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1xBet Cash Out: Enhancing Control and Flexibility in Your Betting Experience

What is Cash Out Feature

The Cashout option plays a critical role as your safety net in the betting world. Imagine you're a quarterback who's made a risky pass that could end in an interception. This feature lets you cancel the play and start anew, mitigating possible losses. If you have doubts about a bet you've made or see it veering off course like an inaccurate throw, you can simply close the bet and write it off.

Alternatively, this option is also beneficial when riding high on a successful bet, akin to leading the game comfortably in the fourth quarter. But as we all know, the tide of a game can turn abruptly, and waiting until the final whistle can sometimes be a gamble. In such cases, the Cashout feature ensures you pocket your current winnings without waiting for the event to conclude.

The Cashout feature comes in handy when the wagered money is tied up, but you're eager to bet on another event, akin to needing to substitute a player when your bench is thin. However, on 1xBet, another feature that might be more suitable in such situations – is the Advancement, which allows customers to place bets even with a zero balance in their account, keeping the game going.

The Cashout function, essentially, is like a coach's challenge in football – it allows you to contest and change the outcome before it's set in stone. It's available for most markets and can be invoked with a single click, putting an immediate end to the bet while ensuring you get to keep the profits accrued up till that point.

How it works on 1xBet.ng

However, akin to the limitation of challenges in a game, the Cashout option isn't available for a small fraction of events on 1xBet.ng. Just as you can't anticipate every turn in a game, there's no way to know if the option is unavailable for a particular event. After placing your bet, you'll only find out, which is like examining the game footage. This can be done by visiting the betting history page to verify if the Cashout button is present for the event.

Typically, less popular events in the program might not have the Cashout option available. However, if you're placing your bet on a match from a high-profile championship, you can be assured that this feature will be available, like having a star player available for a crucial match.

Cashout is executed by hitting the button that sells your bet slip, found on the betting history page. It also allows you to close the whole bet or just a portion. Based on the situation, it's similar to pulling all your players back for defence or just some.

Example 1

For example, if you've placed a bet of 30 NGN at odds of 3.00 and 1xBet offers a Cashout of 60 NGN, you can choose to cash out just a portion of the bet, say 10 NGN. This partial cash out would give you a proportion of the total Cashout offer, in this case, 20 NGN, while the remaining bet continues to run its course.

Closing a bet, or as 1xBet phrases it, selling your bet, doesn't come with any strings attached for the customers. By pressing the sell button, you instantly get your money back in your account, ready to be withdrawn or wagered again, just like a player returning to the field after a successful challenge.

Example 2

Let's use a soccer match for this example, which would translate this concept into a real-world sports betting scenario.

Let's say you're watching a Champions League semi-final match between Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain. You've placed a bet of 100 NGN on Barcelona to win, with odds of 4.00. The game begins, and Barcelona scores a goal in the 20th minute. Your potential winnings now stand at 400 NGN.

However, as the game progresses, you notice Barcelona's star player Lionel Messi picks up a knock and limps, clearly not at 100%. You start to worry that this could affect the result of the match negatively for Barcelona. This is where 1xBet's Cashout option comes into play.

You check your 1xBet account and see that the platform offers you a Cashout of 300 NGN due to Barcelona's current advantage. Considering Messi's situation and the possible turn of events, you decide to go for it. You hit the Cashout button, effectively selling your bet slip back to the platform, and secure an immediate profit of 200 NGN (300 NGN cashout minus your original 100 NGN bet).

Later on, as the match unfolds, PSG scores two goals against a Messi-less Barcelona, ending the game 2-1 in favour of PSG. If you had not used the Cashout option, your bet would've lost and ended up with 0 NGN. However, because of your timely decision to Cashout, you've walked away with a 200 NGN profit despite the turn of events.


What is Early Cash Out on 1xBet.ng?

Early Cash Out is a feature that allows bettors to settle their bets before the end of an event. It lets you secure potential winnings or cut losses before determining the outcome.

How does the Early Cash Out feature work?

When using the Early Cash Out feature, 1xBet.ng will offer you cash to settle your bet before the event ends. The offered amount will depend on the current status of the bet and the potential outcome.

When can I use the Early Cash Out feature?

The availability of Early Cash Out depends on the specific bet and market. Not all bets or events will have the option. You can check your bet slip or the live betting section to see if the Cash Out feature is available for your wager.

Why would I use the Cash Out feature?

The Early Cash Out feature allows you to take control of your bets and secure a portion of your potential winnings. It can minimise losses or guarantee a profit if you believe the outcome is favourable but uncertain.

Can I partially cash out my bet?

Yes, 1xBet.ng allows partial cash out in some instances. This means you can cash out a portion of your bet and leave the remaining amount active.

Is there a fee or penalty for using Cash Out?

Certain conditions or fees may be associated with using the Cash Out feature. Reviewing the terms and conditions or contacting customer support to understand any applicable charges or rules is important.

Can I use Cash Out on all types of bets?

The availability of Early Cash Out may vary depending on the type of bet and the specific market. It is commonly available for pre-match and lives bets on various sports and events, but not all bets will have the Cash Out option.


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