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Alex Iwobi Reflects on New Beginnings at Fulham and Influence of Uncle Okocha

Alex Iwobi Reflects on New Beginnings at Fulham and Influence of Uncle Okocha

Alex Iwobi's recent transfer to Fulham marks a pivotal moment in his career, echoing the influences of his childhood, particularly those from his uncle, Jay-Jay Okocha, a football legend known for his time at Bolton Wanderers and Paris Saint-Germain. Iwobi vividly remembers his early days as a young fan, attending games at Craven Cottage, often perched high on his father's shoulders, where he watched Okocha play with awe and admiration.

Iwobi shares insights into his move from Everton to Fulham during his reflections. This transition represents a new beginning and the continuation of a family legacy in football. The now quiet stadium of Fulham, following their recent 2-1 victory over Norwich City in the Carabao Cup, serves as a backdrop for Iwobi’s contemplation of his journey and aspirations.

Iwobi credits his uncle Okocha with profoundly influencing his approach to football. The memories of Okocha's dynamic performances and his remarkable skill on the field have been pivotal in shaping Iwobi's development as a player. As he embarks on this new chapter with Fulham, Iwobi is guided by the lessons from Okocha's illustrious career. He aims to emulate his uncle's success and impact in football, carrying forward the legacy and teachings he has inherited.

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