Ice Hockey
04.01.2024, 10:24

USA - Finland predictions and free betting tips [04/01/2024]

Ice Hockey
World - U20 Championships

Tod the second semi-final match of the Junior World Hockey Championship will commence. Fans of international hockey can look forward to a face-off between USA and Finland.


The bronze medalists of the previous Junior World Championship are successfully navigating this tournament's course. In the group stage, the USA squad secured victories in all 4 matches, outstripping opponents of various levels. The USA hockey players initially warmed up on opponents representing Norway and Switzerland, then delivered high-quality games against stronger adversaries. The team from the Czech Republic, who took the match to a penalty shoot-out series, were defeated with a score of 4:3. Afterwards, the Americans demonstrated their high level by routing the skillful and well-coordinated Slovakia team. While the match against Slovakia was expected to be a grit-fight full of suspense, the reigning bronze medalists showed they were much stronger, scoring 10 goals. In the quarter-final confrontation with Latvia, the USA squad was clearly conserving energy, keeping the semi-final match in mind. The score of 7:2 portrays the total dominance of the USA, even when they're not at their most spectacular.

Finland U20

The Finnish team was in danger of missing out on the quarterfinals after two rounds of the group stage. The European squad first lost to Canada with a score of 5:2, and then proved inferior to Germany, which was a sensation. A win against Latvia reassured the Finnish hockey players, and in the concluding match of the group, they outplayed their geographical neighbours from Sweden in a post-match shootout series. In the quarterfinals, Finland came up against ambitious young guys from Slovakia and managed to stop them, which was extremely challenging. Finland were able to enter the semi-finals thanks to a win over their Slovakian opponents with a score of 4:3 in overtime. In the match against Slovakia, the experience of the Finnish hockey players proved decisive. They timely turned up the pressure on the opponents and scored the victorious goal less than 30 seconds into overtime.


The Junior squads of the USA and Finland have met in 26 official matches. The USA team takes credit for 17 victories, whereas the hockey players from Finland came out stronger in 9 encounters.

Total score forecast

The total score of the match will account for more than 5 goals.


USA will win in regular time. The North American hockey players are triumphantly advancing through the tournament and leave no doubt about their strength, winning the majority of their opponents with a considerable margin of confidence. With Finland, it'll be more challenging, but even in this case, the USA team can be called favourites, considering how both opponents played their latest matches against Slovakia.


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