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Bet9ja Cashout: Take Control of Your Bets and Secure Your Winnings

Feeling apprehensive about the final match in your accumulator? Concerned that the last team might squander their lead with only 10 minutes left on the clock?

Bet9ja provides a solution to all these anxieties with its innovative cash-out system, handing the control of your bet back to you.

So, what exactly is Cash Out?

Cash Out is a pioneering real-time feature that puts you in command of your bet. Utilise it to secure a profit for yourself or to limit your losses. It's a strategic tool that adds a new dimension of flexibility and control to your betting experience.

What are the different ways to utilise Cash Out?

Live Cash Out

One of the unique features Bet9ja offers is the ability to Cash Out during a live game. This unique capability is not offered by any other platform, enabling in-play Cash Outs on pre-game bets. Suppose you've got 14 out of 15 predictions correct in your accumulator, but the final team is losing at half-time. You can opt for a live Cash-Out, thereby guaranteeing a profit.

Pre-Game Cash Out

Bet9ja's Cash Out feature empowers you to collect your winnings even before all the matches in your accumulator bet have concluded. Imagine your accumulator bet is on track with just one game left, and then you learn that a key player is injured in the team you backed to win. No worries, you can simply use Bet9ja's Cash Out feature before the game starts and enjoy your winnings with peace of mind.

In-Store Cash Out

To Cash Out in-store, all you need to do is hand over the ticket that you wish to Cash Out to the cashier, and they will pay you the amount you are due. This can be done either Live or Pre-game.

Online Cash Out

Simply log in to your account and select "My Bets". Those with the "Cash Out" icon can be cashed out immediately.

Please be aware that bets placed with Bonus Funds are not eligible for Cash Out.

How much will I win?

The amount you receive from a Cash Out depends on your bet's likely result. The more probable your bet is to be successful, the larger the sum you can Cash Out. It's a dynamic value that can fluctuate based on the live state of play in the relevant fixtures.

Brt9ja Mobile Cash Out Step-by-Step Guide

  • Visit the Bet9ja website on your mobile phone.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the "My Bets" section.
  • Within "My Bets", look for the bet or bets you want to cash out.
  • Click on the "Cash Out" option. Not all bets are eligible for cash out, so it must have the "Cash Out" icon available.
  • Confirm the cash-out. A prompt or dialogue box might ask you to confirm the cashout.
  • Once you confirm, the cash out is completed. The funds will be immediately returned to your Bet9ja account.

Brt9ja Desktop Cash Out Step-by-Step Guide

  • Navigate to the Bet9ja website using your desktop browser.
  • Log into your Bet9ja account by inputting your username and password.
  • After you're logged in, look for the "My Bets" tab in the user interface (usually at the top of the page).
  • In the "My Bets" section, you'll see a list of your current bets. Look for the bet or bets you'd like to cash out.
  • There will be a "Cash Out" button or option for bets eligible for cash out. Not all bets qualify for cash out.
  • Click the "Cash Out" button for the bet you want to cash out.
  • A prompt may appear asking you to confirm your decision to cash out. Remember, cashing out is final, and you will be paid out the current cash-out value, not the initial potential return of the bet.
  • Once you confirm, the cash-out process is completed. The cashed-out amount will be immediately returned to your Bet9ja account.
  • You can use the cash-out feature following the steps above for pre-game and live bets.

Remember to constantly review your cash-out values and make a decision that best suits your betting strategy.

Cash Out Terms and Conditions

  • Cash Out is widely available, but Bet9ja may remove some games, competitions, or sports from the offer anytime.
  • There is a delay in accepting a Cash Out request. If the market suspends or price changes during this delay, the Cash Out may not be successful.
  • If the Cash Out request is successful, it will be displayed, and the bet will be settled instantly. The final result of the related market won't affect the Cash Out amount.
  • The Cash Out amount offered is the total that will be returned to the user's account if successful.
  • Bet9ja reserves the right to void the original bet that was Cashed Out if they believe a Cash Out was carried out after the outcome of an event was known.
  • Bets fully or partially settled using Cash Out don't count towards the turnover requirement of any offer.
  • Bets placed with Bonus Funds cannot be cashed out.
  • Bet9ja cannot guarantee the Cash Out feature will be available on every bet selection.
  • Bet9ja won't be responsible if the Cash Out feature isn't available for technical reasons, and bets will stand as originally placed during such periods.
  • Bet9ja can accept or decline any bet for any sport, competition, market, or bet type included in the Cash Out feature.
  • Bet9ja can amend, suspend or remove the Cash Out feature at any time for any event, fixture, or market. Bets placed on such will stand as originally placed.
  • Bet9ja reserves the right to reverse the settlement of a Cash Out if the bet or market is settled in error.

Understanding these terms and conditions is vital for bettors to use the Cash-Out feature effectively and responsibly.


What is Bet9ja cashout?

Bet9ja cashout is a feature that allows you to settle your bet before the event's conclusion, allowing you to secure a portion of your potential winnings or minimise your losses.

How does Bet9ja cashout work?

When you have an eligible bet with the available cashout option, you can cash out by clicking on the "Cashout" button on your bet slip. The cashout amount offered will depend on the current status of the event and the odds at the time of cashing out.

When can I use the cashout feature in Bet9ja?

The cashout feature is typically available for selected pre-match and live betting events. It is available for various sports, including football, basketball, tennis, and more. The availability of cashout may vary depending on the specific event and market.

Can I partially cash out my bet on Bet9ja?

Yes, Bet9ja offers the option for partial cashout. This means you can cash out only a portion of your bet while leaving the remaining stake in play. It gives you more flexibility in managing your bets and potential winnings.

Are there any fees or charges for using the cashout feature on Bet9ja?

Bet9ja does not charge any fees for using the cashout feature. However, the cashout amount offered may be adjusted based on market fluctuations and other factors.

What happens if I cash out my bet on Bet9ja?

When you cash out your bet, the settlement is immediate. The cashout amount will be credited to your account, and the bet will be settled according to the cashout value, regardless of the event's outcome.

Is the cashout feature available for all bets on Bet9ja?

Cashout is generally available for single bets, accumulators, and other bet types. However, it may not be available for all bet types or specific markets. It's recommended to check the bet slip or the Bet9ja website for the cashout availability on your specific bet.


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