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11.09.2023, 08:29
26.03.2024, 03:09

MSports Acumulator Bonus

Unlimited days
Will end
MSports Acumulator BonusMSports Acumulator Bonus

Boost Your Bets with Our Accumulator Bonus!

Kick-off with a 4-Fold for a 5% boost! Scale up and grab a staggering bonus of up to 180%! Eligible for all sports events and live bets with odds of 1.20 or above. Dive in and amplify your winnings!

General MSport Terms and Conditions about Bets, Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and Bets:

1.1 Bet only with available funds. See Deposits/Withdrawals for more.

1.2 Deposits are for bets and service fees. Suspicion of non-gaming intent may lead to account suspension and potential reporting.

1.3 Your funds are securely kept separate. They remain yours even in our insolvency.

1.4 We retain interest earned on your MSport funds.

1.5 Bet with adequate funds; errors in bet acceptance will be voided. Report any mistaken credits promptly.

1.6 All shown values are in NGN. Currency exchange details are on our Website and in Appendix One.

1.7 Your chosen currency determines deposits, bets, and payouts. A currency switch requires a new account.

1.8 MSport can withhold funds from 'unauthorised' activities.


2.1 Withdrawals revert to the deposit source and are under the depositor’s name.

2.2 To withdraw, use the 'Withdraw' option, ensuring a sufficient account balance.

2.3 Withdrawing before using your full deposit may incur fees or reductions.

General Terms:

3.1 You'll cover any chargebacks or similar fees we encounter.

3.2 Positive balances can offset debts to MSport or our affiliates.

3.3 Report all wins/losses to local tax authorities.

3.4 If internet gambling is illegal in your area, don’t use your card. Yet, all bets from such areas remain valid.


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