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Counter-picks for Meepo in Dota 2

Meepo is a famous hero in Dota 2, favored by both novices and seasoned players. Meepo is a diverse character. This goblin demonstrates strong performance in close combat, at a distance, and carrying out the role of a 'carry'.

One of the primary abilities of Meepo is clone creation, a trait which inflicts severe damage on the opposition within a brief period. Meepo becomes an intimidating force to be reckoned with once he casts his net and brings his clones into play.

To successfully counter pick Meepo, players select heroes with increased damage and passive abilities that complicate gameplay for the opponent. The goblin can be countered at any stage of the game.

Seasoned Dota 2 players typically advise countering Meepo immediately, preventing the goblin from boosting agility too soon.

Meepo Explained

Meepo is a Goblin hailing from the Shadowy Vale, adept at burrowing underground for spontaneous attacks. With his trusty shovel, the goblin can render himself invulnerable to evade tricky duels.

Dota2 developers describe Meepo as "Five is mightier than one". The character's capability to create battle clones demonstrates exceptional results at any game stage.

Meepo — a powerful hero in the game's final stages

When playing as Meepo, users level up his agility and collect items and artifacts that enhance attack speed and damage. The goblin may not be a top-tier damage dealer, but thanks to his abilities, the hero can take down characters with high XP reserves using his clones.

Meepo has six unique abilities in his arsenal:

  • "Earthbind" – casting a net onto an enemy, leaving them disabled and unable to use effects;
  • "Poof" - a teleport for rapid movement. If an adversary is within the hero's sight radius, the goblin inflicts ranged damage before teleporting and immediately upon arrival;
  • "Ransack" - heals a random clone or several illusions, leveraging the damage inflicted on the enemy;
  • "Divide We Stand" – creates up to 5 clones that deal massive damage, providing additional resistance to magic damage;
  • "Dig" – Meepo and the clones burrow underground for 3 seconds, gaining complete immunity from penetrating and magic damage. Upon resurfacing, the goblin and clones recover 35% of their health;
  • "Mega Meepo" – the goblin stacks the clones on his shoulders, gaining 50% of each clone’s attributes. He can hurl illusions at enemies, stunning, slowing them and inflicting damage.

Meepo’s clones vanquish monsters, gaining experience and gold, but they can't collect items or artifacts, copy bonus attributes or use skills, except for replicating the main hero's footwear attributes.

Creating clones – a basic ability of the Goblin Meepo

In the event of any clone's death, the main character dies.

At the game's start, Meepo is actively slaying monsters, accumulating experience points and gold. He is more straightforward to counter in the early stages - the hero is vulnerable, unable to activate the "RANSACK" skill – the death of any clone will result in the character's demission. In a 1-on-1 showdown, the goblin poses no threat to long-range combatants.

Meepo can be categorized as a unit with a conflicting statistic. At the initial game stages, the goblin's win rate (kill/death ratio) is under 30%, while at the final stages, it’s over 80%.

Counter picks for Meepo in Dota 2

Shutting down Meepo from the get-go is a must, hindering the hero from farming creeps, accruing gold, and preventing the activation of the 'RUNSACK' ability, which would significantly weaken the goblin.

Almost any character can fulfill this task, however, opt for champions with high attack speed to effectively take out creeps.

Try not to kill the goblin outright - the hero could possibly respawn and dart off to another part of the map.

Five is stronger than one - the creed of the goblin Meepo.

'EARTHBIND' – is Meepo's first ability. When the odds favour him, the goblin will cast a net over an enemy and make a quick escape.

With the right strategy, Meepo may go a whole game without using this growth ability, rendering the hero easy prey.

At Mid

Meepo is a versatile hero that can appear anywhere on the map. There's a good chance of catching Meepo at mid.

When selecting a counter for the goblin, take into account the activity of the passive ability 'RUNSACK'.

If Meepo hasn't activated 'Ransack', countering the hero is straightforward - any hero with significant damage can wipe out the goblin in seconds. Should Meepo spawn clones, taking out any copy will do the trick.

If the hero has activated the passive ability, champions with heightened damage outputs and AOE attacks - area damage dealing - will be the best counters.

Seasoned players generally advise against countering Meepo early in the game but stress the importance of never losing sight of the goblin. The focus should be on disrupting agility progression and gold farming.

Experience is the only way to determine if the goblin has activated its passive ability.

On the Lane

On the line, weak support should avoid confrontations with Meepo. Counter the goblin more effectively with damage-dealing heroes who lean towards physical damage.

When facing Meppo 1x1 on the lane, Kunka and Sven have proven successful. Kunka can stun the goblin twice, while Sven can convert damage into a life reserve.

Meepo's Passive Ability: How to Disrupt.

Without the passive ability "RUNSACK", Mipo is a weak contender. The strength of "RUNSACK"; is its seemingly unbeatable nature once activated.

Who counters Meepo in Dota 2 the most effectively?

The top-performing characters with win rates against Meepo after Goblin's passive ability activation are:

  • Huskar - an optimal counter pick for playing against Meepo, repels the goblin at a distance and protects himself from clone attacks, inflicts area damage on all enemy copies;
  • Outworld Devourer has the ability to exorcise the goblin from certain sections of the map and disrupt the opponent's farming. However, he often loses in a 1v1 combat after being stunned;
  • Lina, with her high attack speed and solid damage, can swiftly eliminate the goblin or one copy. It's optimal to counter Meepo with Lina having the support of characters with healing abilities;
  • Visage spawns gargoyles, which distract the attention of Meepo's copies and counters them. The outcome of the battle only depends on the skills of the players and the artifacts they've collected.

Experienced players enjoy countering the goblin with Slark due to his life point reserve. Slark can survive even against an attack of 5 Meepo copies.

Visage – a good hero choice for counter picking Meepo

Who counters Meepo: which heroes can be stopped with this character more easily

Meepo can disrupt farming for many characters through clone creation – these clones defeat monsters before the opponents and seize the XP points. In one-on-one skirmishes, the goblin easily wipes out heroes with a small pool of life and a lack of stunning capabilities:

  • Anti-Mage;
  • Storm Spirit;
  • Clinkz;
  • Templar Assassin;
  • Broodmother.
Templar Assassin showed the weakest performance against Meepo with a win rate – 12%. While playing as an Assassin, confrontations with the goblin are critical.

Templar Assassin — the weakest character in Dota 2 against Meepo

With what items can Meepo be effectively countered?

When counter picking Meepo, seasoned players suggest assembling artifacts that bolster agility and attack power for the Goblin's counter pick:

  • Force Staff thrusts the adversary aside, pinning them against the wall;
  • Hurricane Pike obstructs Meepo and his clones from getting too close and hinders their attacks;
  • Aeon Disk enhances overall HP reserves and aids survival in case of clone attacks.

In the case of Meepo, counter pick artifacts aren't decisive — one can stand against the goblin without any items.

Conclusion: How to Counter Meepo

Countering Meepo in a 1v1 match requires specific heroes, Dota 2 enthusiasts go after the goblin with teammates.

A tested strategy against Meepo – constrain the hero's field presence, push the opponent into the jungle. Support players in the jungle disrupt the goblin's farm and prevent the activation of passive ability until the end of the game.


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