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Cloudbet's Loyalty Rewards

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Cloudbet's Loyalty RewardsCloudbet's Loyalty Rewards

At Cloudbet, our mission is to Elevate Your Game - providing an unparalleled gaming experience. We've introduced a fresh loyalty club to appreciate players' engagement on our platform.

Simply place bets on sports or indulge in your preferred games and ascend through the ranks to unlock unique rewards.

We offer six levels to conquer: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby.

Advantages of Our Loyalty Rewards

  • Players ascend through the levels by placing bets on sports and participating in casino games. Each level brings with it additional perks.
  • Your Loyalty, Your Rewards
  • Earn rewards for engaging in your favourite games!

Lightning Points

As you indulge in your favourite games or place bets on sports, you accumulate Lightning points.

Lightning points are our newly introduced currency that you earn from your wagers, offering you the freedom to select the rewards you desire.

You accumulate Lightning points each time you place a wager on casino games. You can verify the amount you need to wager to earn one point by clicking on the 'more details' arrow beneath the game image. On Cloudbet Sports at the initial Bronze level, the reward is as high as 0.12% when you place bets on high-limit events with standard margins.

Marketplace Rewards

You can exchange your Lightning Points in the Cloudbet Marketplace for free spins with zero wagering requirements, sports bonuses, and other rewards of your choosing — including a brand new Lamborghini!

You can choose your favourite game to purchase free spins at your preferred spin size, and these will be instantly credited.

You also have the option to purchase non-deposit bonuses, select the bonus value, and customise the wagering requirement!



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