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The 15% Strategy: Weekly Profits from Sports Betting by an Experienced Handicapper

The search for effective strategies in sports betting is an ongoing process, but customers of bookmakers often seek quick results. To achieve profitability in sports betting, it is essential to have a rational approach to the game.

With patience and discipline, achieving a 10-25% daily profit can lead to significant monthly earnings. If a player wants to generate income every week, a strategy of 15% can be employed, which involves doubling the bankroll size within 5 days. This approach allows for a shorter management duration.

However, in practice, many users need help to adhere to these strategies for more than 1-2 weeks. As their bankroll grows, it becomes difficult to resist increasing bet sizes and making impulsive choices. This is often driven by the desire for excitement, the search for high profits in a short period, and the allure of taking unnecessary risks. Unfortunately, this often leads to inevitable financial losses.

The Principles of the 15% Strategy

If players want to earn money from their bets and see results every week, I recommend the following strategy:

  1. For five days, follow the chosen strategy and increase your bankroll.
  2. At the end of the week, withdraw the net profit. The 15% strategy will double your bankroll in 5 days, resulting in 100% profit.
  3. Take a break from betting for 2-3 days.
  4. Start a new weekly cycle.
  5. This strategy gives you a clear structure and plan while also providing regular rest periods. It helps you maintain discipline and effectiveness in your approach to betting over the long term.


Bankroll size: ₦5000. Increasing the bankroll according to the 15% scheme daily:

Day 1: ₦5000 + 15% = ₦5750.

Day 2: ₦5750 + 15% = ₦6612.

Day 3: ₦6612 + 15% = ₦7604.

Day 4: ₦7604 + 15% = ₦8745.

Day 5: ₦8745 + 15% = ₦10,056.

At the end of the cycle, withdraw the net profit from the balance.

Take a break from betting for 2-3 days.

Start a new 5-day cycle.

Benefits of The Strategy

  • Over four weeks, the net profit is 400% or ₦20,000.
  • With a bankroll of 5000 NGN, you can continue playing bets.
  • Availability: 5 days a week.
  • Earnings depend solely on the player.

Handicappers have developed effective strategies for safely increasing the bankroll. To avoid financial collapse, maintain game discipline, be patient, and avoid making reckless bets.

The Psychological Aspects of Sports Betting

In practice, transactions on a virtual account and real-money bets differ. The reason for this is psychology. When players use virtual funds, they are not afraid of financial losses and can calmly analyse and place bets with high probability. However, mistakes and bankroll losses can occur once the client starts placing real-money bets and succumbs to emotions.

The Algorithm

  • Using an amount we are not afraid to lose for betting is essential. Each player determines the size of their bankroll based on their financial situation.
  • We deposit funds into the betting account.
  • We double the account balance.
  • Once we achieve 100% net profit, we withdraw the initial bankroll amount from the balance and continue placing bets according to the strategy.

When a client withdraws the deposit amount and remains with their funds, there is no reason to be upset about financial losses in the event of any further betting outcomes. Increasing the bankroll with "bookie’s" money is psychologically more accessible.


What is the main idea behind increasing the bankroll by 15%?

The main idea is to gradually grow the bankroll by using a systematic approach to betting.

How is the initial bankroll determined?

The individual player determines the initial bankroll based on their financial situation and the amount they are comfortable risking.

What is the significance of withdrawing the initial deposit amount?

Withdrawing the initial deposit amount allows the player to separate their funds from the profits they have generated, which psychologically reduces the impact of potential losses.

Why is increasing the bankroll with "other people's" money psychologically easier?

When using the profits generated from the initial deposit, players may feel less attached to those funds and are more open to taking calculated risks to increase their bankroll further.

What is the ultimate goal of the 15% strategy?

The ultimate goal is to steadily grow the bankroll and generate consistent profits over time by following a disciplined and patient approach to betting.


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