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How Betting Works: A Comprehensive Overview

Betting involves placing a wager on the outcome of a sporting or other event in exchange for money. Analysts calculate the probabilities of different outcomes and set odds for sporting events in the betting line of a bookmaker.

If the customer correctly predicts the game's outcome, the bookmaker will pay out winnings to the user. In the case of an incorrect prediction, the gambling operator will get the money.

How Betting Works: A Comprehensive Overview

Betting, including sports betting, is legal in vast varieties of countries and can be done online through websites or mobile applications. The main types of bets offered by bookmakers include:

  • Single or "ordinary" bets on any event in the line;
  • "Express" or accumulator bets which combine 2 to 30 events with multiplied odds;
  • "System" (a.k.a “Round Robin”) bets are combinations of accumulator bets.

To place a bet on a sports or esports event in a bookmaker:

  • Log in to the personal account on the website;
  • Find the sports event in the betting line;
  • Choose the probable outcome;
  • Indicate the amount of the bet;
  • Confirm the submission of the betting slip.

Betting Strategies

Betting strategies are gaming models that help reduce the risk of losing and increase the chances of winning.

Flat Betting Strategy

The point of the strategy is to choose a fixed percentage of the bank and a range of odds for bets.

Betting professionals recommend using odds no lower than 1.70 and putting on betting no more than 3% of the deposit.


  • Simplicity of calculations
  • Risk reduction
  • Applicable to all types of bets


  • The classic "Flat" strategy is not helpful for rapid bank growth.

Fixed Profit Strategy

A bettor determines the desired size of the winnings and calculates the bet amount using the formula: Bet size = Target profit / (Bookmaker odds - 1).

For example, in the match "Milan" – "Torino," the bookmaker sets the following odds:

  • 1.78 - "Milan" win;
  • 4.90 - "Torino" win;
  • 3.50 - draw.

The bettor is planning to get 2000 $ of net profit, so there are betting size calculations for each outcome:

  • "Milan" win case: 2000 / (1.78 - 1) = 2564$, payout - 4664$, profit - 2000$;
  • "Torino" win case: 2000 / (4.9 - 1) = 513$, payout - 2514$, profit - 2000$;
  • Draw case: 2000 / (3.5 - 1) = 800$, payout - 2800$, profit - 2000$.

Experts say an acceptable profit level is 3 to 5% of the deposit size. This scheme is suitable for pre-match bets.


  • Stability in the long run
  • Convenient for beginners


  • the strategy does not combine with any pre-match analysis.

Kelly Criterion Strategy

It aims to assess the probability of the game's outcome in a manner that is not influenced by other factors.

Betting professionals recommend using this strategy only for bets that offer value. If the bookmaker has underestimated the likelihood of an event occurring, then the following formula can be applied:

Bet size in the percentage of the deposit = (Bookmaker odds * Player's estimated probability of outcome - 1) / (Bookmaker odds - 1).

For instance, in the "France" - "Brazil" match, the bookmaker gives a 1.60 odds for France to win. The player believes that the probability of winning is 80%.

Check if the bet is valuable: 1.6 * 0.8 = 1.28 > 1, which is quite valuable.

The betting amount in percentage = (1.6 * 0.8 - 1) / (1.6 - 1) = 0.28 / 0.6 = 0.47% of the deposit should be invested, following the strategy.

Advantages of the strategy:

  • Quick bank growth in the case of winning
  • Suits to every bankroll size


  • Its suggested wagers may be huge
  • The Kelly Criterion strategy can only produce long-term profits if you can identify undervalued events in the bookmaker's lines

Understanding the Fundamentals of Betting

Betting involves the exchange of money between a bettor and a bookmaker, where the player places a wager on the predicted outcome of a game. The bettor aims to win a prize if their prediction is correct. To be a successful professional sports bettor, one must possess several essential qualities, including:

  • Systematic thinking
  • Analytical ability
  • Fact-checking skill
  • Patience and perseverance

Studying the intricacies of betting is essential. Familiarity with organisational and technical nuances can significantly reduce the likelihood of errors.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Betting

Activities to learn betting fundamentals usually include:

  • Playing on paper, recording bets, and checking results
  • Placing minimum bets with bookmakers to test strategies
  • Using a demo account

Experts recommend evaluating the effectiveness of a chosen betting strategy by tracking its performance over a minimum of 300-500 bets.

Professional betting

It is considered that professional bettors earn constant winnings provided that they:

  • study the principles of bookmakers' functioning;
  • understand the rules of forming odds;
  • choose a small number of sports disciplines for betting and carefully study the rules of every game;
  • use a fixed bankroll size that one can afford without compromising the overall quality of life.
  • choose a reliable gaming and financial strategy;
  • regularly review and fix their mistakes.

Novices often lose their self-control after their first losses. Professionals have been learning in the betting field for years, understanding interaction principles with bookmakers and reacting calmly to losses and winnings.

Professional betting

Professionals in the betting industry understand that their primary objective is to minimise financial losses and continuously enhance their skills.

Can I Make Money From Sports Betting in 2023?

Sports betting is an intellectual pursuit where the player's knowledge determines the size of the reward, the quality of their predictions, and the strategy they employ. However, it is crucial to remember that bookmakers always retain an edge. The primary source of income for bookmakers is the margin they retain. Sports analysts work tirelessly behind the scenes to create the lines and calculate the odds.

Despite meticulous analysis, unexpected and random events can still occur in sports matches. Therefore, the task of a bettor is to minimise the influence of chance and control the factors they can to increase their chances of success.

There are standard recommendations for a beginner to save money placing wagers:

  • Avoid accumulator bets and include only one event in the coupon.
  • Play only pre-match and calculate the outcome in advance.
  • Do not wager a significant portion of your deposit.
  • Choose one sport, preferably one championship, to focus on.
  • Adjust your betting strategy regularly to maximise your chances of success.
  • Make decisions about bets independently and rely on your own research.
  • Train and refine your skills on a virtual account before betting with real money.
  • Learn from your mistakes and continuously improve your betting skills.

Systematic thinking and discipline will help you to reduce the risk of losses.

How to Make Money From Sports Betting in 2023?

Experienced bettors offer several tips to reduce the risk of losing and make some money from sports betting, such as:

  • Conducting thorough research on the teams or players involved in the event.
  • Avoiding emotional or impulsive decisions and sticking to a sound betting strategy.
  • Setting a limit on how much money can be wagered on each bet.
  • Diversifying the types of bets made to spread out the risk.
  • Keeping track of betting records and analysing past performance to identify areas for improvement.

Both novices and professionals are prone to making mistakes in sports betting. However, an inexperienced and emotionally unstable enthusiast's errors can lead to more significant financial losses than an unsuccessful bet made by a professional player.

Here are some common mistakes that novice and experienced bettors should avoid when placing bets:

  • Placing bets without a sound and well-thought-out strategy leads to the unsystematic and thoughtless placement of bets.
  • Using borrowed funds for betting, which increases the risk of losing money that is not one's own.
  • Expecting significant profits from betting with the first few bets leads to unrealistic expectations and disappointment.
  • Betting on outsiders because of high odds, without considering their chances of winning.
  • Choosing an unreliable bookmaker that may not pay out winnings or offer fair odds.
  • Purchasing insider information from scammers, which can lead to illegal activity and financial loss.
  • Attempting to recoup losses by placing bigger bets leads to higher risk and potential for further losses.
  • Letting excessive emotionality and hasty decisions cloud judgment leads to poor betting decisions.

It is essential to avoid trusting scammers who sell information about fixed matches and promise unrealistic monthly profits of 20-30%. Instead, experienced bettors believe that a successful betting strategy should aim for:

  • A conservative approach that yields 3-5% profit per month.
  • An average level of risk can yield 5-7% of the initial bankroll.
  • Stay disciplined and stick to your betting strategy. Do not let emotions or impulsive decisions influence your betting behaviour.
  • Be patient and think long-term. Sports betting is not a get-rich-quick scheme; success often comes from consistent and calculated decision-making.
  • Keep track of your betting records and analyse your performance to identify areas for improvement.
  • Understand the importance of bankroll management and never risk more than you can afford to lose.
  • Stay informed about the latest news and developments in the sports world to make informed betting decisions.
  • Use multiple bookmakers to shop for the best odds and maximise potential profits.
  • Learn from successful bettors and seek out mentorship or guidance from experienced professionals.
  • Do not chase losses by placing bigger bets or trying to win back previous losses. Instead, stick to your strategy and remain patient.


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