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Counter-picks to Storm Spirit in Dota 2

Storm Spirit – a robust, swift character in Dota 2, features a significant range of abilities, able to strike from a long distance and skilfully evade manual duals when necessary.

Storm Spirit sees play in matches of all calibers - from amateur arenas to the professional leagues.

The contradiction of the Storm lies in specializing in the mid - the hero doesn't draw results on the line.

Countering the character isn't particularly tricky, it's sufficient to select a counter-pick to Storm - heroes and artifacts that will render the mage's abilities harmless.

Storm Spirit in Dota 2

Raijin Thunderkeg, also known as Storm Spirit, hails from the Screaming Mountains as the Air Elemental mage.

Speed is his magic forte, with the ability to traverse the entirety of the map in mere seconds. With long-range attacks and agility on his side, Raijin can unleash surprise assaults, and devastating foes with potent magic damage before making an abrupt exit.

His Achilles' heel lies in the heavy mana consumption of his abilities, rendering him no threat to the adversary without the magical energy supply.

Storm Spirit — one of the fastest heroes on the Dota 2 battleground

The hero subsists on runes available across the map, boosting his pool of magical energy. The early stage of the match witnesses Storm Spirit sparing his abilities only for in-battle monsters — garnering experience points, accruing gold, hoarding artefacts, and procuring runes.

The Storm Spirit harnesses four skills that he can enhance further:

  • "Static Remnant" leaves behind an immobile, inconspicuous trap that detonates as an adversary approaches, dealing substantial magic damage;
  • "Electric Vortex" creates a whirlpool that draws a chosen foe into the heart of combat, with an upgraded effect ensnaring multiple foes simultaneously;
  • "Overload" is a composite skill that bolsters the subsequent attack, slows down adversaries, and concurrently afflicts area damage. On enhancement, the Storm Spirit can launch three powered attacks consecutively;
  • "Ball Lightning" transforms the hero into a lightning sphere, significantly amplifying his speed. In this form, he is invulnerable but inflicts minimal damage.

A combo of a silent invasion, long-range attacks, using 'Electric Vortex' for crowd control, and 'Overload' for hefty magic damage makes Storm Spirit a formidable challenger.

He poses a particular threat to heroes that lack agility and speed.

The wizard is vulnerable in the early stages, weak without his gear and artefacts. But not just the Storm Spirit's counters could stand against the elemental mage. Any mobile character can potentially eliminate Raijin. The key is to prevent him from farming, so the Storm can't amass power throughout the match.

The wizard 'roots' adversaries, incapacitating them from retreating from the battlefield

The mage gains momentum from level 6 onward, when 'Ball Lightning' activates, drastically enhancing mobility.


Countering Storm Spirit in Dota 2

Storm Spirit is a situational character, most likely encountered in the Jungle or Mid Lane. His lane appearances are infrequent, usually indicating less experienced players at the helm. Watch out for him on the Mid as he's deadly there, capable of catching opponents off guard and delivering stunning assaults. If sensing danger, this hero can flee instantly.

In Mid Lane

Choosing the right counter pick to Storm Spirit's Mid presence is key to playing effectively against this Mage.

The Mid Lane is where Storm Spirit truly thrives: he attacks from the Jungle, delivering swift strikes and obstructing rivals' attempts to control Mid and push the lines. Play against Storm with his main weaknesses in mind – a quick Mana burnout and reliance on Runes and Potions.

As for who counters Storm Spirit's Mid:

  • Huskar who can absorb magical damage, rendering the Mage's attacks ineffective. His stun ability leaves enemies with no opportunity for escape.
  • Skywrath Mage can inflict a 'Silence' spell, preventing Storm from casting any of his, making this hero easy prey.
  • Invoker drains energy reserves with his strikes and has an inherent defence against magical damage.
  • Anti-Mage excels in ambush tactics and rapidly drains enemy Mana.
  • Ember Spirit's passive abilities absorb magical damage.

Based on the win rate (ratio of victories to defeats), Skywrath Mage is one of the most promising adversaries against Storm Spirit, boasting a win rate of over 65%.

Any character with the 'Silence' ability poses a threat to Storm Spirit, depriving him of casting any spells.

In the Lane

Lane gameplay against the Mage feels more manageable – scouting an exact counter-pick to Storm Spirit is not obligatory. Going into the lane, the Mage faces an array of opponents; hence, he rarely ventures out of the Mid. Storm generally retreats to his base.

Various heroes can easily overcome 1vs1:

  • Puck, Silencer, Night Stalker, Earth Spirit, Death Prophet, and Techies restrict casting by Storm.
  • Meepo, Ember Spirit, Treant Protector, and Underlord stun or root the opponent and affect his mobility.
  • Anti-Mage, Mirana, Weaver, Necronomicon Warrior, Nyx Assassin burn Mana when striking.
  • Tidehunter, Sven, Timbersaw, and Brewmaster are heroes with high HP and magical resistance.
Should your character falter in duels against Storm Spirit, seek assistance from a comrade. Any support characters can tip the scales in the Mage's fall.

It becomes significantly more challenging to counter Storm Spirit when he's got support. The most menacing combinations come with pairing the Wizard with Lifestealer, Keeper of the Light, and Outworld Destroyer - allies that restore Mana, stun under Spirit's blows, and accelerate the movement.

It's inadvisable to stand alone against a Storm Spirit's combination with supporters. The optimal strategy is to back up with a tank that can resist multiple strikes from the Mage, naturally draining his Mana.

Storm's Passive Ability: How to Deflect

Storm Spirit's passive ability cannot be negated, but the "Lightning" does not pose a problem in one-on-one battles.

Who counters Storm Spirit in Dota 2 the best?

The prime counter pick for Storm Spirit in Dota 2 is Skywrath Mage.

Effortlessly, any characters with stunning abilities, mana-draining spells, magic "silences", or resiliencies to magic damage can outmaneuver the mage.

According to Dota 2 stats, more than 35 characters have displayed positive win rates in a one-on-one clash with the Storm.

Who Storm counters: which heroes are the easiest to halt with this character

Storm Spirit finds easy targets in less-mobile heroes with little to no magic resistance, such as Jakiro, Magnus, Faceless Void, Queen of Pain, Snapfire, and Tinker. Storm Spirit consistently performs well mid against heroes with significant piercing damage, including Lina, Pudge, and Ursa.

Lich — easy prey for Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit truly excels when facing off against Lich and Viper – sluggish heroes whose magic immunity is somewhat impaired.

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Which items are effective in countering Storm Spirit?

Seasoned players are taking on Storm Spirit with counter picks or character loading with artifacts:

  • Orchid Malevolence – akin to "Silence", it strips all effects for 5 seconds;
  • Scythe of Vyse – prohibits the use of magic for a duration of 6 seconds;
  • Rod of Atos – stops dodging the head-to-head.

In addition, you can assemble from the magic shop, the Black King Bar, which increases resistance to magic damage and is useful in clashes against mages.


Storm Spirit is a strong and swift hero, yet with a specific set of specialties and vulnerabilities. To successfully counter Storm, one should exploit these weaknesses – deprive him of mana, apply stuns and binds, slow him down, and impose 'Silence.' Without mana or the ability to cast spells, this mage won't be able to escape and will meet his end.


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