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Counter-picks for Batrider in Dota 2

Batrider, a hero in Dota 2, soars on a gigantic bat, leaving a fiery trail and obliterated jungles in his wake.

For a long time, gamers would select Batrider for middle lane play, but following several updates, the hero's presence has been deemed crucial on the arguably tougher hard lane.

Competitors carefully research the hero’s abilities to make effective counter-pick decisions against Batrider.

Who is Batrider in Dota 2

The Dota 2 all-rounder Batrider can become a formidable counter-pick, posing challenging lane opposition in any given role. Notably proficient in dishing out significant magic damage, Batrider is an efficacious disruptor of the adversary's positioning within the map.

Batrider is frequently seen in the last-pick draft as a preferred choice during team composition rounds.

It poses quite a substantial challenge to pit against Batrider, even for a strong counter-pick, especially if Batrider has accelerated his gold scoop, managed an early purchase of essential items, and established dominance in the initial phases of the game.

His abilities lend Batrider the upper hand in the lanes.

Sticky Napalm

"Sticky Napalm" showers a sticky oil onto a selected point with up to a range of 600 units and an effective radius of 375. With a 10-fold repeating effect, it slows down the enemy's movement and turning speed while amplifying the damage caused by Batrider's abilities.

Sticky Napalm does not impact allies, surveillance units, or structures.

The mana consumption for the ability is 25.


"Flamebreak" targets an area with a 500 radius, its range extending to 1300 units.

Batrider hurls a Molotov cocktail which, upon detonation, slows down and knocks back enemies within its impact range for up to 250 units, inflicting magic damage.

The mana consumption for the ability starts at 110.


"Firefly" is an untargeted skill of Batrider that allows him to traverse the jungles from an aerial view effectively. While gliding, he leaves behind a fire trail, incinerates trees and inflicts magic damage on the adversaries within a 200-unit radius.

The mana consumption is 125.

Flaming Lasso

"Flaming Lasso" is a targeted effect with a 200-unit casting range. The flaming loop catches and drags an enemy, pulling them over a 300-unit distance while restricting their movement, attack attempts, and ability usage. The post-activation delay is 0.3 seconds. Teleportation by Batrider will disentangle the lasso.

The mana consumption for the ability starts at 150.

Character throwing Molotov cocktails at enemies



Counter picks for Batrider in Dota 2

In Dota 2, developers have foreseen counter-picks for every hero. The efficacy of these counter-picks primarily hinges on the players' skills and their timely exploitation of character strengths.

Pro gamers choose Dota 2 heroes as counter-picks against Batrider, equipped with potent capabilities to:

  • instantly unleash substantial physical damage;
  • negate the effects of Batrider's abilities;
  • withstand powerful magical influence;
  • escape.

On Mid Lane

Batraider confidently holds the central map lane. Experienced mid-laners utilize heroes as counter-picks who can resist the air rider's abilities:

  • Viper's venomous attacks slow down the opponent, causing significant magical damage from afar and buying time to escape the clutches of Batrider when necessary;
  • Sniper compensates for his low survivability with long-ranged attacks, keeping foes at bay while slowing and striking the target from a substantial distance;
  • Lifestealer boasts enhanced durability and self-healing abilities, with the use of 'Rage' substantially augmenting movement speed and magic resistance;
  • Juggernaut's swift movements and self-healing wounds grant an edge, his 'Blade Fury' bolsters resistance to magical assaults, while 'Blade Dance' increases the chance of delivering a critical strike.

On The Lanes

In sideways positions, successful counter-picks against Batrider are Dota characters that neutralize the air rider's abilities, especially the 'Fire Lasso' – a potent weapon with a substantial cooldown period:

  • Legion Commander effectively utilizes 'Duel', launches devastating attacks with 'Moment of Courage' and safeguards allies using 'Press the Attack';
  • Shadow Demon deploys a toxic 'Shadow Poison' cloud, inflicting considerable damage upon multiple hits, with 'Demonic Cleanse' lifting negative effects and healing allies;
  • Nyx Assassin blocks attacks and stuns victims with 'Spiked Carapace', swiftly launching assaults from invisibility using 'Vendetta'.

Counterplay against Batrider: Which heroes are easiest to halt with this character.

Counter-picks for Batrider are not suitable for these characters:

  • Templar Assassin suffers from the repeated attacks exhausting her 'Refraction' shield effect;
  • Morphling carries low health level and damage rate at the initial game phase, pumping resources takes up a lot of time;
  • Tinker holds a small health pool and heavily relies on the amount of mana, majorly dealing magical damage only.


Batrider - a functional Dota character, is perfect for targeted enemy destruction, successfully disrupts the enemies' positional schemes on the line when attacking in a 1v1 encounter, and forces the other members of the enemy team to ditch their conventional routes and rush to assist.

The Flying Raider is a popular pick when seeking a counter to Templar Assassin, Morphling, and Tinker.

Batrider operates effectively within the jungle. Adversaries consider their counter-picks, keeping in mind the susceptibility of the Flying Raider.

Batrider is a character that Dota 2 professionals recommend picking when possessing game experience and an understanding of the hero's specific capabilities.


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