious light attacks.

For the bruiser types who are heavily dependant on getting in close and personal, Lux's Prismatic Barrier and her long-ranged, crippling Light Binding ability are serious threats. She can lock you in place from a safe distance while her team follows up, crippling champions like Darius or Garen who rely on close-range combat.

She also happens to be a significant thorn in the side of assassins. Champions, like Katarina or Zed, who rely on rapidly closing gaps can find themselves frozen in their tracks by Lux's Lucent Singularity, preventing them from getting close enough to deliver their devastating assault.

However, while Lux’s toolkit allows her to counter these heroes, synergy with her teammates and precise execution of abilities is crucial for maximizing her potential. Remember, knowledge is power, so keep honing your skills, studying your opponents, and always bring your A-game to the Rift.

Lux annihilates heroes with low health reserves and performs admirably against less mobile characters. The sorceress shines brightest in matchups against Qiyana, Corki, Zed, Neeko, and LeBlanc, showcasing her highest win rates. Tackling tanks as Lux is more challenging, but a savvy player can leverage control and play the long game.

Lux baits the enemy's carry into a one-on-one duel, only to make a swift retreat when the time is right. It's a masterclass in strategic gaming. The heat of the conflict is where Lux's true power shines, her magical prowess manoeuvring through the fray to strike when least expected.

The battleground is not just a scene of chaos, but a stage upon which Lux dances to the rhythm of combat, her starlight illuminating the path to victory.

Magic Items

To effectively counter Lux in pro esports gaming, consider these items:

1. Magic Resistance Items: Lux is predominantly a magic damage dealer. Items like "Banshee's Veil" or "Maw of Malmortius" are excellent choices. They not only provide magic resistance but also give you a spell shield or added magic shield to withstand Lux's powerful combos.

2. Mobility Items: Lux relies heavily on skill shots for damage and crowd control. High mobility items, like "Boots of Swiftness" or "Youmuu's Ghostblade", can aid you in dodging her abilities.

3. Health Items: Lux has high burst potential. Building health items such as "Warmog's Armor" or "Sterak's Gage" can help you survive her initial burst.

Remember, item builds play a crucial role in your success in the game but should be paired with tactical gameplay. Dodging Lux's skills is an equally important part of countering her. Don't allow her to dictate the game's pace; you'll have the upper hand. Now, let's get back to that high-octane pro esports gameplay, where every decision could be the turning point on the road to victory!

When facing off against Lux, acquiring the necessary items is crucial. In the game's early stages, the "Spirit Visage" will mitigate the incoming magical damage.

Assassins typically favor the "Zhonya's Hourglass" or the "Edge of Night". These items will weaken the sorceress's ultimate ability.

Against Lux, it's advisable to fill your slots not with healing potions but with poisons. Eliminating Lux with poison is faster and easier than withstanding her magic assault.


Lux is a formidable adversary in any match-up. When controlled by a skilled player, the gameplay becomes challenging.

To take on the sorceress successfully, both pro-Esports gamers and LoL enthusiasts employ strategies, maintain effective communication with allied troops, and correctly choose counter-picks against Lux.


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