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Fencing Betting: Strategies and Tips for Successful Wagering

Fencing is an Olympic sport that demonstrates skills in combat using thrusting and cutting weapons. The essence of fencing lies in deflecting and delivering strikes and thrusts. Fencers use a sword, sabre, or epee at the Olympic Games.

Fencing has been part of the Olympic program since 1896, allowing more people to enjoy this elegant sport. Other most important games are considered to be the European and World Fencing Championships. Competitions are popular among players and bookmakers. During the championships, bookmakers make special offers for betting on events:

  • H2H - the player chooses which of the two fencers will come out on top in the final tournament standings. This type of bet benefits players who understand fencing and have studied many athletes.
  • Bet on the winner - players need to predict the tournament winner correctly. For a fencer to win the tournament, they must go through four rounds without defeat, making the sport very difficult to predict. Experienced players familiar with the world ranking of fencers recommend this type of bet.

Characteristics of Fencing Betting

Experienced players recommend that beginners study the sport's rules for successful fencing bets. The downside of betting on fencing is that bookmakers rarely include fencing in the line. Bets can be made at significant events such as the World Championship, European Championship, and the Olympic Games.

Sports analysts must study fencing better, and bookmaker staff make mistakes when setting odds. Individual features of fencing include:

  • The difficulty of long-term forecasts - competition among the best fencers is very high, and only some athletes can show consistently high results over a long period.
  • Importance of psychological strength and endurance - mentally resilient fencers are more likely to succeed in the selection process, even if the athlete lags behind opponents in the ranking.
  • Good prospects for live betting - experienced players enter the game in the middle of the tournament and already know the leading competitors' chances of winning.

Common Fencing Betting Types

Winner Bet

This is the simplest and most common type of bet, where you wager on which of the two fencers will emerge victorious. If your selected fencer wins, you win the bet.

Handicap Wager

Handicap betting offers a way to find more appealing odds when there's a clear favourite. The market imposes a points handicap on the favourite (e.g., -3) and gives the underdog an advantage (e.g., +3). If you back the favourite, they must win even after the handicap points are subtracted from their final score. If you back the underdog, they must win after the handicap points are added to their score.

Position Betting

This bet allows you to wager on a fencer finishing in a top position in a tournament setting. For instance, you could bet on a fencer finishing on the podium or in the top 5. It's a good way to back fencers who might not win but are expected to perform well.

Over/Under Points

This bet pertains to the total points scored in a bout. The most common is Full Time Over/Under, which considers the total points scored by both fencers. For example, the market may offer Over/Under 27.5 points. If you think 28 or more points will be scored, you bet over; if you think 27 or less will be scored, you bet under. Similar markets may be available for individual fencers' scores.

Match Ups

This type of bet applies to the overall tournament. The market pairs fencers, and you bet on which one will perform better. Neither fencer needs to win the tournament; you're simply backing one to progress further.

Outright Bets

These bets apply to the entire tournament, not individual bouts. For example, you could bet on the overall winner. More markets may be available, especially for larger competitions. Typically, the earlier you place these bets, the better the odds.

In-Play Betting

In-play or live betting adds excitement to fencing betting. It allows you to place bets during a fencing match. Many of the same markets are available, but the odds are updated in real-time.

Examples of Fencing Bets

For example, consider the London Grand Prix, where Deriglazova is performing - one of the most severe competitors based on world ranking data. Before betting on Deriglazova's victory, a thorough analysis of the athlete's current form is necessary.

Attention should be paid to the fencer's recent results. Deriglazova has won two first places and one-third.

An analysis of competitors' performances and physical form shows that Deriglazova has few powerful competitors. The rest are just getting into shape after a long vacation or have recently recovered from injuries. Betting on Deriglazova is a rational decision, and experienced players will count on her victory in each match of the tournament, even if the odds of her success will not allow them to "raise" a lot of money.

Handicap Wager Example

Let's say you're betting on a match between Inna Deriglazova (Russia) and Olga Kharlan (Ukraine). Deriglazova is the favourite, so the bookmaker gives her a handicap of -3. If you bet ₦1000 on Deriglazova, she needs to win by more than 3 points for you to win the bet. If she wins by precisely 3 points, the bet is a draw, and you get your stake back. If she wins by less than 3 points or loses, you lose the bet.

Position Betting  Example

In the upcoming World Fencing Championships, you believe that Nigeria's own Aida Mohamed has a good chance of finishing in the top 5, but you're not sure she can win the tournament. You decide to place a Position Bet of ₦2000 on Mohamed finishing in the top 5. If she does, you win your bet.

Over/Under Points Betting Example

In a bout between Ysaora Thibus (France) and Alice Volpi (Italy), the bookmaker sets the Over/Under at 27.5 points. You've analyzed their previous matches and believe that this will be a high-scoring bout. You decide to bet ₦1500 on Over 27.5 points. If the total points scored by both fencers at the end of the match is 28 or more, you win your bet.

Where to Bet on Fencing

Since fencing is less popular than football or basketball, most bookmakers rarely include bets on the discipline in the line. However, during the Olympic Games, bookmakers offer a wide range of services for betting on fencing:

  • 1xBet
  • Bet365
  • Betway

Companies that cover a wide range of events - 1xBet, Betcity usually allow betting on fencing in every season.

Less often, bookmakers offer bets on the World and European Championships. The margin is 7-8%, but if desired, you can find odds that benefit the player.

Pros and Cons of Fencing Betting

Advantages of Fencing Betting

Knowledge Advantage: Fencing is a niche sport, and if you have a deep understanding of it, you can have an edge over bookmakers and other bettors who may not be as knowledgeable.

Value Odds: Because fencing is less popular than other sports, bookmakers may not spend as much time setting the odds, which can lead to value betting opportunities.

Excitement: Betting can make watching fencing matches more exciting, adding an extra layer of interest and engagement.

Wide Range of Bets: From winner bets to handicap betting, position betting, over/under points, match-ups, outright bets, and in-play betting, there's a wide range of betting options in fencing.

In-Play Betting Opportunities: Live betting allows you to place bets during a fencing match, with odds updated in real time. This can provide more opportunities for strategic betting.

Cons of Betting on Fencing

Limited Betting Opportunities: Fencing is not as widely covered as other sports, so there may be fewer opportunities to place bets, especially outside of major events like the Olympics or World Championships.

Lack of Information: Due to its niche status, there may be less readily available information about fencing athletes and events, making it harder to make informed bets.

Unpredictability: Fencing can be unpredictable due to factors like injuries and the high level of competition among top fencers. This can make it more challenging to make accurate predictions and successful bets.


Betting on fencing has its risks and advantages. Among the advantages are the high dynamics of events, the possibility of getting favourable odds on the victory of the favourite, and the opportunity to use knowledge and analysis to make informed decisions.

Fencing is not the most popular sport for betting. There are risks associated with injuries and unexpected results; players should bet on fencing based on analysis and knowledge, not just on luck.

Betting on fencing can be an exciting way to diversify the viewing of competitions for those with experience and knowledge in this sport. Before placing bets, experienced players recommend familiarising themselves with the rules and features of fencing and choosing a reliable and proven bookmaker.


What is fencing, and where is it popular?

Fencing is an Olympic sport that involves combat using thrusting and cutting weapons, such as a sword, sabre, or epee. It's been part of the Olympic program since 1896 and is popular worldwide, with significant events like the European and World Fencing Championships.

What are some common types of bets in fencing?

Common types of bets in fencing include Winner Bets, Handicap Betting, Position Betting, Over/Under Points, Match Up bets, Outright Bets, and In-Play Betting. Each of these bets requires different strategies and an understanding of the sport.

What are some strategies for successful betting in fencing?

Successful betting in fencing involves understanding the sport's rules, studying the athletes, analysing their current form, and considering factors like psychological strength and endurance. It's also important to consider the event's dynamics and the odds bookmakers offer.

How often are major fencing events held?

Major fencing events like the Olympic Games and World Championships are held periodically, usually every four years. However, there are also other regional and national competitions held annually.

What are some challenges of betting on fencing?

Challenges include the sport's unpredictability due to high competition among top fencers, potential injuries, and the difficulty of long-term forecasting. Also, fencing is not as popular as other sports, so betting options and information about the athletes may be scarce.

Which bookmakers offer bets on fencing?

While not all bookmakers offer bets on fencing, some that do include 1xBet, Bet365, and Betway. These companies usually provide the opportunity to bet on fencing during significant events like the Olympic Games and World Championships.

What are the benefits of betting on fencing?

Betting on fencing can be an exciting way to diversify your betting portfolio if you have knowledge and experience. It offers the opportunity to find favourable odds, especially during major events, and can make watching competitions more exciting.


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