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All about items in League of Legends

The League of Legends item database includes over 200 unique items with various properties and enhancements. Players collect magical artifacts during battle with the aim of improving their character's stats and gaining new abilities.

Each champion can have up to 6 items, the user has to make a choice in favor of the most valuable and useful artifacts.

How many items are in the game?

The artifact assortment in the League of Legends is growing. In 2022, the game included 150 artifacts, and in October 2023 – more than 200 items. The developers periodically remove unpopular items from the base and add new ones.

Some items in the League of Legends are available in tournament battles, others are only available to individual characters.

An item can be purchased during a battle for gold, which players collect during farming. If necessary, users can sell the artifact at a reduced price.

Within 10 seconds after purchase, the player can return the item without losing its price.


Why are items needed?

The role of items in League of Legends is to enhance the character, improve combat characteristics and increase resistance to damage.

The selection of artifacts determines the outcome of the battle. Beginners often make mistakes and choose inappropriate items or ignore the purchase of items. As a result, it is difficult for the champion to compete with enhanced opponents, even with characters for which the hero acts as a counter-pick.

What items to buy

Artifact builds in League of Legends are a matter of individual preference. You should choose items based on the needs of your champion and to weaken the champions picked by the enemy team. There is no universal guide, players take into account the situation on the map when choosing items. The only class of item that is recommended for all League of Legends champions is boots.

Footwear allows you to increase the speed of movement and make the champion mobile. You can find out about recommended builds in character overviews, guides, and materials on counter-pick selection. Classification of League of Legends items by properties:

  • increased attack power;
  • improved critical strike;
  • increased attack speed;
  • stunning the opponent;
  • increased offensive capability;
  • augmentation of magical abilities;
  • energy points recovery;
  • health points recovery;
  • increased XP or MP reserve;
  • increased resistance;
  • accelerated ability recharge;
  • increased map movement speed;
  • vampirism - conversion of a portion of the damage dealt into life points.

Combined items correspond to 2 or more classifications.

Item sets

In LoL, in the "Collections" section, a player can set up a list of necessary items for the upcoming skirmish. If the settings are not made, the game by default will display a list of recommended items.

Item sets in League of Legends

At the moment of assembling things, the player will be able to activate the item.

What items are there?

Items in League of Legends are categorized by type, depending on their purpose and how they're obtained.

Artifact Type Quantity
Starting 13
Basic 16
Epic 42
Legendary 71
Mythical 28
Accessories 3
Trinkets 3
Boots 8
Potions 6
Others Over 60

Each item has a recipe and a cost. The higher the item's rank, the higher the assembly cost.


At the start of the battle, the player receives 500 gold coins, which can be used for initial item assembly. Usually, users buy artifacts useful in the early stages of the game to increase survivability or accelerate farming.

Popular items in League of Legends at the start:

  • "Hatchling of the Wind" - summon a companion that helps farm in the forest;
  • "Doran's Blade" - convert 2.5% of the damage dealt into health points;
  • "Goddess Tear" - increase damage;
  • "Guardian's Blade" - enhance attack and increase health.

The initial 500 coins are sufficient to buy 2 items.


Basic League of Legends artifacts can be purchased at any stage of the game. A distinctive feature of the items is the presence of active effects that trigger when the item is activated.

Options for basic assemblies:

  • "Dagger" - increase mobility for 12 sec;
  • "Stopwatch" - 100% resistance to any attacks for 2.5 sec;
  • "Sheen" - inflict critical damage;
  • "Healing Bead" - instant health recovery.

After activation, the artifact does not disappear, the item can be used again after recharging.


Epic items cost more - from 1000 gold coins, players buy artifacts after farming at the stage of moving to the midlane.

Epic items are necessary to strengthen the character, increase basic stats, and acquire new abilities:

  • "Giant's Belt" - an additional 350 health points;
  • "Last Whisper" - increase attack power and armor penetration;
  • "Iron Whip" - an additional 30 damage points on auto-attack;
  • "Chain Mail" - increase armor by 40 units.

Epic items have role restrictions - certain items are only available to ADCs, tanks, supports, and heroes in other roles.


You can't buy legendary LoL items, but you can assemble them from basic and epic items using recipes. Recipes are available for purchase at the merchant shop.

Conversion will destroy the artifacts used to create the new item.

Examples of legendary items in League of Legends:

  • "Blade of the Fallen King" - increase attack speed and power, vampirism ability;
  • "Deadman's Armor" - increase armor level, movement speed, and reserve of HP;
  • "Hextech Scope" - cooldown reduction;
  • "Pauldrons of Whitemane" - gold coins every 10 sec, increase HP level and health recovery.

It is forbidden to assemble 2 identical items. Each legendary item can be assembled only once.


Mythical items give characters passive abilities.

To assemble mythical items, you need recipes and basic or epic artifacts.

Mythical items highly sought after by players:

  • "Infinity Edge" - increase the chance of critical hits;
  • "Liandry's Torment" - cooldown reduction and enhancement of ultimate abilities;
  • "Trinity Force" - increase attack speed;
  • "Goredrinker" - an additional 75 health points for each collected legendary item.

Mythical artifacts are universal, any champion can assemble an item, regardless of the role in the game.


The "Consumables" category includes potions for restoring mana or energy points, life reserve, removing negative effects, temporarily enhancing the basic character stats:

  • "Refillable Potion", "Health Potion" - HP recovery;
  • "Elixir of Wrath" - increase attack speed and power for 180 seconds;
  • "Elixir of Iron" - increase armor parameters for 3 minutes;
  • "Elixir of Sorcery" - Mana recovery.

A player can have no more than 3 elixirs of any type in the inventory at the same time.


Accessories - items that the player activates once to gain gameplay advantages.

In League of Legends in 2023, there are only 3 accessories:

  • "Omnivision Alternative" - increased map visibility, partial disabling of Fog of War;
  • "Oracle Lens" - increased visibility radius to 750 units;
  • "Stealth Ward" - visibility on separate map sections.

You can activate accessories again once the cooldown expires.


Every League of Legends character can buy footwear to increase movement speed. Specific footwear grants additional stat increases:

  • "Sorcerer's Shoes" - additional magical damage;
  • "Berserker's Greaves" - increased attack speed;
  • "Plated Steelcaps" - armor enhancement.

A character can use no more than 1 pair of shoes at the same time.

How do item effects work?

Some artifacts have a constant effect on hero characteristics, others are only activated upon activation.

You can check the rules of using items on the official League of Legends website in the "Item Base" section.

Item cooldown

Cooldown is the recharge time for elixirs and artifacts that endow heroes with additional abilities, allow totems to be placed, and temporarily enhance characteristics. Cooldown is individual for each item.

Some items allow you to reduce the reload time of artifacts.


Experienced players advise beginners to study the list of items and assemble a build plan before the battle begins. The plan can be adjusted during the battle depending on the characters chosen by the opponents.


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