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Counter Picks for Ursa in Dota 2

Ursa is a popular hero in the game Dota 2. This character captivates players with its high damage, increased armor stats, potent effects, and intimidating exterior.

Ursa is a versatile hero, adaptable for mid-lane or off-lane gameplay, functioning as either a tank or a tank-slayer.

Ursa's speciality is eliminating heroes with a high health pool. The character is formidable early in the game and can prove quite a nuisance to adversaries.

A counter pick - an optimal choice of a hero, effects, or artefacts for an effective resistance against Ursa can be created by those characters with upgraded effects and the ability to block enemy abilities.

Who is Ursu in Dota 2?

Ursa, a powerhouse of the bear tribe, thrives in close combat. The bear warrior is esteemed for his ability to intensify his attack strength with each succeeding hit.

Due to his accumulating power, Ursa is referred to as the tank-killer - the hero often gets deployed to wipe the mid against adversaries with substantial health reserves. Ursa enjoys increased defence against piercing damage; this character can execute the role of a tank.

Ursa – one of the most powerful heroes in Dota 2 game

Ursa is easy to manage, and often selected by beginners. At professional tournaments, individual matches occur without the presence of the bear.

Ursa's armament encompasses six abilities:

  • "Earthshock" rapidly closes the gap with the enemy and stuns it for 4 seconds;
  • "Overpower" significantly elevates attack speed for a brief period and offers resistance against slowdowns;
  • "Fury Swipes" is a passive ability strengthens each subsequent attack;
  • "Enrage" assists in negating adverse effects and grants immunity to opponents' attacks for 5 seconds;
  • "Earthshock II" is an upgraded ability, whereby the player makes a sharp lunge and simultaneously applies the "Enrage" effect;
  • "Enrage II" is an enhanced effect that removes stunning.
Ursa typically operates in concert with a support ally. Combinations involving heroes with healing abilities pose a threat to adversaries.

Ursa is frequently used in tandem with Pudge. Well-leveled characters can control a vast map region and efficiently counterbalance each other's weaknesses.

Enrage makes Ursa immune to opponents' attacks

Ursa often displays an aggressive stance – the hero is compelled to attack to bolster Fury Swipes constantly. Ursa will cease his strike series if he's unable to attack anyone within 8 seconds.

For counter-picking Ursa in Dota 2, preference should be given to artefacts that elevate physical armour. The bear inflicts only piercing damage and doesn't possess significant magical effects.

Experienced players usually send the character into the forest to gain experience on creeps and abruptly unleash Ursa against the opponent already with the activated passive ability "Fury Swipes".


Counter picks for Ursa in Dota 2

Ursa delivers heavy damage, enabling the hero to actively farm in the early stages of the game. Ursa can take on Roshan solo and clear the jungle in a swift fashion. The need to counter-pick Ursa in the initial minutes of the game isn't a necessity - the hero feels no need for artifacts, farming primarily for leveling up.

The strategy should be put into play against Ursa when the hero has entered mid.

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In mid

Countering Ursa in mid requires a vigilant hero who can monitor the bear's movements and call for backup if needed.

Engaging Ursa in a 1v1 fight is not advised – the hero exhibits excellent performance and high win-rate metrics (kill-death ratio) in duels.

Razor – a good choice for countering Ursa in mid

A great strategy would be to place a heavy damage-dealer to guard the mid.


  • When the bear is killing creeps – attack;
  • When Ursa attacks – provide backup to allies.
Razor or Bristleback would form an optimal counter-pick for Ursa in the mid of Dota 2.

In the lane

It is crucial to be cautious in the lane against Ursa. The hero often follows a "one battle-one position" strategy. He baits opponents into duels, wins quickly, and then takes position.

Since countering Ursa is easier with a heavy damage-dealer, savvy users often pit Pudge, Bane, or Axe against the bear, while offering their heroes penetration damage protection.

Bane is arguably the best character to counter Ursa. The hero can stun the bear and neutralize the bear's ability to throw off stun effects.

Ursa's Passive Ability: How to Counter-Strike

The strength of Ursa is powered by the "Fury Swipes" effect. It is possible to counter this ability through magic, available to magic heroes. If the bear has developed magic resistance, the block might not be effective.

An Aghanim’s Scepter artifact, which can be collected in the magic shop, will help to disrupt Ursa's ability.

Who counters Ursa in Dota 2 the most effectively?

Selecting the best counter pick for Ursa in Dota 2 can be achieved by examining win rates. Heroes that have shown high results in duels against the Bear include:

1. Naga Siren (56%) blocks Ursa's mobility with "Ensnare" and deals a critical blow, penetrating armour;
2. Brewmaster (55%) mitigates Ursa's effects with his abilities and has regeneration;
3. Phantom Lancer (55%) creates illusions against Ursa and does not engage in combat himself;
4. Beastmaster (54%) deals significant damage by summoning an army; summoned soldiers to fight against Ursa even under stun effects;
5. Troll Warlord (54%) comes with improved armour, capable of withstanding the Bear's powerful attacks. Axe, illusionist-mages, IO, Magnus, Storm Spirit, and Ember Spirit also performed well.

When strategising a counter-pick for Ursa, focus should be placed on the hero's mobility and resistance to physical damage.

Countering Ursa: Which characters can be stopped more easily by this character

With a power-packed attack, the Bear effortlessly counters tanks. Here's a rundown of Ursu's easy prey:

  • Anderlord;
  • Juggernaut;
  • Legion K;
  • Timbersoy;
  • Pudge.
On the flip side, negative win rates in head-to-head battles against the tank are shown by Ogre, Slardare, Lon Droid, Dazzle, Necrofos, and Spectra.

What items are effectively used to counter Ursa?

For a successful counter pick of Ursa, it's crucial to select the right artifacts and gear. The following items are preferable for a compelling duel against this tank:

  • The Scythe of Vyse, which locks down Ursa’s attacks for a brief moment;
  • Heaven’s Halberd temporarily boosts stats, including protection from pervasive damage;
  • An Aeon Disk increases immunity when health points are diminishing;
  • The Ghost Scepter blocks a portion of pervasive damage;
  • Shivas Guard enhances resistance level to physical damage;
  • A Solar Crest reduces Ursa's armour stats.
Bearing fully-equipped artifacts designed to significantly augment armour, virtually any hero can stand against Ursa.

The Takeaway

Ursa - a formidable contender with impressive damage and high mobility. Thanks to his passive ability, this bear easily goes through mid tanks and takes on Roshan skirmishes.

During the game, it's critical to keep an eye on Ursa to understand the level of hero effects and collect artifacts for increased physical damage resistance.

Blocking Ursa is not a tough task, especially if you play against the hero paired with a supporting character.


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