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Sports Betting Corridor: Key Strategies and Examples of Calculation

What Is a Betting Corridor?

The Corridor - a range of selected totals and handicaps, bets on two opposite outcomes at different bookmaking firms, which, given a particular outcome, will bring about double profit.

In other words, the Corridor is a span of selected over/unders and handicaps. These are wagers placed on two opposing results across different bookie establishments. When a specific outcome unfolds, a double windfall will be realised.

The width of the Corridor - the range of market values, landing within which both tickets will win.

The Corridor's breadth represents a span of market values, within which both betting slips would prove victorious.

For example, when placing a bet on a hockey match with Over 4 and Under 6, the punter will score wins on both stakes if the teams net exactly 5 pucks.

How Are Betting Corridors Calculated?

The Corridor strategy in betting doesn't guarantee a win, but it does imply fewer risks compared to other systems. The possible outcomes when employing this strategy are:

  • Winning both bets if the outcome lands within the selected range of totals or handicaps.
  • Making a profit on one bet and suffering losses on the other if the outcome falls outside market values.

When opting for whole totals and handicaps, a bet refund is possible. The Corridor betting strategy never implies a total loss - even if the outcome isn't favourable, one of the tickets will win.

How to Find Betting Corridors?

Searching for Corridors in betting can be done independently, but finding profitable opportunities without the help of third-party services can be challenging.

Punters use calculators to compute the optimal bet amount, which helps maximise potential profit and minimise possible losses in the long run.

Betting Corridor Scanner

A Betting Corridor Scanner is a tool that shows which event outcomes to bet on and at which bookmakers to place those bets to ensure the maximum profit if the result is favourable. The scanners display two types of ranges:

  • Positive – with guaranteed profit for any outcome, similar to arbs, with odds of 1.92 and 2.11.
  • Negative – with the possibility of double profit or a loss on one of the outcomes.

Betting on positive ranges is advantageous, but the number of offers is limited, and placing bets with the bookmakers can potentially lead to account suspension. Scanners offer free access to negative corridors or limited profit offers, but users need to purchase a subscription for more lucrative opportunities. Some popular services include Surebet, AllBestBets, OddStorm, and ArbMate.

Betting Corridor Calculator

The Betting Corridor Calculator shows the amount that should be wagered on each event to maximise the profit or minimise the losses. These calculators are available on many websites offering arb and corridor scanning services.

Examples of Corridor Betting Strategies for Different Sports

Corridor betting is a universal strategy. Bookmaker customers use a range of bets for all types of sports and esports.


Football bets are placed on totals and handicaps relating to goals, corners, yellow cards, and other statistical indicators. For instance, a bet on the match between "Liverpool" and "Manchester United" might be ₦5000 on Over 2.5 with odds of 1.52 and ₦4500 on Under 3.5 with odds of 1.68.

The calculations would then be as follows:

  • If exactly 3 goals are scored, the punter will earn a clean profit: (₦5000 * 1.52 + ₦4500 * 1.68) - ₦5000 - ₦4500 = ₦5660.
  • If 4 or more goals are scored in the match, the Over 2.5 bet would win, and the punter's loss would be ₦5000 * 1.52 - ₦5000 - ₦4500 = -₦1900.
  • If the teams score 2 goals or fewer, the Under 3.5 bet would win, and the punter's loss would be ₦4500 * 1.68 - ₦5000 - ₦4500 = -₦1940.

Ice Hockey

In hockey, most punters opt for totals and handicaps relating to goals, with less frequent bets on won face-offs, power-play goals, and shots on target. For instance, a bet on the match between "Manchester Storm" and "Sheffield Steelers" might be ₦10,000 on Over 3.5 with odds of 1.51 and ₦11,200 on Under 5.5 with odds of 1.35.

The potential outcomes would be:

  • If the teams score 4 or 5 goals, the bet wins with a net profit of (₦10,000 * 1.51 + ₦11,200 * 1.35) - ₦10,000 - ₦11,200 = ₦9020.
  • If 6 or more goals are scored, the Over 3.5 bet wins and the punter's loss would be ₦10,000 * 1.51 - ₦10,000 - ₦11,200 = -₦6100.
  • If the teams score 3 goals or fewer, the Under 5.5 bet wins and the punter's loss would be ₦11,200 * 1.35 - ₦10,000 - ₦11,200 = -₦6080.


For betting on tennis, suitable choices are totals and handicaps for sets and games, as well as combinations of match outcomes and set handicaps.

For example, you might select a game handicap for the favourite (-4.5) and a game handicap for the underdog (+7.5). Both bets will win if the favourite wins with a lead of 5–7 games. For any other result, one of the outcomes will lose.

Another example of a betting corridor in tennis is a bet on the favourite to win and a set handicap for the underdog (+1.5). If a strong tennis player wins with a score of 2:1, the punter will reap profits from both slips, while any other result would lead to losses on one of the bets.


In volleyball, fans place bets on ranges for totals and handicaps and the outcome and handicaps for the end result of the match.

For example, a bet could be placed on the total points to be Over 168.5 and Under 179.5. If the points fall within the 15-point range, the punter will receive a payout on both bets. Any other result would yield a payout on just one of the slips.


In basketball, suitable bets include totals and handicaps for points. For instance, a punter might bet on the total points in the match to be Over 224.5 and Under 231.5. Both slips will win if the teams score between 225 to 231 points. Any other result would yield a win on just one of the bets.

How to Analyse a Match Properly

To place successful bets using the strategy, fans conduct sports analysis, considering the opponents' level, results, statistics, scoring rate, form, and compositions.

On this website, users post ready-made sports forecasts. The predictions from professionals, amateurs, and even AI will assist in placing winning bets at bookmakers.

How to Bet on an Arbitrage in a Sportsbook

The goal of the game is to choose the most probable range of totals or handicaps and find favourable odds in two different betting companies.

In matches with high-scoring opponents, it's essential to select a high range of totals, for instance, Over 5.5 and Under 7.5 in hockey.

For low-scoring confrontations, users place bets on lower total ranges, for example, Over 1 and Under 3 in football.

When placing bets on handicaps, it's essential to orientate based on the bookmakers' odds for P1 and P2. For instance, in football, in a match with a clear favourite and an underdog, you can select high upper handicap limits. For roughly equal opponents, the lower limits are preferable.

Common Mistakes in Sports Betting

The most common mistakes beginners and amateurs make when using this strategy include:

  • Buying paid subscriptions to scanners for foreign bookmakers, many of which do not register African clients or have a bad reputation.
  • Placing bets on intervals in one bookmaker does not allow finding favourable odds on both outcomes.

Experienced players compare offers in different betting companies to find advantageous odds for the chosen outcomes.

When to Place Bets

Bets should be placed as quickly as possible according to the strategy before the bookmakers' odds change. The player should open slips in two betting companies to place bets simultaneously. This ensures that they lock in the odds they want before they can change, potentially maximising profits.

When It's Better Not to Place Bets

Professionals recommend using this betting strategy for top-tier events to reduce losses due to the bookmaker's margin – it's better not to use this system for lesser-known leagues.

Depending on the type of sport and the bookmaker, the margin for popular matches is about 3–5%, while for less significant games, a commission of 7–9% can be encountered.

This is because the odds for popular matches are more accurately set due to a larger volume of bets, resulting in a lower bookmaker's margin. Conversely, the odds are less accurate for less popular matches, leading to a higher bookmaker's margin.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Corridor Betting

Risk Mitigation: The strategy allows bettors to minimise risks as at least one bet from two will win. This provides a safety net and can help to protect against potential losses.

Potentially High Profits: If done correctly and the bettor is lucky, this strategy could lead to high profits as it can provide winning results on both ends of the corridor.

Wide Range of Opportunities: Since this strategy can be used across various sports and betting options, it offers bettors a wide range of opportunities.

Cons of Corridor Betting

Complex and Time-Consuming: Finding the correct corridor to maximise profits and minimise losses requires a good understanding of the game and the betting market, which can be time-consuming.

Dependency on Betting Odds: The strategy's success heavily depends on finding the correct odds to create a profitable corridor. This may require access to multiple bookmakers, which can be a hassle.

Cost of Betting Tools: While some bettors may use free tools or analyses to find the corridors, others may opt for paid tools or services that add to the cost.

Variable Results: Like any betting strategy, the results can be variable. There is always the risk that the outcome could fall outside the betting corridor leading to losses.

Remember, betting should always be approached responsibly, understanding its risks.


The corridor betting strategy carries less risk compared to most other betting systems. By placing bets on whole totals and handicaps, which include the possibility of a return, risk can be minimised further.

To find the best betting opportunities, bettors can use scanner tools that compare odds across bookmakers. However, when choosing a scanner, it's essential to consider which bookmakers the service works with.

With these scanners, bettors can even find plus corridors, allowing them to place bets with virtually no risk of losing money. However, it's worth mentioning that this can sometimes lead to a bookmaker blocking your account if they suspect you're using this strategy.

As with any betting strategy, it's always crucial to approach it responsibly, considering potential risks and your financial situation.


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