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Beach Football Betting 101: How to Place Winning Bets on the Sand

Betting on beach soccer is gradually gaining popularity on bookmakers' platforms. The first professional beach soccer competitions were held in 1992, with the first official World Championship staged in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro.

Beach soccer appeals to fans due to its exciting display and high-scoring nature. Spectators can often witness 10-12 goals scored in matches. Football players perform spectacular acrobatic tricks on the sandy pitch, such as the "bicycle kick" – a falling overhead kick.

From a betting perspective, the discipline is fascinating due to its varied market offerings, high frequency of outsider wins, and frequent valuable odds.

Brazilian teams dominate beach soccer - since 1992, including unofficial tournaments, the Brazilian national team has won 14 World Championships. 

Betting on Beach Soccer: Features and Game Nuances

Two teams of five players play beach soccer, including a goalkeeper. Matches occur on a sandy pitch measuring 35-37 meters long and 26-28 meters wide.

Due to the small pitch size, games are conducted in an attacking manner, with many goals, strikes, and acrobatic elements. Teams can make unlimited substitutions during the match, with 3 to 5 players on the substitutes' bench.

The duration of the matches is 3 periods of 12 minutes each, with 3-minute breaks between game segments. Draw results are not permitted: if the score is equal, teams play an additional 3-minute period, and if the draw persists, each team takes 3 penalty shots.

Specific features of betting on beach soccer in bookmaker's offices include:

  • Unpredictability: the favourite may lose to the underdog.
  • High-scoring: on average, teams score 9-11 goals per match.
  • Frequent value bets: major competitions are rare, making it hard for bookmaker analysts to accurately assess the real power distribution.
  • Seasonality of the competitions: the most important tournaments occur several times yearly.
  • Influence of weather conditions: heat and rain can significantly change the course of a match.

Club beach soccer is particularly unpredictable due to the many players leading coaches to rotate their lineups frequently.

Types of Bets in Sports Betting

Bookmakers provide a detailed breakdown for matches of major beach soccer tournaments, offering a variety of betting options:

  • Match winner, considering potential extra time and penalty shootout.
  • The outcome of the match in regular time.
  • Total goals scored in a match.
  • Handicap on a team's victory.
  • Exact score of the match in regular time.
  • Periods - outcomes, totals, and handicaps per period.
  • Both teams to score (BTTS).
  • Next goal scorer.
  • Combined outcomes - double bets, for example, on the result and total goals.

Long-term bets are available on the outcomes of major tournaments - such as the winner, places distribution, progression from the group stage, top scorer, and others.

Major Tournaments in Sports

Beach soccer has several major international tournaments that draw the attention of fans and bettors alike. These include:

  • FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup: The most prestigious tournament in the sport, the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, was established in 2005. It's held every two years and features 16 teams worldwide who qualify through their respective regional championships.
  • Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup: Hosted annually in Dubai since 2011, this tournament invites eight top nations from each FIFA confederation, making it one of the most competitive beach soccer tournaments.
  • Eurosport Beach Soccer Cup: This competition features some of the continent's best teams.
  • Copa Libertadores de Beach Soccer: This is the most important beach soccer club competition in South America, similar to the UEFA Champions League in European football.
  • Pro Beach Soccer Tour: This is a series of professional beach soccer tournaments held at different locations worldwide.
  • Regional Championships: These include the AFC Beach Soccer Championship (Asia), CAF Beach Soccer Championship (Africa), CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship (North, Central America, and Caribbean), CONMEBOL Beach Soccer Championship (South America), OFC Beach Soccer Championship (Oceania), and UEFA Beach Soccer Championship (Europe). These competitions also serve as qualifiers for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup.

These tournaments offer a variety of competition levels and attract the world's best beach soccer talent, making them exciting events for spectators and bettors.

Line Analysis in Sports Betting

With a thorough betting line analysis, players can place profitable bets on beach soccer. Factors for sports analysis include:

  • The level of opponents, recent match results of teams.
  • Team compositions and goalkeepers - personnel changes in beach soccer are frequent.
  • The scoring prowess of opponents - the average number of goals scored and conceded in recent matches.
  • The endurance of athletes is relevant during matches in hot weather.
  • The home-field advantage - teams usually perform much better at home; for example, the Brazilian national team has won 11 out of 13 home World Championships.

An additional factor to consider in the analysis is weather conditions. For instance, more endurance-prone footballers have higher chances of winning in extreme heat.

Strategies for Betting on Beach Soccer

When using strategies, the profitability of bets on beach soccer increases.

Betting on Over Total

Statistics show that during the group stages of tournaments, teams often play high-scoring matches, making over-total bets profitable.

The reason for the high-scoring nature of group-stage matches is the presence of many underdogs who can concede 5-7 goals, as well as potential mistakes by favourites due to insufficient focus or preparation.

Professionals recommend betting on the balanced total over the main bookmaker's line with odds of 1.80-1.90.

The McCune Method

The essence of the McCune method is based on the low-scoring nature of underdogs in most matches. The player analyses half of the first period and places a bet on the underdog's total under if:

  • The weaker team attacks little and rarely shoots at the goal.
  • The favourite's side has a strong goalkeeper who doesn't make mistakes.
  • The game mostly takes place on the underdog's half of the pitch.

The value of the underdog's total under should be determined independently based on personal expectations and the bookmaker's odds. The optimal odds for playing are between 1.70 and 1.90.

Next Goal Betting

Players place bets on the next goal scored by a chosen team using the "Doubling up" system.

In case of a loss, they bet on a similar outcome in such a way that a win would bring a profit and cover losses. It's necessary to continue playing the "Doubling up" system on the next goal until the first successful outcome.

Players use calculators to calculate the amount of the next bet, where they specify the odds of the event, the size of the losses, and the desired profit.

When playing according to this strategy, it's necessary to have a large bankroll for placing large bets during a prolonged losing streak.

Factors to Consider in Beach Soccer Betting

When betting on beach soccer, it's essential to consider that surprising outcomes often occur. Betting on favourites over the long term is not profitable - it's better to prefer mid-level teams or promising underdogs.

Club beach soccer is more unpredictable due to frequent changes in the lineups of the participating teams.

Beach soccer tournaments are not available for betting daily, so it's not advisable to consider this discipline as a primary one for betting.

The calculation of bets on beach soccer occurs during the main time, except for bets on the match winner and advancement to the next round.

Pros and Cons

Sure, here are a few more pros and cons related to beach soccer betting.


  • High-scoring games: Beach soccer is known for its high-scoring games, which can offer over/under betting opportunities.
  • Player stamina: Understanding a player's physical endurance can be a significant advantage in making informed betting decisions, especially considering the challenging conditions of beach football.


  • Weather unpredictability: Unlike indoor sports, beach soccer is played outdoors and can significantly affect weather conditions. This unpredictability can sometimes make betting outcomes more difficult to predict.
  • Limited information: Compared to more mainstream sports, there can be less readily available information about teams and players, making formulating betting strategies more challenging.
  • Inconsistent schedules: Compared to other sports with fixed seasonal schedules, beach soccer tournaments may be less regular, making it harder to follow and bet consistently.


During major summer tournaments, fans place bets on beach soccer. It is best to consider beach soccer as an additional discipline that can be profitable with intelligent analysis and effective strategies.

Underestimating underdogs in beach soccer is common, allowing valuable bets to be placed at bookmakers.

For sports enthusiasts playing live bets, watching video streams is essential to assess the situation on the field more accurately.


What factors should I consider when betting on beach soccer?

Consider the teams' recent performance, player fitness, weather conditions, team line-ups, and home-field advantage. Always conduct thorough research and analysis before placing a bet.

Is betting on beach soccer similar to regular football betting?

While the fundamental concept is similar, beach soccer has unique aspects due to the different playing conditions and rules. For instance, games are typically high-scoring, and weather conditions can significantly impact the game.

Where can I find information to analyse beach soccer betting?

Many online sports betting sites provide information, statistics, and analysis. You can also follow the official social media channels of beach soccer tournaments and teams for updates and insights.

Can I live bet during a beach soccer match?

Yes, many sportsbooks offer live betting for beach soccer. You can place bets during the game based on the ongoing action and changing odds.

Why are weather conditions important in beach soccer betting?

Weather conditions can significantly impact beach soccer games, affecting player performance and the ball's movement. Understanding how weather conditions affect gameplay can help make more informed bets.

How can I find value bets in beach soccer?

Like any other sports betting, finding value in beach soccer betting involves thorough research and understanding. You need to identify situations where the sportsbook's odds do not accurately reflect the actual probability of the outcomes.

What's the best strategy for betting on beach soccer?

The best strategy varies depending on many factors, including your knowledge of the teams and players, betting experience, and risk tolerance. However, some common strategies include betting on the underdog due to the unpredictability of matches, total goals betting due to the high-scoring nature of the sport, and live betting to take advantage of the game's changing dynamics.


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