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11.09.2023, 08:26
11.09.2023, 08:26

MSport Welcome Bonus

Unlimited days
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MSport Welcome BonusMSport Welcome Bonus

🎉 Welcome to Msport! 🎉

Join the winning team today and kickstart your betting journey with a HUGE boost! Register now and grab an exclusive welcome bonus of up to 500,000 NGN! For joining our community, we're giving you a head start like no other.

💰 How to Claim Your Bonus?

  1. Register an account with Msport.
  2. Follow the prompts and set up your account.
  3. Watch as we match your initial deposit with a bonus, up to a whopping 500,000 NGN!
  4. But don’t wait too long; bonuses like these don't last forever! Dive into the world of sports, games, and much more with Msport, and experience the thrill with some extra cash in your pocket.

General MSport Terms and Conditions about Bets, Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and Bets:

1.1 You can only bet using funds available in your account. Details on depositing, withdrawing, and transferring funds can be found in the Deposits/Withdrawals section.

1.2 Deposits are meant for placing bets and covering any service fees. We may suspend/close accounts if funds are deposited without intention for gaming use. Such actions could be reported to authorities.

1.3 Your funds are kept in designated bank accounts for betting purposes only. In case of our insolvency, your funds remain yours and aren't accessible to liquidators.

1.4 Any interest from funds in your MSport account is ours to keep.

1.5 All bets should have adequate funds. Any bet mistakenly accepted without sufficient funds will be nullified. If we credit you in error, notify MSport immediately.

1.6 All example values are in NGN. For currency exchanges, the rate is set by the Financial Times. Different currencies are detailed on the Website and in Appendix One.

1.7 Funds, wagers, and payouts are in the selected currency. To change currency, you'll need a new account.

1.8 MSport can withhold any funds earned from 'unauthorised' website use.


2.1 We process withdrawals to the source of the deposit under the account holder's name.

2.2 Use our site's 'Withdraw' option to process withdrawals, ensuring enough balance.

2.3 If a withdrawal is made before playing the full deposit value, we may charge fees or reduce the withdrawal amount.

General Terms:

3.1 If we face any chargebacks or similar charges, you'll be liable for those amounts.

3.2 We may use any positive balance to offset any amount you owe MSport or affiliated companies.

3.3 Report your winnings/losses to appropriate authorities for tax purposes.

3.4 Internet gambling might be illegal where you are. It's unauthorised to use your payment card if so. Nevertheless, bets from such regions will be upheld.


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