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Betting with Skins in CS:GO: How and Where to Make Bets

Bets can be placed in separate betting shops for money and game skins in CS GO. Bets with things from CS GO allow you to win new skins, exchange duplicates for other "skins", and place bets in the bookmaker platform without the risk of losing money.

Bets with CS GO scans for matches are only available to adults. Bookmakers do not accept bets from players who have not reached the age of 18+.

What is a skin in CS GO and where to get it

Skins are designer variations of classic weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Skins do not affect weapons' tactical and technical characteristics but make the weapon more stylish and allow individualising the character.

An easy way to get in-game skins is to purchase them in the developer's store. Skins range from 50 naria to hundreds of thousands of US dollars. The more attractive the design, the more expensive the skin is; most players use other, free ways to get "skins":

  • participation in developer tournaments;
  • exchange on forums and thematic sites;
  • receive gifts for broadcasts on streaming services;
  • participation in in-game events.

Players receive cases as rewards for winning a tournament or participating in events. When you open a case, from 2 to 5 skins drop out, it does not exclude the dropping out of the same "skins". Received skins can be used or exchanged for other weapons with players.

Betting with skins is an alternative way to get an expensive skin or exchange "skins".

Difference between betting with the real money and in-game skins

The difference between betting with CS GO skins and real money is that in the first case, the player risks only in-game items; in the second case - he can lose real money.

To bet on esports with CS GO skins, you don't need to top up your account, register at a bookmaker's office and synchronize your profile with your Steam account.

In case of a win, the player can withdraw the won skin and use it to play CS GO.

Betting with CS GO items can be made at certain bookmakers. Legal bookies accept sports bets only with real money.

Individual companies that accept CS GO skin betting provide the opportunity to top up the game balance and place bets with money.

How to make bets with CS GO skins

To make a bet with CS GO skins, you need to choose a bookmaker for the game and register. When creating an account, the bookmaker will ask you to authorize the Steam account to transfer CS GO skins to the gaming account. After adding inventory to the account, the player can choose a skin and bet on a sports outcome.

Most bookmakers that accept bets with CS GO items only offer to place bets on the outcomes of esports confrontations.

The company converts the skin's cost into gaming money through the official Steam store's CS GO item cost.

If the bet is played, the client will receive a random skin as a win, equivalent to the payout.

The received CS GO skin can be immediately withdrawn to the Steam account and used for the game.

The advantage of playing on skins is placing bets on free items that can be easily obtained as a gift on thematic forums and in stores.

Where can you place bets with CS GO skins

In 2024 year, bets on esports with CSGO skins are accepted by no more than 10 companies with an international license.

CSGO Positive

CS GO Positive is a popular service for betting skins. The distinctive feature is the ability to receive payouts in in-game coins, which can be exchanged for skins.

Registration is made through the Telegram messenger or the Twitch streaming service.

The company provides round-the-clock technical support.

Bonuses for newbies are completely absent; betting with real money is not accepted by the service.
Advantages Disadvantages
High odds No cash betting
Wide esports line Long withdrawal - up to 3 hours
Presence of broadcasts No ability to sell skins and receive a cash payout
24/7 support  
Possibility to choose a skin as an award  


BetsCSGO is a popular online bookmaker for betting skins.

Bets can be placed only on the outcomes of esports events, mainly - on CS GO and Dota 2. The bookmaker does not accept bets with real money.

The feature is the presence of a betting exchange service. Players can independently form coupons and place bets with other company users.
Advantages Disadvantages
High odds on popular matches No live broadcasts
Fast skin withdrawal Weak betting line
Availability of skin selling or exchange No 24/7 support
Fast bet acceptance  
Live betting

Online bookmaker Bet4Fun accepts bets only with skins from Steam. Bets can be placed on CS GO and Dota2 matches involving professional esports players.

The website features a store for buying skins for in-game currency and selling duplicates.

The website features sections for betting on other sports, but the bookmaker does not offer lines.

The company offers new players a welcome bonus of 1 USD.

Pros Cons
Quick registration No broadcasts
Fast item withdrawal Weak line
Skins sales and exchange Unavailable 24/7 support
Express betting Low odds


EGB is one of the leaders of the betting market for betting skins from CS GO. The bookmaker offers a wide esports line, but does not accept bets on the outcomes of events in classic sports.

Bets can be placed on CS GO skins or real money.

The bookmaker only makes payouts with inventory items.

Distinctive features of a bookmaker - many live broadcasts of popular matches and the presence of mobile applications for playing from a phone.
Advantages Disadvantages
Possibility of using promo codes to receive free skins User verification
Fast items withdrawal No possibility to bet on classic sports
Plenty of high-resolution live broadcasts Reduced coefficients compared to competitors
24/7 customer support  
Possibility to choose a skin as a win  


What are skins in CS:GO and how can I acquire them?

Skins are cosmetic designs for weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They don't affect gameplay but allow for personalization. You can buy skins in the game's store, ranging from inexpensive to very expensive. Many players obtain skins through:

  1. Developer tournaments
  2. Exchanges on forums and websites
  3. Gifts for streaming broadcasts
  4. Participation in in-game events
How does betting with CS:GO skins work?

Betting with CS:GO skins involves placing bets on esports events using in-game skins as wagering items. If you win, you receive skins as rewards. It's an alternative way to acquire valuable skins or exchange them.

What's the difference between betting with skins and real money?

When betting with CS:GO skins, you risk only in-game items. In contrast, betting with real money can lead to financial losses. To bet with skins, you don't need to top up your account or register with a bookmaker, and your Steam account can be used for authentication.

How can I place bets with CS:GO skins?

To bet with CS:GO skins, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a bookmaker that offers skin betting.
  2. Register and link your Steam account.
  3. Add skins to your betting account.
  4. Select a skin and bet on an esports outcome.
Where can I place bets using CS:GO skins?

In 2023, around 10 companies with international licenses accept CS:GO skin bets. Some notable options include:

  1. CSGO Positive
  2. BetsCSGO
  4. EGB
What are some advantages and disadvantages of specific skin betting platforms?

CSGO Positive:

  • Advantages:
  • High odds
  • Wide esports line
  • Presence of broadcasts
  • 24/7 support
  • Ability to choose skins as awards


  • No cash betting
  • Long withdrawal times (up to 3 hours)
  • No ability to sell skins for cash



  1. High odds on popular matches
  2. Fast skin withdrawal
  3. Availability of skin selling or exchange
  4. Fast bet acceptance
  5. Live betting


  1. No live broadcasts
  2. Weak betting line
  3. No 24/7 support


  1. Quick registration
  2. Fast item withdrawal
  3. Skins sales and exchange
  4. Express betting
  5. Welcome bonus for new players


  1. No broadcasts
  2. Weak line
  3. Unavailable 24/7 support
  4. Low odds



  1. Wide esports line
  2. Live broadcasts
  3. Mobile applications
  4. Accepts both CS:GO skins and real money
  5. Payouts with inventory items


  • Doesn't accept bets on classic sports events
Can I withdraw the skins I win from betting?

Yes, if your bet is successful, you receive a random skin as a reward. This skin can be withdrawn to your Steam account and used in the game. It's a way to earn valuable skins through betting without risking real money.


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