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Counter-picks against Draven in League of Legends

Draven, a Noxian marksman, is a ranged character who combines easy handling with high mobility. Often, this character is paired with a support unit to dominate an individual lane.

A fully-levelled Draven has the capacity to take down adversaries with a single strike and square off against multiple opponents simultaneously. An all-rounder, Draven demands keen attention to item accumulation. While capable of dealing hefty damage, he possesses a relatively low health pool.

To play successfully, it's important to select appropriate counter-picks to Draven – heroes and items which can quickly neutralize this contender.

Draven in League of Legends (LOL)

Draven masterfully attacks enemies from a distance using buzzing throwing axes. His abilities allow him to strike from opposite ends of the map as he levels up. The hero significantly drains energy with each magical feat he performs – this is why Draven often needs support to accompany him.

Draven boasts impressive damage output and attack speed. He can obliterate an adversary before they even get within striking distance.

Draven – a formidable ranged hero armed with throwing axes

Most users playing as Draven always aim for items that augment critical damage, thus making the hero's attacks lethal.

Draven commands five potent abilities:

  • "Adoration" – Draven racks up points for slaying monsters or using magical abilities. The more points he bags, the more gold he earns from vanquishing enemies.
  • "Spinning Axe" – Draven hurls a throwing axe at the foe. He can activate two instruments at once.
  • "Bloodrush" briefly boosts movement and attack speed.
  • "Stand Aside" – Draven tosses two axes simultaneously at an enemy. If hit, the foe suffers "Slow," and the impact thrusts the character back.
  • "Whirling Death" – Draven uses a retribution spell imparting damage. The foe perishes instantly if the enemy's health pool dips below Draven's "Adoration" points after the magic deployment.

Playing against Draven is a test of strategy due to the hero's high damage. Melee characters find it hard to approach the Noxian hero – he uses repelling axes and continues to take down his adversary with targeted projectiles.

Throwing axes – Draven's primary weapon

With his premier passive ability, Draven farms swiftly. When activating "Adoration," the hero can cash in up to 10,000 coins for killing a monster and up to 1 million coins for offing enemy champions.


Draven's counter picks in League of Legends

Countering Draven calls for a strong duo with support heroes - a swift, mobile damage dealer, ideally coupled with a support character that can slow down the opposition, can catch the enemy off guard.

If Draven is playing with support, foes need to prepare their forces for an all-out team skirmish.

In the mid-lane

Doubling up against Draven is your best bet for securing the mid-lane. Strong choices would be damage dealers with stun abilities such as Jhin, Miss Fortune, or Kai'Sa. As for support, Nautilus, Leona, Thresh or Blitzcrank really shine in this role.

Blitzcrank - one of the best support heroes for battling Draven

In the lane

When advancing in the lane, it's imperative for Noxians to strike first.

Consider highly mobile assassins such as Zed, Fizz, and Talon for lane counters to Draven in League of Legends. With a sudden assault, they can obliterate Draven in a flash.

Draven's Passive Ability

The hero's passive ability – the accumulation of 'Adoration' points. This talent is a fast farming tool, enabling the collection of artifacts with ease.

The ability is immune to being knocked off, the effect doesn't significantly alter the combat qualities of the character, but rather amplifies the likelihood of a kill shot when a large number of points is amassed.

Against Draven

Malzahar demonstrates the highest win-rate in solo duels against Draven. This champion rapidly closes the distance and stuns the adversary, leaving no room for the opponent to activate their magical effects. The way Malzahar swoops in for the assault is breathtaking. It's a dynamic power play that borders on audacious, catching rivals off-guard and flipping the script of the faceoff. It's the kind of thrilling, audacious strategy we relish in professional esports!

Draven Counters: Which Heroes Can Be Easily Stopped by This Champion

Draven swiftly decimates sluggish heroes and characters with low hit points. This champion excels against mages lacking resistance to penetrating physical damage. It merely takes 5 to 6 critical strikes to obliterate a mage. Champions like Viktor, Anivia, Cassiopeia, Rumble, Ryze, and Swain are easy pickings for this Noxian gladiator. He's packing a serious punch, bringing terror on the battlefield. There's no passive gameplay when Draven's in the game - it's all adrenaline, all action, folks!

Useful Items

When facing Draven, it's crucial to select your artefacts correctly. A handy item to have is the "Randuin's Omen." This artifact negates some critical attacks, providing you with an edge. Another artifact, the "Executioner's Calling," can help you quell Draven's regeneration, reducing his longevity in the fight. Finally, "Frozen Heart" can help reduce the enemy's attack speed, impairing their efficiency.


Draven is a formidable contender that demands an early counterpick right off the bat. This champion is a front-runner from the get-go, establishing a fast-paced tempo right from the opening minutes of the game. The sooner Draven gets his hands on artifacts and levels up, the quicker this hero can gear up.

Neutralizing this Noxian adversary can be achieved by employing the proper artifact selection and strategic counterpicks.


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