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Bases in Clash of Clans

Fans of the mobile game Clash of Clans progress through the storyline – they conquer and demolish goblin fortresses, create and join clans, battle with other factions, upgrade the level of their army and buildings. In Clash of Clans, Th bases are needed for efficient protection of nectar and gold, villages from attacks by other players. Experienced users know the best ways to arrange buildings and defensive structures.

What types of bases are there in Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans bases are categorized based on their purpose:

  • Defensive bases prioritize protecting the Town Hall, securing trophies, and excelling in clan wars. Experienced players often position the Town Hall at the center, fortifying it with walls, cannons, archer towers, and air defenses.
  • Farming bases are designed to accumulate and safeguard resources like elixir, dark elixir, and gold. In such layouts, the Town Hall is typically placed on the periphery. Although attacking this exposed Town Hall may result in losing trophies, it provides a protective shield for 12 hours, deterring further attacks and preserving resources.
  • Hybrid bases aim to safeguard both the storage and the Town Hall. In these designs, the Town Hall and resource storage are strategically placed at the core, surrounded by traps and defensive structures to thwart enemy troops.

The strategy behind the placement and defense mechanisms in each base type balances protecting valuable resources and maintaining trophies. For players looking to optimize their base's effectiveness in Clash of Clans, it's crucial to consider the specific goals you're aiming to achieve—whether climbing the ranks in clan wars, securing resources for upgrades, or taking a balanced approach that covers both aspects.

Tips on base setup at the beginning of the game in Clash of Clans

Before building, a newbie should define the purpose of the base - protection of resources or trophy gain.

Users at the beginning of the game prefer to protect warehouses.

The tasks of a player at the initial stage:

  • build a fortress;
  • strengthen resource storage areas;
  • before improving the palace, upgrade defensive structures;
  • buy workers to accelerate construction;
  • distribute resources according to the construction plan;
  • build fences, divide the space into cells to hinder enemies from getting to the main fortress building;
  • place traps and bombs;
  • put a fence around the weapon;
  • use hidden Tesla against wall breakers;
  • install mortars closer to the central part of the fortress;
  • place builder's huts on the edges of the game map to make it difficult for the enemy to completely destroy the base.

Experienced players know that it is not advisable to participate in clan wars at low levels - builders focus on resource collection and protection.

When users upgrade the Town Hall to 8T X, they move on to army formation and participation in clan wars.

Examples of the best TH bases in Clash of Clans

Starting from Town Hall level 8 (TH8), Clash of Clans players focus on building effective fortifications for clan wars and constructing facilities to farm elixirs, dark elixirs, and gold. The farming base at TH8 is typically designed in a square shape, with elixir storage centrally located alongside key defensive structures like 3 hidden Teslas, anti-air defenses, and the clan castle, aiming to protect resources efficiently.

The TH8 base layout is tailored to safeguard trophies, featuring a strategic arrangement of defenses. The core, containing valuable resources and defensive units, is ringed by open space and then by layers of archers, cannons, and mortars. The dark elixir storage is especially protected by the Clan Castle, acting as a fortress against attackers. This layout is also engineered to counter hogs effectively, using bombs to target their riders directly.

Resource storages are cleverly hidden behind wizard towers and archer towers, with double walls fortifying against ground troop attacks. The symmetrical design incorporates 3 anti-air defenses and a sweeper centrally placed to repel air assaults, alongside 4 mortars to defend the Town Hall. To specifically counter dragon attacks, the core area is laden with seeking air mines, while hidden Teslas and the Clan Castle fortify against ground invasions.

As players progress to TH10, the focus shifts to a universal hybrid layout that balances effective enemy combat with robust defense of the Town Hall, now centrally positioned and surrounded by traps and weaponry. The TH10 structure aims to protect both the Town Hall and storages, utilizing spring traps and air bombs for counterattacks and defended centrally by 4 Tesla Towers.

The TH10 layout with hero defense emphasizes the protection of the palace (Town Hall) and dark elixir storage using the game's strongest troops, including the Barbarian King and Archer Queen, who contribute to defense from the base's heart. A layout with multiple compartments further enhances the defense of the palace and storages, incorporating hidden Teslas, 2 Inferno Towers, and 3 crossbows for close protection, while gold and elixir storages are distributed among the outer compartments, guarded by Archer Towers, anti-air devices, 2 Bomb Towers, and 2 heroes.

Finally, the circular TH10 structure is optimized for repelling enemy attacks and safeguarding storages, positioned within a second ring of walls. The palace and dark elixir storage sit in the ultimate central compartment, symbolizing the heart of the base's defense strategy, ensuring a robust defense against various attacking strategies.

How to download and install bases in Clash of Clans

To save time, users copy the layout from the fourth level of the palace and use the fortification plan in the game. Ready-made arrangements can be copied from players in your clan or found on the Internet, for example, on and sites:

  1. Open the site with ready-made bases, find the layout.
  2. Follow the "Copy" hyperlink from the mobile device on which the game is installed.

In the fortification editing mode in Clash of Clans, select a cell to save the copied layout, come up with a name and save the fortress.

  1. Select the copied layout and confirm the replacement.

Players can copy the link to the base layout from the device on which the game is installed

In Clash of Clans, players with the townhall TH4 can copy bases from public sources.

Users with a townhall up to TX3 inclusive take screenshots of fortifications and create a new layout according to the layout.


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