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Counter-picks to Illaoi in League of Legends

Illaoi, the Priestess, is a close-range champion in League of Legends (LoL) that brings a unique gameplay and magical abilities to the table. Unlike many warriors, Illaoi doesn't rely on standard auto-attacks - she dishes out her central damage through her magic, spawning tentacles on various parts of the map that attack nearby enemies.

This champion boasts potent raw damage and a hefty health pool but lacks mobility. Mastering Illaoi is no easy feat - it takes knowledge on proper tentacle placement and the ability to choose advantageous positions on the map.

The priestess is a choice for seasoned League of Legends players - facing her in battle is a daunting task.

Counters are crucial - these are champions and items that can weaken Illaoi and potentially block the effectiveness of her abilities. Choosing the right counter for Illaoi can tilt the odds of victory in your favour during a duel with this character.

The grand arena of League of Legends

  1. The ability "Harbinger of the Ancient God" allows her to summon tentacles on nearby walls that attack enemies. If a foe is vanquished, she regains health.
  2. "Tentacle Smash" calls a tentacle strike in a designated area that can deal damage to any foes within the effect radius. More magic casts progressively increase all tentacle damage output.
  3. "Harsh lesson" sees Illaoi dishing out a powerful enemy hit and instructing nearby tentacles to strike them.
  4. "Test of Spirit" has Illaoi ripping the soul out of an enemy character for her and her tentacles’ concentrated attacks. If the soul is destroyed, it results in additional damage to the enemy.
  5. "Leap of Faith" is a potent area hit and she summons an extra tentacle for each enemy defeated.

These tentacles aid in farming—slaying monsters to accumulate gold and level up quicker. Plus, Illaoi swiftly unlocks the necessary artifacts and enhancements.

Illaoi can conjure multiple tentacles mid-battle.

<Illaoi's noted advantages are:

  1. Early-game resilience against opponents.
  2. Rapid farm rate that facilitates swift level progression and gold acquisition.
  3. Her skill of inflicting area-of-effect damage and tackling multiple enemies simultaneously.
  4. High physical and magical damage output.

<Illaoi's known weaknesses:

  1. Low mobility and attack speed.
  2. Prolonged magic effect activation time.
  3. Lack of crowd control skills.

When choosing to counter-pick Illaoi in League of Legends, efforts should focus on exploiting the heroes' weaker points.

Counterpicks for Illaoi in League of Legends

When playing against Illaoi, it's crucial to choose counter-picks from the pool of swift, high-attack characters. Piercing damage will help to nullify the activation of 'Test of Spirit', while movement speed allows for evading or escaping her tentacles.

In a battle against the priestess, securing the optimal map position is crucial, with no towers, structures or cliffs. Illaoi will not be able to secure her tentacles, making it easier to defeat her. The priestess goads her adversaries and lures them to a suitable location—mobile characters will not allow the unit to escape easily.

One should not allow Illaoi near the towers; her powerful tentacles can destruct buildings quickly.

Mid Lane

The mid lane is an exposed zone where tentacles can't be placed to hide behind structures. If Illaoi is spotted in the mid lane, she's likely controlled by an inexperienced player. Contending against the priestess in the mid area is a no-brainer to use any ganker with burst attack and stun effects.

Top Lane

For playing against Illaoi on the top lane, it’s best to utilize swift characters with extended combat range.

The following characters counter Illaoi in League of Legends on the lane:

  • Kayle;
  • Zac;
  • Teemo;
  • Vayne;
  • Quinn;
  • Gwen;
  • Mordekaiser;
  • Yorick;
  • Trundle;
  • Poppy.

Teemo and Quinn exhibit the highest win rates. These characters employ secure range effects against the priestess.

Quinn - one of Illaoi's counter-picks

Characters with weak damage should not be picked to play against Illaoi - the unit regenerates health faster than it loses.

Illaoi's Passive Ability: How to Disrupt

The Hero's passive ability - the capacity to regain health points through the damage inflicted on enemies by tentacles. This effect can't be negated, but it can be diminished through artifacts.

When playing against Illaoi, the active effect - 'Test of Spirit' can be dislodged if damage is dealt to the hero during the activation of the magic.

Who counters Illaoi most efficiently in League of Legends?

The ultimate counter pick against Illaoi is undisputably Teemo. With his swift minion-shredding abilities, ranged attacks, and superior mobility, Teemo can easily outmanoeuvre Illaoi, wresting control of the game from her by dictating the terms of engagement and resisting being lured into tentacle-infested zones.

Teemo – the top counterpick to Illaoi based on win rate metrics
This stray Scout is armed not only with his killer dart-gun, but also a set of toxic traps that can prove pivotal in the heat of the showdown. Teemo's traps, a game-changer when placed strategically, keep tabs on Illaoi's movements. Backed up by crowd-control artefacts, Teemo's auto-attacks can pound heavy damage, sending the Priestess of the Kraken back to the fountain in no time. Please be advised, we strongly discourage the use of illegal betting services. 

Who Illaoi counters: which characters are the easiest to shut down with this hero.

The Priestess easily battles against lethargic characters and units with feeble damage. Immobile heroes are doomed to perish - characters won't be able to flee from the tentacles. Champions with weak damage won't be able to take down Illaoi, as the Prophetess regenerates health with every tentacle strike.

Who Illaoi counters:

  • Renekton;
  • Akali;
  • Tahm Kench;
  • Pantheon;
  • Dr. Mundo;
  • Sion;
  • Irelia;
  • Jax;
  • Gnar.

A word of caution to those on the battleground from our esports arena: Support characters and junglers might grapple with the challenge of going against the Priestess. With Illaoi's position, usually firmly entrenched in the top lane, it's ideal to steer clear of head-on collisions.

What are the effective items to counter Illaoi with?

Up against Illaoi, the prime objective is to amass artifacts that mitigate the health restoration effects harnessed by the priestess:

  • "Executioner's Calling";
  • "Deathbringer";
  • "Morellonomicon".

It's no mean feat to build all three items single-handedly. Team coordination is key - players must deliberate with their teammates on artifact purchases for strategic success.


Illaoi — a potent yet area-bound adversary — this priestess isn't one for unexpected mid-lane ambushes. When preparing to face Illaoi, it's crucial to counter-pick effectively and acquire the necessary game items. It is substantially more strategic to engage Illaoi with an ally, solidifying the odds of neutralizing this harbinger and swiftly dominating top-lane. Reclaiming her dominated lane proves to be a more formidable task than maintaining it.


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