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16.05.2024, 08:24

Kazakhstan - Sweden predictions and free betting tips [16/05/2024]

Ice Hockey
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Today the group stage match of the World Ice Hockey Championship in the elite division will commence. International ice hockey fans are eagerly anticipating the clash between Sweden and Kazakhstan.


Team Sweden is always a favourite and contender for top positions in any international tournament, and the 2024 World Championship
in the Czech Republic is no exception. Last year, Sweden easily advanced forward and aimed for medals but ended their campaign
at the quarter-final stage. Sweden suffered a sensational defeat against Team Latvia in that match, which concluded with a 3:1 loss for the Swedes. In the current international tournament, Team Sweden has been on an excellent run, securing three consecutive victories in the group stage. In their first match, Sweden played against the USA and achieved a commanding win with a score of 5:2.

In the next two matches, Sweden faced weaker opponents. While Germany can be considered a mid-level team aiming for the quarter-finals, Poland is a clear underdog striving to maintain their elite status in world hockey. Success in three consecutive matches has allowed Sweden to lead Group B, ahead of Slovakia by one point. If everything goes as planned, Sweden should be the winners of Group B. The only formidable opponents left for Sweden are Slovakia, who also secured three consecutive victories, including a win against the USA.Kazakhstan

In recent years, Team Kazakhstan has managed to stay within the elite division of the World Championship, firmly establishing themselves among the world's best teams. Last year, Kazakhstan retained their spot in the elite division, finishing 6th in the group stage. Only Slovenia and Norway performed worse than Kazakhstan. At the World Championship in the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan's main goal was to retain their place in the elite division, and so far, everything is going according to plan. Currently, Kazakhstan holds 7th place, which allows them to stay in the elite division. They are only 2 points ahead of Poland, who have one point less. Poland could potentially pull off an upset and "displace" Kazakhstan, requiring the latter to play more seriously.

In the current World Championship, Kazakhstan has played three matches and suffered two defeats. They won their first match against France in regular time but then lost twice in a row to Slovakia and Latvia. Kazakhstan played well against the current bronze medalists, losing by a margin of only two goals.


In their only head-to-head match, Team Sweden achieved a confident victory with a score of 7:3.


Sweden will win in regular time. There should be no surprises in this match; Team Sweden is expected to "steamroll" their opponents from Kazakhstan, who will put up a fight but won't be able to secure points considering the difference in class.


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