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04.09.2023, 07:36
04.09.2023, 07:36

Zebet CUT 2 Bonus

Unlimited days
Will end
 Zebet CUT 2 Bonus Zebet CUT 2 Bonus

Frustrated with losing bets? Try our Cut-2 Permutation feature, where ZeBet will still compensate you if up to two games on your accumulator don't go your way.

How to Participate and Win:

Your ticket must include a minimum of 10 games.

The odds for each game should be at least 1.30.

Calculating the Cut-2 Bonus:

Initial Deduction: If you've received an accumulator bonus, it will be deducted first. For instance, if your accumulator bonus is N50,000 and your potential winnings are N300,000, the bonus is subtracted: N300,000 - N50,000 = N250,000.

Divide by Odds: Next, the N250,000 is divided by the odds of the games that caused your ticket to lose. If these odds are 1.50 and 1.80, it becomes N250,000 / (1.50 x 1.80) = N92,592.

Divide by Double the Number of Games: This amount is divided by twice the number of games on your ticket. If you have 10 games, that's 10 x 2 = 20, so N92,592 / 20 = N4,629.6.

Calculate Stake Unit: Your original stake is divided by the number of games to get the stake per game. For a N1,000 stake, this would be N1,000 / 10 = N100.

Potential Cut-2 Payout: The potential Cut-2 payout is N4,629.6 - N100 = N4,529.6. The maximum amount that can be refunded is N100,000.

Payment Timing:

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your Cut-2 winnings to be updated on your bet slip. Email your bet slip ID to [email protected] for faster resolution and payout, or contact us through any of our customer service channels.

Important Note:

Bets placed using bonus funds are not eligible for this feature.


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