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The Bob McCune System: An Overview of a Popular Sports Betting Strategy

This strategy is a profitable method for predicting sports outcomes and was created by sports analyst Bob McCune. According to the strategy, bookmaker clients can generate an unlimited number of winning bets with a success rate of 55-62% and equal chances of success.

The Bob McCune System

Player Categories According to Bob McCune's Classification

Classifying sports bettors by their approach and skill level:

  1. "Analytical Enthusiasts": These sports bettors are passionate about gathering and meticulously analyzing information, viewing betting as a challenge to their analytical skills.
  2. "Strategic Players": This group of bettors has developed a personal tactic or chosen a promising strategy, which they adhere to strictly.
  3. "Profitable Experts": These bettors earn money from betting by following their own tactics and possessing a strong understanding of sports. They have developed a profitable approach to sports betting.

Bob McCune's Strategies Based on Player Categories

Bob McCune's Strategies Based on Player Categories

Analytical Enthusiasts

McCune suggests that these bettors should focus on specific sports markets and learn as much as possible about them. They should also use statistical models and other analytical tools to identify trends and patterns in the data. 

By doing so, they can develop a profitable strategy for sports betting that is based on their understanding of the data and their ability to read the bookmaker's lines

For instance, iif the opening line for an upcoming basketball game is set at -6.5, and the line shifts to -7.5 before the game, bettors can bet on the underdog, taking advantage of the increased point spread.

Strategic Players

For Strategic Players, Bob McCune suggests developing a personal tactic or choosing a promising strategy and strictly adhering to it. This group of bettors understands the importance of discipline and consistency in sports betting.

They believe that their chosen approach will lead to long-term profits and avoid chasing short-term gains. McCune advises these bettors to have a clear understanding of their betting limits and to stick to them to avoid making impulsive decisions.

Additionally, they should track their bets to analyze the effectiveness of their chosen strategy continually. By doing so, they can make adjustments to their approach and ensure they remain profitable in the long run.

According to Bob McCune, accurately predicting sports outcomes requires correctly reading and decoding the bookmaker's line.

For example, the information provided in a bookmaker's event schedule for professional sports may differ from that of college football and basketball. The lines for markets are established based on input from informed handicappers, insiders, experienced players, expert assessments, and the amount of money placed.

Profitable Experts

This group of bettors has already developed a profitable approach to sports betting and has the ability to consistently make money from it. McCune advises these experts to be selective in choosing their bets and to focus only on the markets they know best.

They should also keep an eye on the bookmaker's lines, looking for any discrepancies or changes that could indicate a potential opportunity. Additionally, he recommends tracking their bets and analyzing the data to continue refining their strategy continually. By doing so, they can stay profitable and maintain their success in sports betting over the long term.

To analyze the schedule correctly and make a profit, users track and compare bookmakers' lines on the Internet.

Types of Line Movement

For those engaged in long-term sports betting, understanding the fluctuations in the bookmaker's line can be crucial for achieving a 55% win rate with equal chances of success. According to expert analysis, there are several types of line movement that can be used to identify potential betting opportunities.

Types of Line Movement

Firstly, when the initial handicap moves in one direction, players should bet on the favorite when the handicap increases and on the underdog when it decreases. Additionally, when the odds move in one direction from the opening line 1 hour before the basketball game starts and 5-6 hours before the start of the American football game, and then change direction sharply, it can be an indication to bet.

Furthermore, when the odds in the line do not change, betting on the favorite is recommended. Lastly, when the handicap remains unchanged from when the line appears and then there is a noticeable movement, such as a 1 point change, it can be another signal to bet. Incorporating this understanding of line movement into a long-term sports betting strategy can help increase the chances of profitability by identifying favorable betting opportunities and making informed decisions.

Pros of Bob McCune's strategy:

  • Analyzing bookmakers' lines and choosing the right moments to place bets using Bob McCune's strategy can increase the chances of profitable sports betting opportunities.
  • McCune's strategy is easy to apply and doesn't require special knowledge or skills in sports betting. Novices and experienced bettors alike can use it.
  • The strategy can lead to a consistent stream of income for players by making informed decisions on their bets. It can turn sports betting into a profitable investment rather than a risky gamble.

Cons of Bob McCune's strategy:

  • Since Bob McCune's strategy involves increasing bets after an unsuccessful outcome, there is a possibility of reaching the maximum betting limits set by the bookmaker. This can limit the bettor's ability to continue using the strategy.
  • Maintaining profitability while using this strategy requires having a sufficiently large bankroll to increase bets after an unsuccessful outcome. Bet sizes need to be carefully managed to avoid losing the entire bankroll.
  • As with any sports betting strategy, there is a risk of losing money, even when using Bob McCune's approach. Bettors must be prepared for the possibility of losses and should avoid risking more than they can afford to lose.

By being aware of these limitations, bettors can make informed decisions about whether to use Bob McCune's strategy and how to manage their bets to minimize risk and maximize profitability.


What is Bob McCune's strategy for sports betting?

Bob McCune's strategy involves analyzing the betting lines set by bookmakers to make informed bets. He recommends looking for specific movements in the lines and choosing the right moments to place bets.

Is this strategy suitable for beginners?

This strategy is simple enough for beginners to understand and apply.

What are the advantages of using Bob McCune's strategy?

The advantages include a higher likelihood of successful bets, a consistent stream of income, and ease of use.

Are there any downsides to this strategy?

Some of the downsides include a need for a large bankroll, the potential to hit maximum betting limits, and the risk of losing money.

Can this strategy be used for any sport?

Yes, this strategy can be applied to various sports, although the specifics may differ.

Is there a guarantee that using this strategy will result in profits?

No, there is no guarantee that any strategy for sports betting will always result in profits. Betting always carries some risk, and users should be prepared for potential losses.

Is it necessary to use a specific bookmaker for this strategy?

No, users can compare and track betting lines from various bookmakers to find the best opportunities for placing bets.


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