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AK 47 skins in CS:GO

The AK 47 is one of the popular assault rifles in the online shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The weapon is only available to terrorists and serves as a counterbalance to the M4A4 rifle of counter-terrorist units. The rifle has good performance characteristics: increased damage and enemy armor penetration.

By 2023, developers have created more than 50 AK 47 skins: budget, standard and luxury versions of the popular rifle.

AK-47 Review in CS: GO

The assault rifle "Kalashnikov Automatic" was developed by the Soviet designer Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov in 1947.

The 1946 version of AK-46 failed the test trials; a year later, the designer corrected the mistakes - AK-47 successfully passed the checks of the Bureau and showed excellent results.

"Automatic" - is the weapon's name, but the AK is not an automatic. AK-47 has an extended base, impressive weight, and increased accuracy characteristic of an assault rifle.

In 2024, the AK-47 is considered outdated, but modifications of the AK are in service in 106 countries worldwide. More than 140 million units of rifles have been produced. AK modifications are most widely spread in the countries of the post-Soviet space - the states' military-industrial complex is oriented towards producing Soviet-style ammunition and shells.

Due to its increased reliability and resistance to external factors, Kalashnikov's machine gun is popular in the black market of weapons. Millions of AKs appeared in countries with high terrorist activity: the Middle East, Somalia, Central Africa, Cuba, and Latin America.

Terrorists often preferred the AK. The assault rifle is budget-friendly, easy to operate, and does not require special care, unlike NATO analogs. The developers of CS: GO took this fact into account - the AK-47 is only available to "Terrorist" teams.

The base AK-47 is available in shopping mode. Price - 2700 USD. In most game modes, AK can only be purchased in the second and subsequent rounds. Counterterrorism forces use the "Kalash" only as a trophy weapon.

CS: GO developers regularly release new skins for the AK-47. In 2024, AK is a popular weapon in terrorist troops.

The assault rifle in CS: GO has features, advantages, and disadvantages. Experienced gamers recommend considering the weapon's downsides and developing game tactics with the AK.


Kalashnikov's machine gun has high recoil - this is the main disadvantage of the weapon. When playing "clamp" (shooting in bursts), only the first 5 shots hit the target; the rest have a significant spread. AK reduces the character's movement speed by 14%, forcing players to take a knife while moving and arm themselves only before a potential collision with the enemy.

AK in CS: GO is characterized by high damage - a direct hit in the head kills the enemy, regardless of the presence of a helmet.

The advantages of AK-47 compared to other assault rifles in CS: GO:

  • increased damage;
  • fast reload - 2 seconds;
  • accuracy of the first 2 shots;
  • effectiveness at any distance;
  • affordable cost.


  • high recoil;
  • noise;
  • low rate of fire;
  • reduced accuracy when shooting bursts. 

In CS: GO players get achievements when using the AK-47 as the primary weapon:

  • "Rich" - transfer AK to an ally;
  • "Bullet Economy" - kill 2 enemies with 1 bullet;
  • "Magic Bullet" - kill an enemy with the last bullet in the magazine;
  • "AK-47 Expert" - kill 1000 enemies with an AK rifle;
  • "Rifle Specialist" - get all the awards for killing with rifles.

Counter-terrorism forces in CS: GO get the "Bureau of Finds" achievement for killing an enemy with a trophy AK-47 and "Own Weapon" for killing 100 terrorists with a Kalashnikov machine gun.


Impact Zone Damage
With armor Without armour
Head, critical hit 109 143
Chest and hands 27 35
Stomach 34 44
Legs 26 26

Critical hit leads to the death of the enemy.

The strategy of playing with AK 47 in CS GO

Given the high recoil and unmanageable spread, AK is perfect for short bursts of fire - 2-5 cartridges. Experienced gamers recommend ambush tactics - wait for the enemy and take a shot from AK strictly in the head regardless of gear. The tactic of combat leads to the destruction of the enemy. With good skill, you can eliminate two characters at once. It is necessary to change the location after the killings.

It is better to shoot from AK while standing - the first shot from a machine gun is like a shot from a rifle.

It is recommended to work with 2 cartridges for medium or long-distance shooting. The first 2 shots go straight to the target; the rest are tilted upwards. It would be best to shoot at the body long distances.

The main mistake of CS GO beginners when working with AK is the waste of cartridges for a series of shots. Playing clamp makes the rifle uncontrollable, which gives the enemy a chance to counterattack.

During forced shooting with long bursts, for example, in a confined space, in case of many enemies, you need to control the sight - with each shot, lower the sight by 2-3 mm.

On separate maps, the AK Wallbanging feature has shown itself - the ability to shoot through walls, doors, and concrete ceilings.

Do not shoot from AK on the run - this will lead to a minimum accuracy of the shots. In case of an emergency forced retreat, experienced players recommend changing the weapon to a pistol, which will increase the accuracy of the shooting and the speed of the character.

Counter-tactics - how to play against AK

When playing against an enemy armed with AK, you should constantly change your location - it is more difficult to hit a moving target from a rifle. At long distances, an enemy with AK is especially dangerous - experienced players try to reduce the distance as quickly as possible. Use smoke grenades for a successful storm - they will disorient the enemy and force him to work with long bursts, which will significantly reduce the accuracy of the shooting.

If a CS GO player knows that the enemy is armed with AK, there is no point in buying a helmet. Better save the money for grenades.

Use smoke grenades when retreating. The enemy will not be able to see the opponent's location and will conduct uncontrolled fire with low accuracy.

Professionals know the optimal solution is to attack the player with AK together. A group attack will provoke the enemy to shoot with long bursts.

VP-Bet recommends: Best AK 47 Skins in CS GO

AK 47 skins in CS: GO make the weapon stylized, emphasize individuality, and create a more threatening character appearance.

The 'skins' do not influence the weapon’s technical characteristics.

In 2024, the cost of an AK skin in CS GO starts at 3000 NGN and reaches 100.4 million NGN.

Wild Lotus

The developers proposed the skin in 2019 during the 'Shattered Web' operation. The weapon is adorned with green floral patterns. During use, the AK gets scratches and scuffs, and in about 2-3 rounds, the gun will turn dark green.

The skin is popular among professional sportsmen; beginners choose different rifle styles.


Gold Arabesque

The gun is made of gold with wooden inserts, on which an ornament is engraved.

The advantages of the skin are its bright appearance and resistance to damage. Scratches and scuffs do not appear on the rifle.

The Golden Arabesque is popular among professional players. The developers released the skin in 2021.


Fire Serpent

The Fire Serpent is one of the first AK 47 skins, published in 2013. The prototype of the 'skin' was a weapon of the Japanese mafia in the USA with characteristic dragon images and unique engravings on wooden inserts.

In CS GO, players from South Asia often use the weapon, despite its reasonably high cost.



Hydroponic is a medium-popularity skin published by the developers in 2015, on the eve of the 'Bloodhound' campaign.

The skin has characteristic bright inserts, a painted magazine and increased resistance to damage. During use, the light surfaces darken a lot, and the paint on the store fades.



Vulkan is one of the skins of the first author's collection 'Hunter'.

The AK skin has a unique futuristic design with white-blue inserts and a plastic buttstock. The skin is popular among wealthy players. During the game, the paint darkens, and the barrel and handle get rubbed.


Rating of the best cheap AK 47 skins in CS GO

The 'Kalash' in CS GO can have skins worth 1000 NGN, but not all skins are popular - many skins with an unremarkable appearance are almost indistinguishable from the original.

VP-Bert experts have compiled a TOP of the best 'Kalash' skins in CS GO worth up to 30000 NGN.

Safety Net

A bright skin with a characteristic orange mesh on the barrel's body, grip, and stock. The skin looks impressive in operations in the desert. 

The paint will quickly peel off in the operation, and scratches and scuffs will appear on the barrel. The skin is part of the 'Inferno' collection.


Blue Laminate

Blue Laminate is a popular AK 40 skin in CS GO. The skin is part of the winter 'EWinter-2013' collection. The main differences are blue wooden inserts and the wear of the metal part of the barrel.

Despite the initial damage, the weapon is resistant to scratches and scuffs.



Slate is a completely black variation of AK 47. The weapon's base is the AK-104 modification of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, released in RF. The rifle appeared in stores on May 9, 2021. The simple but elegant AK design is popular among novice players. An obvious disadvantage of the skin is the quick appearance of scratches on the body.


Point Disarray

The skin was added to the game on December 8, 2015, as part of the 'Revolver Collection', which was released as part of the CS GO Winter Update. ClegFX created the design.

The machine's surface has a 3D pattern made of red, blue, and white geometric shapes. The grip is painted black and decorated with a pattern.

The weapon is almost impervious to damage. The skin is popular among ladies.


Frontside Misty

The skin was added to the game on September 17, 2015, as part of the 'Shadow Case' collection.

The body of the machine is painted black with a white-blue pattern in the form of curls and wavy lines. Some parts of the body are supplemented with carbon inserts.

Wear and tear are fast. After the first rounds, the barrel darkens, and the paint flakes off.


Top most beautiful AK-47 skins in CS:GO

Beautiful skins for the Kalashnikov assault rifle in CS:GO attract players with an unusual appearance, are more expensive, but often good skins can be purchased for 100000 NGN.

VP-Bet experts have collected the most beautiful, according to CS:GO players, AK-47 skins. You can view the skins and launch a 3D simulation of any skin on the WIKICS (Wiki CS GO) website.

Neon Rider

The most popular skin among female players is the "Neon Rider".

The skin attracts attention with its bright design with neon inserts.

The weapon is resistant to wear and tear and has corrugated elements. Looks especially impressive in the dark.


The Empress

A popular skin among female representatives is "The Empress".

The machine gun has a more restrained, unique design. The central part of the rifle is decorated with an image of a blonde girl in a crown surrounded by a pattern imitating sun rays. The butt, forearm, and handle are painted in various shades of blue and complemented by patterns and symbols.


A signature skin is wholly protected from mechanical damage and has a bright design. The machine gun is painted white, black, grey, and orange. Attracts affordable prices and protection from wear.


Head Shot Gun

A popular inexpensive signature skin.

The machine gun is painted in a grey-green colour in graffiti style. The muzzle is matte black.

During operation, minor abrasions appear, which only make the rifle more attractive.



The skin design is done in a sports style. The body of the machine is painted in red, grey, and white colours. The body is marked with inscriptions that indicate the technical characteristics of the weapon. Images and pictograms complement the skin design. Individual small details of the body are painted yellow.



What is the AK-47 in CS:GO?

The AK-47 is a popular assault rifle in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, available only to terrorists and serving as a counterbalance to the M4A4 rifle of counter-terrorist units.

How many AK-47 skins are available in 2023?

By 2023, there will be over 50 AK-47 skins available in CS: GO. These include budget, standard, and luxury versions of the rifle.

Do AK-47 skins affect the weapon's performance in the game?

No, the 'skins' only influence the aesthetic appearance of the weapon in the game and do not affect its technical characteristics.

What are some of the best cheap AK-47 skins in CS:GO?

Some of the best affordable skins as per VP-Bert experts include Safety Net, Blue Laminate, Slate, Point Disarray, and Frontside Misty.

Which are considered the most beautiful AK-47 skins in CS:GO?

The most beautiful AK-47 skins, according to CS:GO players, include Neon Rider, The Empress, a signature skin, Head Shot Gun, and Bloodsport.

What is the historical significance of the AK-47?

The assault rifle "Kalashnikov Automatic" was developed in 1947 by Soviet designer Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov. It's an iconic weapon that has been used worldwide and has been produced more than 140 million times.

What are the in-game achievements related to AK-47 in CS:GO?

Players can earn achievements like "Rich," "Bullet Economy," "Magic Bullet," "AK-47 Expert," "Rifle Specialist," "Bureau of Finds," and "Own Weapon" when using the AK-47 as the primary weapon.


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