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The Danish Betting Approach: Amplifying Your Chances of Success with a Proven Strategy

What is the Danish Betting System

What is the Danish Betting System

The Danish Betting Approach is a progressive staking strategy where the bettor adjusts their wager size based on the outcome of their previous bet. It aims to maximise profits while minimising losses during losing streaks.

Principle of the Game

The game strategy is as follows:

  • The first bet does not exceed 1% of the gaming account.
  • The subsequent bets increase by an additional 1% of the initial bankroll.
  • The odds for the first bet are set at 1.50.

The odds for each subsequent stage increase by 0.50 or a smaller value.

The goal of the strategy is to win at any step, recover from losses, and generate a profit.

Example: The player won at the fourth step with an initial bet of ₦1,000.

The sequence of bets using the "Danish strategy" is as follows:

Bet size, ₦ Odds Outcome
1 000 1.50 lose
2 000 2.00 lose
3 000 2.50 lose
4 000 3.00 winning

Total profit: ₦4,000 * 3 = ₦12,000.

Net income: ₦12,000 - ₦10,000 = ₦2,000, which is 20% of the total amount wagered.

In the Danish strategy, the player will profit at any successful step. However, with each step, the profit percentage decreases and the chance of winning decreases as the odds increase in an arithmetic progression.

The player's goal is to win with the initial bets.

Example: Distribution of profits for eight steps of the game using the "Danish strategy" with an initial bet of ₦1,000:

Bet size, ₦ Odds profit, %
1 000 1.50 50
2 000 2.00 25
3 000 2.50 20
4 000 3.00 20
5 000 3.50 16,7
6 000 4.00 14
7 000 4.50 12,5
8 000 5.00 10

To reduce the likelihood of long losing streaks, you can decrease the increment of odds growth.

Applying Danish Betting in Practice

The key aspect of applying a strategy is the selection of events to place bets on.

Odds of 1.50

Events with a coefficient of 1.50 can include:

  • A goal scored in the first half of high-scoring football matches
  • Victory of a tennis favourite, either outright or with a minimal handicap
  • Total goals over 2 in football
  • Goal scored by the away team in football
  • Victory of a favourite with a handicap in a table tennis match
  • Total goals over 0.5 or 1 in hockey periods, and more.

When selecting an event, the player takes into account statistics, motivation, and the current condition of the opponents.

Odds of 2.0

Promising betting options with a coefficient of 2.00 can include:

  • Home victory of a football favourite in one of the halves
  • Victory of a strong tennis player on their preferred surface with a 2-0 set score
  • Total goals over 1.5 in a half
  • Victory of the initially trailing favourite.

If a bookmaker sets the coefficient for a clean football victory at 1.40, then the coefficient for a victory in the first half will reach 2.00.

Analysing the statistics of the chosen team should include the number of victories in the first halves and the percentage of lost halves for the away team. The match is suitable for placing a bet if the average value is above 50%.

In the selected match, "Atletico" achieved 60% of home victories in the first half, while "Getafe" lost the same percentage of away matches.

When the coefficient for a tennis favourite's victory ranges from 1.40 to 1.50, the coefficient for a 2-0 set victory reaches 2.00.

The bet is likely to be successful if the opponent of the favourite often loses by a 0-2 set score.

In matches involving high-scoring teams, it is common to see two or more goals scored in a half.

This scenario is common in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and Denmark leagues. Placing a bet on over 1.5 goals in the first or second half with a coefficient of 2.00 can be successful if the teams have ended more than 55% of their halves with two or more goals.

Betting on the victory of a trailing favourite is possible if the team maintains high motivation and performance levels. Customers of bookmakers review league tables, assess opponents' positions, and place bets in real-time to accurately evaluate the chances of victory.

Odds of 2.50

In the pre-match betting lines of bookmakers, you can find bets with a coefficient of 2.50 on various types of outcomes, such as totals, handicaps, and bets on the away team.

Basketball Handicap Betting

Bookmakers include up to 5 types of bets with a coefficient of 2.50 for basketball handicaps in NBA matches.

Promising options for bets using the Danish system are matches between evenly matched teams and bets on the away team with handicaps ranging from -3 to -4.

In pre-match analysis, it is important to consider the recent results and head-to-head records, as well as the away team's winning statistics on the road and the home team's performance on their own turf.

Bookmakers offer coefficients ranging from 1.80 to 2.00 for the home team and no higher than 2.20 for the away team in matches between evenly matched-opponents.

Period Winner Bets

In NHL matches between evenly matched opponents, the coefficients for home team victories in individual periods are close to 2.50.

A bet on the home team winning in one of the periods can be successful if the opponent has been performing unconvincingly in recent matches and tends to lose, while the favourites have been performing well during the current stretch and frequently win at home.

Odds of 3 and 3.50

In pre-match betting, bookmakers accept bets with coefficients of 3.00 and 3.50 for away team victories in the NHL and NBA if the home team has been losing frequently in recent games. In competitive leagues, the venue does not have a decisive impact.

In table tennis matches between evenly matched opponents, the trailing player's coefficients for a comeback victory reach 3.00 and 3.50 if the opponent is leading by a margin of 1 set. Live bets can be placed on winning the current setting when the trailing player is leading, making fewer mistakes, and striving to win every point.

Odds of 4 and 4.50

Events with coefficients of 4.00 and 4.50 for bets according to the Danish strategy:

  • Draw in football.
  • Total goals over 4 in football.
  • Comeback victory in table tennis set.

In European leagues such as Germany and England, coefficients for a draw sometimes reach 4.00.

For bets, it is advisable to choose games with a favourite whose odds for victory fall between 1.40 and 1.60.

In high-scoring leagues, coefficients for total goals over 4 in matches involving mid-table teams can approach 4.00. A bet on over four goals (O4) has a high probability of success if, in the previous five games, both teams have exceeded a total goal over 3.5 (O3.5) in half of those matches.

A total of O4 implies a refund if the teams score exactly four goals.

In table tennis matches between evenly matched opponents, when a player takes a 2-3 point lead, the coefficient for the opponent's victory in the set can reach 4.00. Betting on such an event is possible if the player has not lost motivation, plays actively, and has a chance to win the set by overcoming a 2-point deficit.

Key Features of the Strategy and Common Mistakes

The tactical features of the "Danish strategy" determine the following tips for playing:

  • Bet on familiar sports and teams.
  • Focus on specific markets such as totals, handicaps, outcomes, and goals.
  • Aim to complete cycles with the initial bets.
  • Place bets that are no more than 1% of your bankroll.

A common mistake players make is increasing the bet size too quickly. If the player's betting budget is limited, it may be possible to reach the maximum bet size by the 10th to 15th step of the strategy.

After the third step of the strategy, it becomes easier to find promising bets in live betting when the bookmaker adjusts the odds based on important events.

Accumulator Bets in Danish Strategy

In the later steps of the Danish strategy, players can place accumulator bets consisting of 2 events. The player should choose events so that the overall odds match the next bet according to the Danish strategy. This allows for potentially higher returns while still following the progressive betting approach.


What is the Danish Betting Approach?

The Danish Betting Approach is a progressive staking strategy where the bettor adjusts their wager size based on the outcome of their previous bet. It aims to maximise profits during winning streaks while minimising losses during losing streaks.

How does the Danish Betting Approach work?

In the Danish Betting Approach, the initial bet size is set at a predetermined base unit. After each win, the bettor increases their wager by one base unit. Conversely, after a loss, the bettor decreases their wager to one base unit.

What are the benefits of using the Danish Betting Approach?

The Danish Betting Approach allows bettors to capitalise on winning streaks by increasing their bets gradually, potentially maximising profits. It also helps manage losses by reducing bet sizes during losing streaks, preserving the bankroll.

Is the Danish Betting Approach suitable for all types of bets?

The Danish Betting Approach can be applied to various types of bets, including single bets, accumulator bets, or specific markets. However, it's important to adapt the approach to the specific characteristics and risks associated with each bet type.

How do I determine the base unit for the Danish Betting Approach?

The base unit should be determined based on your bankroll and risk tolerance. It should be an amount that you are comfortable wagering and can sustain during potential losing streaks.

Can the Danish Betting Approach guarantee profits?

No betting approach can guarantee profits, including the Danish Betting Approach. While it aims to maximise profits during winning streaks, it's crucial to understand that sports betting inherently carries risks, and outcomes are never certain.

What are some considerations when using the Danish Betting Approach?

When using the Danish Betting Approach, it's important to maintain discipline and stick to your predetermined bet sizes. Avoid chasing losses or increasing bets impulsively. Regularly evaluate and adjust your betting approach based on your results and overall betting performance.


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